David Armstrong
Queen’s South Africa Medal with 4 clasps Elandslaagte, Relief of Ladysmith, Laing’s Nek , Belfast:  
6190  Pte D. Armstrong Gordon Highrs
Private Armstrong was a native of
Derryhale in county Armagh. He was
wounded at
Elandslaagte on October
21, 1899 and was evacuated with
other injured men. Consequently he
did not join the remainder of the
battalion besieged at Ladysmith but
instead participated in the relief of
the town.

This clasp combination is very unusual
and indeed rare to the regiment with
a total of 4 QSAs only bearing these
4 clasps.

Armstrong was entitled to a KSA

ex "Lees" collection (Sotheby 3/86)
The 5 companies of the Gordons who
participated in the battle bore the brunt of
the casualties as this table
(the Times Oct. 24, 1899) illustrates: