Nominal Rolls

WO 127 Index

This is an index to the nominal roll of the Duke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles, a colonial unit of the Boer War of 1899-1902. It was compiled by Colin Roe from images of the roll at which appear to have come from the WO 127 series at the British National Archives. The index is in an A-Z form and in the following order.

Surname, 1st Name or Initials, Number, Company, Remarks.

ADAMS GH 569 B Coy.
ALLEN Frederick 387 D Coy.
AMAS Alfred John 660 B Coy.
ANDERSEN Samuel 421 D Coy.
ANDREW Norman 638 B Coy.
ANDREWS Robert 321 D Coy.
ANGOVE Edward 388 D Coy.
ASGUR B 570 B Coy.
ASHTON William 488 A Coy.
BAIN James 385 D Coy.
BAIN William 726 C Coy.
BAKER Ernest 614 A Coy.
ADAMS E 653 B Coy.
BAKER Steven 613 A Coy.
BANKS William 559 A Coy.
BARBER William Francis 714 C Coy.
BARKER Charles 330 A Coy. Discharged 30.4.1901
BARLOW A 567 B Coy.
BARLOW H 654 B Coy.
BARLOW WD 568 B Coy.
BARNES Thomas 404 D Coy.
BARNS Edward Charles 693 C Coy.
BARNWELL Robert 685 D Coy.
BARRY Benjamin 383 A Coy. Transferred 30.4.1901
BEATON John 325 D Coy. Discharged 26.4.1901
BEATTIE Sydney 637 B Coy.
BENNETT William 496 D Coy.
BERG John 456 A Coy.
BERTRAM Pearson 682 D Coy.
BETHUNE James 674 B Coy.
BISHOP Herbert Alfred 672 B Coy.
BLAKE George 405 D Coy.
BLENCH Richard 646 B Coy.
BLOOM Lewis 548 A Coy.
BOARD Arthur 460 A Coy. In hospital 4.6.1901
BOPP Carl 338 D Coy.
BRADY Robert 486 A Coy.
BREKKE Knut Magnus 698 C Coy.
BREWIS J 571 B Coy.
BRIGGS Joseph 451 A Coy.
BROWN Andrew 392 A Coy.
BROWN Charles 507 D Coy.
BRUHNS Frederick 697 C Coy.
BUCKLEY James 553 A Coy.
BUDGEN Thomas 390 D Coy.
BUNTON Peter 635 B Coy.
BURNS Joseph Lee 471 A Coy.
BURNS Thomas 634 B Coy.
BUSH Percy 664 B Coy.
BUTLER Thomas 701 C Coy.
CADDEY William 687 D Coy.
CALITZ T 572 B Coy.
CAMPBELL William 375 D Coy. Discharged 25.5.1901
CARNEY William 708 C Coy.
CARNIE James 463 A Coy.
CARTER William Henry 549 A Coy.
CHAPMAN William 575 B Coy.
CHARLSON Herman 574 B Coy.
CHIRGWIN Edwin 393 D Coy.
CLARK Edward 695 C Coy.
CLARK Joseph 356 A Coy.
CLARK Robert 737 C Coy.
CLARKE John 683 D Coy.
CLIFTON Harry 506 D Coy.
COATES William Theodore Patrick 127 A Coy. Discharged 23.4.1901
COLLINS James 410 D Coy.
COMPAAN John Ankes 669 B Coy.
CONWAY Edward 470 A Coy.
COOK J 651 B Coy.
COOK Johannes 573 B Coy.
COWLEY AH 564 B Coy.
COWLEY William J 652 B Coy.
CRADOCK Henry 137 A Coy. Lieutenant & QM
CRANE Thomas 361 D Coy.
CROSSE Henry Tansley 666 B Coy.
CURRIN Henry 616 A Coy.
DALEY Alfred 711 C Coy.
DALEY Claude 397 D Coy.
DAVIS Charles Henry 431 A Coy.
DE KLERK Dirk 577 B Coy.
DE KLERK J 576 B Coy.
