RN Anchor type Naval Long Service & Good Conduct medals
Richard Bond
Colour Sergt & Master at Arms
Richard BOND.  RM & RN

Richard Bond was born in Horn Warwick in
1791 & was a needle pointer prior to entering
the Royal Marines, Woolwich Division. He
entered for a term of 7 years, on 15 Apl 1808
at the age of 17 yrs., height of 5’ 4”. Upon
attestation he could neither read nor write &
signed his mark with an X.

On 1 Oct 1809 he was drafted to his first ship
HMS Freya, also known as Freija, a 5th rate  of
38 guns, which was captured at the Battle of
Copenhagen on 7 Sep ’07.  He was aboard her
for the capture of the Island of Guadaloupe in
Jan 1810 thus qualifying for the NGS medal for
that campaign. He appears on the Guadaloupe
roll for Freya/Freija, one of 15 men who rec’d
the clasp. The whereabouts of his NGS medal
is unknown.
After return to UK,  Freya was paid
off & he was drafted back to
Woolwich on 21 Sept & was
subsequently sent to Chatham Div &
promoted to Corporal on 1 Oct 1810.

There is a gap now in his service
history for a while as records have
not been located for him.

He was promoted to Sergt on 7 Feb
1812. & subsequently re- engaged at
Woolwich on 8 Aug 1817, now a
height 5’ 9”. He was now able to
read & write & signed his name on
his re-engagement papers. He was
at that time in the 40th Company RM.
Again, I have no records on him until he appears at Woolwich HQ’s on 12 Jan 1825
shown as a Colour Sergt. He was then “Discharged to “Marines List 1” on 21 Oct
1826.  He subsequently was drafted to HMS Doris, a 5th rate of 36 guns, in 1827 &
served on her until she was paid off on 7 Jan 1829, He then was discharged to
pension. He had approx 21 years service to that time.

He then enters the RN on 16 Aug 1831 onboard HMS Isis & is rated Master At Arms,
& is shown as being 41 years of age upon entry. He serves on HMS Isis on the
Pacific station for over 3 years, until her returning home & his being discharged on
30 Sep 1834.  On paying off of HMS Isis Bond was recommended for, & rec’d his
Long service medal on 11 Dec 1834.

There were two awards of the LS medal to Isis on her paying off - one to MAA Bond
& one to Sergt George Layton RM.  Both of these medals are of the rare “inverted
reverse” variety.