Nominal Rolls

WO 127 Index

This is an index to the nominal roll of Driscoll's Scouts, a colonial unit of the Boer War of 1899-1902. It was compiled by Colin Roe from images of the roll at which appear to have come from the WO 127/7 series at the British National Archives. The index is in an A-Z form and in the following order.

Surname 1st Name or Initials Rank Regt. Number Notes

Abadie T Trooper 1160

Abbey TW Old Scout/Trooper

Abbey WR Trooper 1818

Abidie T Trooper 1160

Abraham WJ Trooper

Abraham Wm. Joseph Trooper 206

Ackom T Trooper 1819

Ackom TC Trooper 207

Ackroyd TH Trooper

Ackroyd Thomas Henry Trooper 201

Adams A Trooper 929

Adams A Trooper 929

Adams David Trooper 20989

Adamstein Morris Aaron Trooper 20876

Addis SR Trooper

Addis Sydney Robert Trooper 930

Adkins C Trooper

Adkins Clements Herbert Walter Trooper 703/35742/40866

Ager John Trooper 40667

Ahrens JC Hospital Corporal

Ahrens John Carl Hospital Corporal 205

Aiken F Trooper

Aiken F Trooper

Aiken Frank Trooper 40986

Aiken Frank Trooper 20973

Aitken H Trooper 26850

Aitken John Russell Trooper 8150/43711

Aitken JR Trooper

Alanzo J Trooper 705

Albrecht Wm. Trooper 27732

Alchin William Thomas Corporal 40679

Alge Alec V David Trooper 1102

Allan George Corporal 202

Allan Peter Campbell Trooper 960/35650

Allander John Trooper 26419

Alleman Frederick Trooper 32458

Allen Charles Trooper 1016

Allen Henry Trooper 443

Allen PC Trooper 959

Allender J Trooper 26419

Allerston Charles Trooper 203

Allister Charles Trooper 40678

Allsop Robert Sergeant 307

Alonzo Joseph Trooper 705/37481

Altona Emil Theodore Trooper 111

Amas AJ Trooper

Amas Alfred John Trooper 40672

Amas John Whitlock Trooper 37509

Amas JW Trooper 37509

Ames A Trooper 26975

Ames Alfred Trooper 26975

Anders D Trooper 29942

Anders David Trooper 29942

Andersen John Trooper 305/37305

Anderson Arthur Trooper 304/20853

Anderson J Trooper

Anderson J Trooper 37305

Anderson James Trooper 306/420/26442

Anderson James Trooper 32062

Andrew Arthur Thomas Sergeant 3537

Andrews AS Sergeant

Andrews JWC Trooper 1093

Anguss William Trooper 32368/37746

Trooper 690

Anstrin John Trooper 702

Anstrin John Trooper 403

Apel Louis Henry Thomas Corporal 110

Arangies J Trooper

Arangies J Jacobus Trooper 928

Archer George Edward Trooper 204

Archer George Edward Trooper 204/40173

Armstrong John Trooper 1210

Armstrong John Trooper 30078

Ashburner Clifford WE Trooper 1261

Ashley FL Trooper 959

Askell Fred Trooper 1209

Atkins Harold Alfrd. Trooper 26850

Aubert AD Trooper 31317

Aubert AD Trooper 31317

Aubert Albert Daniel Trooper 3137

Augus W Trooper

Austrin J Trooper

Avery F Trooper

Avery Frank Hospital Corporal 112

Bach Lewis Trooper 1131

Bachmann Henry Trooper 37899

Bailey James Trooper 1123

Baker G Trooper 228

Baker G Trooper 37883

Baker G Trooper

Baker George Trooper 313/37785

Baker George Trooper 313/37885

Baker George Trooper 328/26738

Baker Samuel Lance Corporal 24934

Baker Thomas Sqn. QM Sergeant 317

Balgarnie N Trooper 942

Balgarnie Norman Trooper 942

Ballard Fred Trooper 32405