DE ROOCK Hendrick 341 D Coy. Discharged 29.4.1901
DE ROOCK Henry 538 D Coy. Discharged 20.5.1901
DE ROOCK Hermann 336 D Coy. Discharged 28.4.1901
DE ROOCK Joseph Daniel 537 D Coy. Discharged 29.4.1901
DE VRIES JD 579 B Coy.
DE WET J 580 B Coy.
DIFFENTHAL Theodore Adolf G 368 D Coy. Discharged 20.5.1901
DOBNEY William Henry 342 D Coy.
DODDS Edward 724 C Coy.
DONWES Johannes Adrian 523 D Coy.
DORITT Frederick 514 D Coy.
DOWNEY Michael 694 C Coy.
DUMMER Frank William 447 A Coy.
DUNCAN Alexander 719 C Coy.
DUNNE Denis A 540 A Coy.
EDWARDS Benjamin 412 D Coy. Discharged 23.3.1901
EGGERS August LC 535 A Coy.
ELLIOTT Alfred 389 D Coy. Discharged 8.3.1901
ELLIOTT Charles Adolphus Kelly 417 D Coy.
ENGELBRECHT John 328 D Coy. Discharged 26.4.1901
ERIKSON Carl 504 D Coy.
EVANS William James 532 A Coy.
EVERARD John 468 A Coy.
FELLOWS Edwin 528 A Coy.
FELLOWS Isaac 530 A Coy.
FLEE George 159 A Coy. Discharged 30.4.1901
FLUKER James 639 B Coy.
FOGERTY Charles 502 A Coy.
FOOTE Ike 684 D Coy.
FORD Herbert Willam 641 B Coy.
FORRESTER George 482 A Coy.
FORSYTH Alexander Fyfe 623 B Coy.
FRANKLIN George 434 D Coy.
FRASER Frank 709 C Coy.
FRASER Thomas 720 C Coy.
FURNISS Albert Francis 376 A Coy. Transferred 30.4.1901
FURNISS Ernest Vivian 367 A Coy. Transferred 30.4.1901
GALLAGHER John William 730 C Coy.
GALLOP William 735 C Coy.
GALLOWAY William 484 A Coy.
GALVIN William Henry 582 B Coy.
GEARY Thomas 611 A Coy.
GILL Robert Pooley 480 A Coy.
GLOVER William 428 D Coy.
GOLDSTEIN Calman 584 B Coy.
GOODRICK Robert 710 C Coy.
GORDON James 413 D Coy.
GORDON John 386 D Coy. Discharged 7.6.1901
GORDON Thomas 556 A Coy.
GOULD Thomas 257 D Coy. Discharged 30.4.1901
GRANT James Henry 633 B Coy.
GRANT John Smith 355 D Coy.
GRAY Harry 285 D Coy.
GREEF Andries Caspams 585 B Coy.
GREEN Thomas 354 D Coy.
GREENOUGH Reuben 631 B Coy.
GRIMES John 586 B Coy.
HALL Frederick 675 D Coy.
HANSEN Alex. Waldemer 420 D Coy.
HARRINGTON John Thomas 640 B Coy.
HARRIS Albert 466 A Coy.
HARRIS John 442 D Coy.
HAYES Patrick 493 A Coy.
HELMS HVB 712 C Coy.
HENRIE John 427 D Coy.
HENRY William 511 D Coy.
HERITAGE Jim 396 D Coy.
HESSELL James 561 B Coy.
HEWGILL Richard 454 A Coy.
HIGGS Reginald 499 A Coy. Discharged 11.5.1901
HILL Edward 491 A Coy.
HINE Henry Thomas 509 D Coy.
HIRST Thomas 671 B Coy.
HITZROTH Frederick George Charles 587 B Coy.
HOFMISTER William 505 D Coy.
HOLDEN William 497 D Coy.
HOLDSWORTH Bertram Thomas 394 D Coy. Deserted 28.5.1901
HOLMBERG Oscar 534 A Coy.
HOLMES Charles Henry 416 D Coy.
