RN Anchor type Naval Long Service & Good Conduct medals
Jeremiah McCoy
These early "anchor type" Naval
LS medals were each unique in
that they were named on the
reverse to the recipient, with his
rate, ship name & number of
years served at the time of the

This medal is named to:

JEREMIAH McCOY, Gunners Mate,
H.M.S. RACER, 24 Years.

It was the third to last medal in
this series, & awarded to J.
McCoy on 19 Nov 1847. It was
the last award to a sailing ship.
The final "anchor type" LS medal
was awarded on 27 Nov 1847,
& was subsequently replaced by
the wide suspender LS medal.
Jeremiah McCoy signed onto HMS Wolf, a small revenue cutter, on 7 Apl 1819, as a Boy, commencing
his long Naval career. He was approx 17 1/2 years of age. He was rated Landsman on 10 May 20
(Landsman was an old 18thC rating denoting a pressed man – a man who was forcibly impressed into
the RN – however by the time McCoy signed on it was the approximate equivalent to an Ordinary

He served on Wolf until 21 Jan ’22 & remained ashore until his next ship HMS Samarang (6th rate) on
17 Mar ’24. At this time he is shown as being 22 yrs of age & he signed on as an AB, so it is quite
possible he had employment in the revenue or merchant service in the interim. An Able Seaman was a
Trained Seaman. He next went to Challenger (another 6th rate) 5 Nov ’28 & was advanced to Captain’s
Coxswain aboard her on 1 June ’31.
Something went wrong tho, as he was court-martialled on 19 Oct 1833 & discharged Challenger on the
same day.

Whatever the reason for his court martial, he was not turned off the RN, as he next signs on HMS
Belvidera (5th rate) on 12 Dec ’33 as a Gunner, & serves on her until signing on HMS Excellent (the RN
Gunnery school that was at that time just commencing its long career) on 24 Nov ’37.
He next signed on HMS Jaseur (an 18 gun Brig-sloop) as Gunner’s Mate. He then returns to Excellent
on 1 Oct ’42, then signs on HMS Racer (another 16 gun Brig-Sloop) as Gunners Mate on 10 May ’43.
H remained on her until 20 Nov ’47. When HMS Racer was paid off on 19 Nov ’47 he was recommended
for & rec’d his Long Service medal, after accumulating 24 years, 9 months, 4 days service. Being court
martialled in ’33 did not seem to prevent him from receiving his medal.
After being awarded his medal,
he continued to serve in the RN,
returning to Excellent, then
served on HMS Adelaide,
Havannah & Rattlesnake, finally
going to pension on 6 Nov
1850. He would have been
approx 49 yrs of age.
He had a total of 27 yrs, 8
months, 3 days service, with all
of his service being on smaller

McCoy’s LS medal is the third
last of the “anchor type” to be
issued. The last one being on
27 Nov ’47.

Like many seaman of that time,
McCoy saw no ‘active or
campaign service’ – his LS
medal was his only reward for
his Naval service.