Banfield Andrew Trooper *0712

Banks Peter Trooper 20693

Bannister Thomas Trooper 32374

Barbour E Trooper 37705

Barbour Edward Trooper 37705

Barclay J Trooper 37640

Barendse Alfred Corporal 209

Barendse Herbert Trooper 731

Barker William Eustace Trooper 40665

Barkly James Trooper 37640

Barnard Jacobus Trooper 41629

Barnart JTS Trooper 1008

Barnes N Trooper

Barnes Nathaniel Trooper 957

Barnes WH Corporal 319

Barnes WH Corporal

Barnett W Trooper 766

Barnett Wolfe Trooper 725

Barnstein J Trooper 37817

Barnstein Jack Trooper 315/39817

Barnstein John

Barrett D Trooper 22981

Barrett David Trooper 22981

Barrett G Trooper

Barrett George Trooper 853/37500

Barron B Trooper 38084

Barron Bernard Waid Trooper 38084

Barry A Trooper 717

Barry Andrew Trooper 717/35740

Barwick Percy Trooper 32411

Basch B Trooper 212

Basch B Trooper 1966

Basson AC Trooper 669

Basson Augustus Corstoffen Trooper 669/40175

Batchelor Alfred Henry Trooper 309

Bates Benjamin Franklin Trooper 325/39245

Bates BF Trooper 39245

Bates H Trooper 213

Bates H Trooper 213

Batty J Trooper

Batty James Trooper 641

Baynes RA Lance Corporal 32772

Baynes Robert Audley Lance Corporal 32772

Bearing W Trooper 751

Bearing William Trooper 751

Beaumont Jere Trooper 436

Beck John Trooper 1203

Becker WJ Trooper 1157

Beckett A Trooper 706

Beckett Alfred Trooper 706/37442

Beddoe David A Trooper *0698

Beech H Trooper 37500

Beech Harry Trooper 37500

Beesley WE Corporal

Beesley William Edward Corporal 25976

Behr Sydney Trooper 26389

Behrens Charles E Trooper 711/37479

Bell Alexander William Thompson Trooper 715

Bell AWT Ag. Corporal 715

Ben George Trooper 1011

Bendle George Trooper

Benecke Daniel Godfred Trooper 1036

Benn William John Trooper *627

Bennett Michael Trooper 40683

Bennett Thomas Evans Trooper 31508

Bennett W Trooper

Bennett WD Sergeant 24924

Bennett WD Sergeant 24924

Bennett William Trooper 871

Bentley W Sergeant

Bentley William Sergeant 24926

Berg J Trooper

Berg J Trooper

Berg Jacob Trooper 708/37429

Bergman O Shoeing Smith 38882

Bergman Otto Trooper 38882

Bergman Otto August Shoeing Smith 20867/38882

Bering William Trooper 751

Berkeley A Trooper 37788

Bernardi Henry Daniel Trooper 32452

Bernardo John Trooper 4654

Berry HS Trooper 836

Berry Sidney Herbert Stanley Trooper 836/37489/41638

Beslar A Trooper 214

Beslar Arend B Trooper 214

Best Edmund James Trooper 3

Best John James Trooper 326

Bewsher F Trooper 37824

Bewsher Frederick Trooper 37824

Bezuidenhuit Johannes H Trooper 1016

Bird George William Trooper 823

Bird GW Trooper

Bird H Trooper

Bird Herbert Trooper 282/34789

Blackbeard Herbert Sergeant 308

Blackmore SH Lieutenant

Blayney James Trooper 21242

Blue C Trooper 20860

Blue Colin Trooper 20860

Boatard A Trooper 24927

Boatard Albert Trooper 24927

Bonter George Albert Trooper 431

Booth FJ Trooper 26768

Booth Frederick James Trooper 26765

Bootman H Trooper 37899

Boswell Herbert George Trooper 208

Botes JJ Trooper 1002

Botha D Trooper

Botha Daniel Trooper 320

Botha G Trooper

Botha Gert J Trooper 321

Botha J Trooper

Botha J Trooper 661?