HOWARD John 702 C Coy.
HUDSON Charles 474 A Coy.
HUMBERSTONE Percy J 304 A Coy.
INNES William 448 A Coy.
IZEKOWITZ Marks 500 D Coy.
JACKSON Joseph 346 D Coy. Discharged 2.4.1901
JACKSON Richard 707 C Coy.
JACKSON Robert 349 D Coy. Discharged 6.5.1901
JAMES John 643 A Coy.
JOHNSON Henry Lewis 323 D Coy. Discharged 1.3.1901
JOHNSON James William 435 D Coy.
JONES Henry Harland 679 D Coy.
JOYNER Frederick 430 A Coy. Deserted 1.5.1901
JOYNT Hermann Petrus 566 B Coy.
KAAT John 495 A Coy.
KATZ Solomon 545 A Coy.
KELLY John 650 B Coy.
KELLY John 715 C Coy.
KELLY Joseph 725 C Coy.
KELLY Michael 306 D Coy. Discharged 2.3.1901
KENNY Partois Jawood 546 A Coy.
KENT Richard Powell 432 A Coy.
KEOGH Thomas 554 A Coy.
KERNER John 459 A Coy.
KERR James McIntosh 449 A Coy.
KILCULLEN Patrick John 347 D Coy.
KILDAY John 533 A Coy.
KING John 469 A Coy.
KINSMAN Charles 351 D Coy.
KOERS Ritger-Johan 358 D Coy.
LAMPRECHT Hendrick 590 B Coy.
LASKEY Thomas Henry 216 D Coy. Discharged 30.4.1901
LAWRENSON John Merone 411 D Coy.
LAX John William 440 D Coy. Hospital 7.5.1901
LEE Walter Dutton 373 A Coy. Discharged 16.4.1901
LEONARD Joseph George 462 A Coy.
LEONARD Peter Joseph 450 A Coy.
LESTER David Walter 140 D Coy.
LEVIN Samuel 619 A Coy.
LEWIS George 529 A Coy.
LOOCH WP 591 B Coy.
LOVETT Bernard 552 A Coy.
LUNTZ Nathan 589 B Coy.
LUYT John 345 D Coy.
LYNAM Albert 365 D Coy. Discharged 20.5.1901
LYNAM Ernest 344 D Coy.
MACKINTOSH Robert John 692 C Coy.
MAGGOTT William J 309 A Coy.
MALLINGS Richard 626 B Coy.
MALONE Joseph 630 B Coy.
MANGHAN John 352 D Coy.
MAPLE Albert Daniel 253 A Coy.
MARIARITY John 728 C Coy.
MARTIN John 379 D Coy. Discharged 4.6.1901
MASLEN John Thomas 704 C Coy.
MATTHEWS Charles 492 A Coy.
MATTHEWS Frederick 452 A Coy.
MATTHEWS George Everard 350 D Coy.
MAXWELL James 391 D Coy.
MAY John 44 A Coy.
MAY Joseph 444 A Coy.
MAY Tasker 402 D Coy.
MAYOR Jesse Handcock 439 A Coy.
MCARAVEY Samuel Harvey 625 B Coy.
MCCARTHY John 678 D Coy.
MCCOY William 400 D Coy.
MCGOUGH Patrick 516 A Coy.
MCINTYRE Allen 612 A Coy.
MCINTYRE Joseph 436 D Coy.
MCKENZIE Arthur 424 D Coy.
MCLEAN Donald 399 D Coy.
MCLOUGHLIN George 322 D Coy. Discharged 25.4.1901
MCLOUGHLIN George William 515 D Coy.
MCMAHON John 723 C Coy.
MCMICHAEL Samuel 518 A Coy.
MCMULLEN John William  722 C Coy.
MCNAMARA John 732 C Coy.
MEIRING Petrus Johannes 594 B Coy.
MENERE Herbert William 395 D Coy. Deserted 28.5.1901
MERWITZ Chiel 531 A Coy.
MEYER ACH 592 B Coy.
MEYER CL 593 B Coy.
