RN Anchor type Naval Long Service & Good Conduct medals
William Jago
Here is the Baltic medal &
'anchor' LS to:

WILLIAM JAGO, Carpenter's
Mate, H.M.S. VICTORY, 21

His 'anchor' LS has an
ornate straight suspender
which is attached to the
mounting ring via a very
small ring. It takes the
wider (Khedive star) ribbon.

William Jago had quite a
lengthy RN career, only
earning one campaign
medal & that only after 28
years service!
Wm Jago was born approx 1798, & entered the RN on board HMS Windsor Castle 4 Jan 22, giving his
age as 23 years. His rate was Carpenters Crew. He then served on HMS Superb, paid off from her on
19 Dec 1825 then spent two years as ashore before signing onto HMS Vigilant on 24 Nov 1827. His
service was fairly regular from then onwards. He served successively on HMS Fly, San Josef, & Nimrod.

After a short break he signs onto HMS Rodney as a Caulker on 5 Sept ’35. He then serves on
Southampton for 2 ½ yrs & Victory for another 2 ½ yrs. As he now has 21 years 3 months, 14 days
service he is recommended for his LS medal on 27 Sep ’45, which he does not receive. He continues in
Victory until being recommended again on 12 Apl ’46 & this time he is successful. He continues to
serve in Victory until 30 Nov 47 & returns ashore. He is now at least 49 years of age.

Perhaps he got bored ashore, or simply wanted to return to sea as he signs on HMS Agincourt on 20
Mar ’48, & then HMS Hogue, as a Caulker, which pays off on 31 Aug ’52. Now he is again
recommended for a “medal & gratuity” after 27 yrs, 9 months, 3 days service. At this point in time the
wide suspender LS is now on issue & as he does not appear on the roll for this medal, it is unlikely he
rec’d it.

Jago is now approx 55 years of age, old for the time & ‘getting on in years’ for sea service, however
this does not stop him – he signs on HMS Boscowen again as a Carpenter’s Mate, on 23 Apl ‘53. After
7 months on her he signs onto HMS Poictiers until he is “discharged to sick quarters” on 8 Mar ’54.
Our boy is not ready to “swallow
the anchor” yet tho…… with 28
years, 7 months & 21 days
service before the mast, now he
is looking for some active service,
so he signs onto HMS Royal
William & participates in both of
her Baltic expeditions & thus
earning his only campaign medal!
After 1 year & 3 months, 2 days
on her, he finally goes ashore for
the last time on 29 Nov ‘55 He is
now approx 57 yrs of age.

His total service amounts to 29
years, 10 months, 3 days!

On 19 May 1864 at approx 66
yrs of age, he finally receives his
gratuity. I have no idea when he
died but I like to think that he
might have lived to old age &
died at home in bed content with
his lengthy RN service!