Botha JM Trooper 661

Botha PM Trooper 1252

Botha TJ Trooper

Botha TJ Trooper 637

Boucher R Trooper

Boucher R Trooper 879

Bouter GA Trooper 431

Bowen David Trooper 29974

Bowen William Frederick Trooper 20982

Bowen WK Trooper 20982

Bowett Thomas Scorer Trooper 1578

Bowie DW Corporal 941

Bowker O Trooper

Bowler Ocatvius George Trooper 314

Boysen JHS Trooper 211

Boyson JH Trooper

Brabant John Somerset Captain

Brady JA Trooper 29988

Brand L Trooper

Brand Leishman Trooper 312

Bray James Owen Trooper 733

Bredin John Dawson Hutchinson Sergeant Major 1274

Bregan James Trooper *9968

Brennan George William Trooper 837/37496

Brennan GW Trooper 837

Bres J Trooper 29865

Bres Joseph Trooper 29865

Bridge Albert Thomas Corporal 322/30699

Brindle N Trooper 38614

Brindle Thomas Noel Trooper 38146

Brislin Norman Carrington St. John Captain

Broady WH Corporal 33795

Broady William Henry Corporal 830/33795

Brooks S Trooper 26849

Brooks Sampson Trooper 26849

Brooks Samuel Trooper 37508

Brooks T Trooper

Broughton John Trooper 27763

Broughton R Sergeant 311

Broughton Robert MacKenzie Sergeant 311

Broughton Weldon Thomas John Trooper 38094

Brown Andrew Trooper 439

Brown GAC Trooper 37745

Brown George Arthur Cecil Trooper 37745

Brown James Civilian Farrier

Brown Joseph Trooper 29952

Brown Ned. Trooper 20978

Brown W Trooper 32854

Brown WH Trooper 40420

Brown William Henry Trooper 329/32854/40426

Browne E Trooper 20978

Bruce J Trooper 35151

Bruce James Trooper 709/35151

Bruno G Trooper 26417

Bruno George Trooper 26417

Bruno Giovanni Trooper 26417/36548

Bruns G Trooper 26414

Brussens Gabriel

Bruton JC Trooper

Bruton John Curzon Trooper 844

Buckly Charles Maynard H Trooper 408

Buckmann H Trooper

Buckner H Trooper 31318

Buckner H Trooper 31318

Buer A Corporal

Buer Alfred Septimus Corporal 310

Bugan J Trooper 39968

Bulian GG Trooper 1156

Bull Arthur Julius Sqn. Sergeant Major 324

Bullock J Trooper

Bullock John Trooper 37773

Bullock John Trooper 37773

Bunton H Sergeant

Bunton Harry Sergeant 327/26949

Burger E Trooper 32922

Burger Ernest Trooper 210/32992

Burgers E Trooper 32922

Burgers W Trooper 27728

Burgers William Albertus Trooper 318/27728

Burgess Alfred Augustus Sergeant 340/26411

Burgess W Trooper 318

Burke H Trooper 27807

Burke Hubert Trooper 27807

Burke M Trooper

Burke Michael Trooper 281

Burke WJ Trooper 1143

Burnell John Chester Trooper 1233

Burnette H Trooper 21533

Burnette Harry Trooper 710/21533

Burns Edward Trooper 1242

Burns J Trooper 22998

Burns John Trooper 439/22998

Burns John Sergeant 1127

Burns Robert Trooper 1012

Burnstein J Trooper

Burrow Joseph Trooper 37905

Burrows H Trooper 40691

Burrows Henry Trooper *0691

Burrows J Trooper 37905

Burtenshaw W Trooper

Burtenshaw William Trooper 831/37446

Burton Alfred Christopher Trooper 824

Burton Edward Trooper 37669

Bush Percy Trooper 32077

Butler F Corporal

Butler Frank Corporal 323/31392

Butler T Corporal

Butler Thomas Keats Corporal 24902

Buyskes Egbert Andrew Regtl. QM Sergeant 841

Cairnie Andrew Trooper 335

Caithness A Trooper 38216

Caithness Alexander Trooper 216

Calderwood H Sergeant 8/382/1022

Caldwell Andrew Trooper 1311

Calitz C Trooper 21852

Cameron Alexander Davidson Trooper 26465

Cameron J Trooper

Campbell Hugh Old Scout/Trooper 856