MEYER John 655 B Coy.
MICHELITSCH Julius 703 C Coy.
MILLAR William John 481 A Coy.
MILLER Lewis 522 A Coy.
MINNIE David 596 B Coy.
MINNIE Franz 595 B Coy.
MITCHELL Albert 374 D Coy. Discharged 2.3.1901
MITCHELL John 472 A Coy.
MOIR George 527 A Coy.
MORRISON Joseph 370 D Coy. Discharged 21.5.1901
MULLER Alexander Daniel 487 A Coy.
MULLIGAN Martin 67 A Coy.
MULLIGAN William 364 D Coy.
MURPHY Daniel 731 C Coy.
MURPHY Michael 718 C Coy.
MURPHY Patrick 696 C Coy.
MURRAY Patrick 542 A Coy.
MURRAY Peter 458 A Coy.
NATHAN Samuel Albert 620 B Coy.
NEILSEN Edward Alexander 555 A Coy.
NELSON Edward 485 A Coy.
NEVIS Frank 327 D Coy. Discharged 26.4.1901
NICHOLAS John James 339 D Coy. Discharged 30.4.1901
NOLAN James 422 D Coy.
NORMAN A 565 B Coy.
NORTJIE Willem 598 B Coy.
O'BRIEN Francis 494 A Coy.
O'LEARY James 510 D Coy.
O'NEILL John Louis 476 A Coy.
O'NEILL Michael 445 A Coy.
PAPADOPULOS Constantine 461 A Coy.
PARKER Anthony 382 D Coy. Discharged 4.6.1901
PATON William Johnston 461 A Coy.
PERKINS George 433 D Coy.
PERKINS Harry 437 D Coy.
PITT William 360 D Coy. Deserted 6.3.1901
PLUNKETT Patrick 691 C Coy.
POLLITT Hugh 58 A Coy.
PRESTON William 508 D Coy.
PULLOM Albert 734 C Coy.
PURVIS Ernest 642 B Coy.
QUADDEL Henry 558 A Coy.
RANKIN William 498 D Coy.
READ John 627 B Coy.
REES Andrew 403 D Coy.
REEVES EA 259 D Coy. Discharged 31.3.1901
REILLY James Arthur 681 A Coy.
RILEY Thomas 621 B Coy.
ROBERTSON David 324 D Coy.
ROBERTSON Duncan Alexander 550 A Coy.
ROBERTSON William Johnston 551 A Coy.
ROBSON Ernest 700 C Coy.
ROGERS S 560 B Coy. Lieutenant
ROOKE Henry Francis Willoughby 443 D Coy.
ROTHWELL Henry 503 D Coy.
ROUND George 258 A Coy.
RYAN Patrick 457 A Coy. Discharged 31.5.1901
SALES Albert 729 C Coy.
SALMON William 426 D Coy.
SANDERSON John 699 C Coy.
SCANLEN William Ross 615 A Coy.
SCHMELDT Frederick 513 D Coy.
SCHULLER Joseph Albert 622 B Coy.
SCOTT George 661 B Coy. Died
SCOTT GJ 602 B Coy.
SCOTT John David 716 C Coy.
SCOTT William 340 D Coy. Discharged 30.4.1901
SCOTT William 369 D Coy. Discharged 21.5.1901
SCOTT WJ 647 B Coy.
SEALEY Arthur George 688 D Coy.
SEGEL Samuel 618 A Coy.
SHERMAN Abraham 543 A Coy.
SIERRA Antonio 418 D Coy.
SILBER Gerson 607 B Coy.
SILVERSTEIN Simon 501 D Coy.
SIMPSON William 479 A Coy. Discharged 6.5.1901
SKAIFE Hawson 690 C Coy.
SKEEN W 604 B Coy.
SKENE Andrew William 384 D Coy.
SKERRY Charles 455 A Coy.
SKERRY Charles 401 D Coy. Discharged 8.4.1901
SMELLIE Alexander 429 D Coy.
SMITH Archibald 738 C Coy.