Campbell James Trooper 458

Campbell James Trooper 1010

Campbell Kenneth Trooper 219

Campion Frederick

Cane R Trooper 714

Cane Robert Trooper 714/35747

Caponna Richard Thomas Trooper 40983

Carberry J Sergeant

Carberry John Sergeant 3348

Carlisle E Old Scout 828

Carlson Carl Trooper 220/32913

Carmont Herbert James Trooper 30065

Carmont HJ Trooper 30065

Carr Patrick McConnell Trooper 215/39139

Carr PM Trooper 215

Carr RH Sergeant

Carr Robert Housand Sergeant 30230

Carrol James Trooper 20862

Carroll Harry Trooper

Carroll J Trooper

Carson Henry C Old Scout 858

Carter A Trooper 833

Carter A Trooper

Carter Arthur Sergeant 330

Caruana Paulo Trooper 433

Casler Louis

Cass William John Trooper 667

Cass WJ Trooper 667

Castleman C Sergeant

Castleman Cyril Sergeant 952

Catty Thomas Trooper 20993

Cawley J Trooper 39138

Cawley John Trooper 218/39138

Cedrass R Trooper 37718

Cedrass Robert Trooper 719/37440

Cedrass T Trooper 37718

Cedrass Thomas Trooper 718/37439

Chaillon R Farrier Sergeant

Chalinder H Trooper

Chalonder Harold Charles Trooper 27855

Chambers H Trooper 24884

Chambers Harry Trooper 24884

Champion Cecil George Farrier Sergeant 37889

Chapman A Trooper 684

Chapman Alfred William Trooper 1042

Chapman Arthur Trooper 648

Chapman Henry Trooper 32072

Chappell T Trooper 30068

Chappell Thomas Trooper 30068

Charlton Robert Farrier Sergeant 686

Cheesbrough Harry Trooper 1183

Chipman Ralph Adelbert Trooper 1155

Christiane Martinus Trooper 32086

Christopher William Trooper 1135

Clark Arthur Trooper 336

Clark Dougald Trooper 32403

Clark Stephen Trooper 448

Clarke Thomas Trooper 26342

Clarke W Trooper 40796

Clarke Willem Trooper 200

Clarke William Trooper 40797

Clayton Herbert Netherfield Sergeant 32363

Clements H Trooper

Clements Herbert Trooper 752

Cochrane David Trooper 37793

Cockrane D Trooper

Cocks GG Corporal 338/1390

Cody W Corporal 36316

Cody W Corporal 36316

Cody William John Francis Trooper 26416

Coe Earl Trooper 1230

Coetzee G Trooper 221

Coetzee George N Trooper 221

Coetzee John Trooper 21832

Coetzee M Trooper

Coetzee Martin Trooper 671

Coglan C Trooper 339

Cohen Meyer Trooper 37690

Cohn C Trooper 37217

Cohn Charles Trooper 217

Coleman Arthur Trooper 20994

Coleman Charles Trooper 20984

Colitz Christian Johannes Trooper 21852/26797

Collins E Trooper 32399

Collins Edgar Harry Trooper 32399

Collins J Trooper 750

Collins J Trooper 750

Collins Noah Trooper 32461

Collins TA Trooper 26825

Collins Thomas A Trooper 26825

Colmer John Trooper 409

Combrinck J Trooper 37223

Combrinck Jacobus Johannes Trooper 223/37223

Combrinck Rudolph Trooper 745

Combrink R Trooper 745

Comerina J Trooper

Conalty William Trooper 41581

Cone William Trooper 1167

Congdon Arthur Trooper 687

Congdon G Trooper 688

Congdon Samuel Trooper 722/37641

Conlon William Edward Trooper 20880

Connor Thomas Ackorn Trooper 207

Connor Timothy Trooper 30252

Cooch GB Ag. Sqn. Sergeant Major 224

Cooch George Bryan Ag. Sqn. Sergeant Major 224

Cook Charles Trooper 26244

Cook W Trooper 32367

Cook W Trooper 37800

Cook William Trooper 32367/37800

Cook William Trooper 39367

Coon J Trooper

Coon John Trooper 39505

Coon John Trooper 20886/37505/40789

Cooper John Philip Sergeant Major 830

Cooper T Corporal 332

Cooper WA Trooper 943

Corbitt John S Oerted Trooper 816

Corcoran James Edward Trooper 20987

Cordey George Trooper 32075

Cordier John J Trooper 4653

Cordiner William Davidson Trooper 1119

Cornerma Joseph Trooper 25977

Cornwall CM Trooper

Cotty Thomas Trooper 38911

Cougdon S Trooper

Coughlin C Trooper

Coughlin Charles Trooper 339/30067

Courvall CM Trooper 1164

Courvall CM Trooper 1164

Cousins W Trooper 814/1024

Cowan Alfred G Trooper 1146

Coward G Corporal

Coward George Corporal 26340

Coward J Sergeant

Coward James T Sergeant 26363

Cox E Sergeant

Cox Edward Sergeant 331

Cox G Trooper 37866

Cox George Trooper 647/37866

Cox Henry James Trooper 824

Cox Thomas Trooper 30069

Cox W Trooper 27735

Cox W Trooper

Cox William Trooper 27735

Crane George Richard Trooper 333

Cranswick EJ Sqn. QM Sergeant 872

Cranswick Ernest John Sqn. QM Sergeant 872

Cranswick Frank Lieutenant 283/872

Crawford J Corporal

Crawford JC Corporal

Crawford John C Corporal 337/845

Crawford T Corporal 2491

Crawford Thomas Corporal 24900

Crawford W Trooper 37684

Crawford William Trooper 37684

Crawley E Trooper 37706

Crawley Edward Trooper 37706

Cremer Henry Trooper 1225

Crew A Trooper 37284

Crew Andrew Matthew Trooper 284/37284

Cronin J Corporal

Cronin James Corporal 26414

Crooks T Trooper 835

Crooks Thomas Trooper 835/37493

Crowley John Trooper 1316

Cummings William Trooper 435

Cunningham Thomas Trooper 29956

Cunningham W Trooper 222

Cunningham W Trooper

Curran F Trooper 728

Curran Francis Trooper 728/37639

Curtis GE Farrier Sergeant 30074

Curtis George E Farrier Sergeant 30074/32398

Curtis George Edward Trooper 32398

Cutter R Trooper 2384

Cutter Reg Trooper 1194/2384

D'Arcy John Corporal 40655

D'Aubert A Lance Corporal 31317

Dale Charles Henry Trooper 1

Dale R Trooper

Dale Richard Trooper 20869

Daley Dennis Trooper 228/32914

Daley Dennis Trooper 32382

Daly D Trooper 228

Daly JE Trooper 37743

Daly John E Trooper 743/37503

Daly Johnston Trooper 22935

Daly JWV Trooper

Dams John Trooper 1122

Darcy J Corporal 40655

Davey Frederick Ag. Sergeant Major 26256

Davey W Trooper 27734

Davey W Trooper 27734

Davidson D Farrier Corporal 30081

Davidson Douglas Farrier Corporal 30081

Davies Brinley Valentine John Captain

Davies C Trooper 869

Davies CG Bugler 21786

Davies Charles Trooper 869

Davies Claude Robert Trooper 350

Davies David Guy Corporal 227

Davies DG Corporal

Davies W Trooper 871

Davies William Alfred Corporal 347

Davis Cyril Gordon Bugler 21786

Davis Edgar Trooper 20957

Davis GA Trooper

Davis George Trooper 1010

Davis Guy A Trooper 20976

Davis W Trooper 271/873

Davison Thomas Trooper 1196

Dawes J Trooper 27859

Dawes James Trooper 27859

Dawes W Trooper 27860

Dawes W Trooper

Dawes William Trooper 27860/41435

Dawson John Edwin Trooper 32369

De Beer Christian Trooper 316

De Beer Johannes C Trooper 316

De Beers Z Trooper 1024

De Beers Zacharius Jacobus Trooper 1024

De Bergh James Ag. Corporal 20870

De Bono Philip Trooper 40703

De Bruyn JD Trooper 346/1267

De la Harpe Frank Trooper 751/37434

De Lange H Trooper 906

De Lange Henry Trooper 906/35048

De Lange Martinus Chris. Sergeant 1025

De Lange William Trooper 656/35047

De Silva F Trooper 283

De Silva Frank Trooper 285/34785

De Villiers Frank Trooper 37530

Defty Henry Trooper 1187