SMITH Charles Thomas 727 C Coy.
SMITH Eugene 520 A Coy.
SMITH George 371 D Coy.
SMITH GH 563 B Coy.
SMITH John Henry 544 A Coy.
SMITH William 677 D Coy.
SMUTS HP 608 B Coy.
SOBEY Herbert 377 D Coy. Discharged 2.6.1901
SOUTER James Kidd 329 A Coy.
SPARSHOTT Henry Walter 465 A Coy.
SPIRS Edward 512 D Coy.
SPRY William Murray 357 D Coy. Discharged 6.5.1901
SQUIRE Lewis 260 A Coy.
SQUIRE Reuben 261 A Coy.
STAFFORD James 659 B Coy.
STAM Charles Frederick 644 B Coy.
STAM Charles Frederick 335 D Coy. Discharged 28.4.1901
STANDER Henry 605 B Coy.
STEAD Herbert 483 A Coy. Discharged 6.5.1901
STEEL David 628 B Coy.
STEIN S 606 B Coy.
STEPHENS George 539 A Coy.
STEVENS Charles Alexander 629 B Coy.
STOFFBERG Frank 477 D Coy.
STONESTREET Wilfred 407 A Coy. Discharged 23.4.1901
STRANCK Joseph 636 D Coy.
STRIDE Leonard Frederick 475 A Coy.
STRYDOM J 609 B Coy.
SWIERS Arnold 359 D Coy. Discharged 14.2.1901
SWORD Frank 676 D Coy.
SYMONS William 398 D Coy.
TAYLOR John 409 D Coy.
TEENAN James 326 D Coy. Discharged 26.4.1901
THOMAS Richard Henry 406 D Coy.
THOMAS Sidney 526 A Coy.
THOMPSON George 415 D Coy.
THOMPSON James 363 A Coy.
THOMPSON Jonathan Carter 446 A Coy.
THORNE Charles Ernest 490 A Coy.
THORPE William Percy 668 B Coy.
TOHILL James 733 C Coy.
TOMKINSON Edwin 686 D Coy.
TOOKE Frederick 438 D Coy.
TORINA Frederick 348 D Coy.
TREGONING Joel 378 D Coy. Discharged 4.6.1901
TREZISE George 381 D Coy. Discharged 4.6.1901
TRUE Charles 353 D Coy.
TRUSTY Henry 541 A Coy.
TRUSTY Henry 366 D Coy. Discharged 20.5.1901
TUNNICLIFFE William Edwin 713 C Coy.
TURNER Philip George 319 D Coy. Discharged 15.4.1901
TUVEY James 519 A Coy.
TWIFF Edward Henry 372 D Coy.
TWOGOOD Edwin Matthew 362 D Coy.
TYARS William 478 A Coy.
UTTERTON John Arthur 255 A Coy.
VAN BLERK Albert 680 D Coy.
VAN BLUMMESTEIN Napoleon 689 D Coy.
VAN DYKE Abraham 536 A Coy.
VEITCH John 517 A Coy.
WALKER John 464 A Coy.
WALKER Jonathan 380 D Coy. Discharged 4.6.1901
WALLACE Sidney 557 A Coy.
WALSH Samuel 441 D Coy.
WALTERS George 414 D Coy. Discharged 13.6.1901
WARBURTON John Thomas 721 C Coy.
WARNE Max 617 A Coy.
WARREN George 425 D Coy.
WARREN William 525 A Coy.
WATSON George Alfred 667 B Coy.
WERBLINSKI Albert 649 B Coy.
WHITE Samuel 489 A Coy.
WHITE William Robert 473 A Coy.
WILCOX John Henry 706 C Coy.
WILDE James 408 D Coy.
WILLIAMS Charles 128 A Coy.
WILLIAMS Ernest 467 A Coy.
WILLIAMS John 662 B Coy.
WILLIAMS Walter 524 A Coy.
WILSON Alexander 521 A Coy.
WILSON James 624 B Coy.
WILSON John David 547 A Coy.
ZIELIE Christoffel 610 B Coy.