Delaharpe F Trooper 37760

Delaney J Trooper

Delaney John Trooper 868

Deller Thomas Lance Corporal 1193

Dempey J Hospital Sergeant

Dempsey James Hospital Sergeant 286

Dempsey Patrick Kondell Trooper 1180

Dempster D Trooper

Dempster David Trooper 726/37430

Deneys Henry Christian Trooper 646/40682

Denison Charles Walker Bonamy Trooper 886

Denison P Sergeant

Denison Paul Sqn. QM Sergeant 340

Dennys H Trooper

Deodunes J Corporal

Desdunes Joseph Trooper 736/37480

Deser Louis Trooper 1173

Desmond John Trooper 37795

Devlin Andrew Trooper 405

Deyries Gerrett Trooper 1121

Dickson Robert Sergeant 342

Dillon Frederick Valentine Sergeant 341/30063

Dirolf C Trooper

Dodd Herbert Douglas Trooper 344

Dodd J Trooper

Dodd J Trooper

Dodds Clarence Trooper 20896

Dodds John Trooper 848/37713

Dolan Henry Trooper 1260

Dom Charles Peter Trooper 709/35744

Dom E Trooper


Dombreu Maxime Edward Trooper 712/35736

Donaldson John Trooper 20986

Donaldson Norman William James Trooper 343

Donelly H Trooper

Donelly Hugh Trooper 907/35160

Donohue J Trooper

Donohue John Trooper 414

Donovan Frank Trooper 1175

Donovan M Trooper 37874

Donovan Michael Trooper 37874

Doolan Patrick Joseph Trooper 415

Dore Edward Trooper 349/32882

Dornbrew ME Trooper 712

Dorrington A Sergeant 37484

Dorrington Albert Edward Sergeant 37484

Dougan J Trooper

Douglas James Trooper 40815

Douglas William Trooper 40816

Doveton AA Trooper

Doveton Arthur Arnold Trooper 733/35969

Dowd T Trooper 1151

Downard William Trooper 20964

Doyle Nicholas Joseph Trooper 20885

Doyle W Trooper

Doyle William Trooper 1211

Drake Henry Thomas Trooper 38385

Draper Charles Trooper 422

Drew Jonas Trooper 42030

Driscoll Daniel

Driscoll Daniel Patrick Captain

Driscoll J Trooper 735

Driscoll James Trooper 735/36099

Drozin John Trooper 229

Du Plessis Jacobus J Trooper 1165

Du Plooy Nicholas Trooper 1256

Du Toit A Trooper

Du Toit Andres Stephanus Trooper 639

Duff JD Trooper 20857

Duff Joseph Donald Trooper 20857

Duffy James Trooper 348/875

Dugdale John Trooper 41387

Duggan J Trooper 41575

Duggan James Trooper 41575

Duncombe T Corporal

Duncombe Theophilus Corporal 26420

Dunn J Trooper

Dunn James

Dunn James Trooper 37507

Dunn JM Farrier Sergeant 345

Dunn John M Farrier Sergeant 345

Dunn M Corporal

Dunn M Farrier Sergeant 740

Dunn Montague Crofton Lieutenant

Dunn William Trooper 225/39144

Dunne Patrick Dillon Trooper 226

Dunne TE Trooper 37734

Dunne Thomas Edward Trooper 734/35746

Dunstan J Trooper

Dunston J Trooper 25971

Dunston John Trooper 25971/36088/40709

Dupre O Sergeant

Dupre Oliver Trooper 26326

Dupree S Trooper

Dupree Solomon Trooper 716/35739

Durolf Karl Trooper 746

Durrant W Trooper 37699

Durrant William Trooper 699

Eagles J Trooper 36823

Eagles James Trooper 26823

Eaglesham AG Trooper 37868

Eagleshaw AG Trooper

Eales William Ewart Gladstone Trooper 353

Eastby Nathaniel Recruiting Sergeant 1259

Eastes Thomas Trooper 1017

Eastman Charlie Trooper 1113

Edgley Arthur William Sergeant 351

Edgley AW Sergeant

Edmonds John Trooper 40688

Edwards A Trooper

Edwards Alf. Stephen Trooper 232

Edwards AS Trooper 232

Edwards Frank Trooper 27861

Edwards John Trooper 1088

Edwards Sydney Alfred Trooper 1109

Egan A Trooper 24899

Egan Andrew Arthur Trooper 24899

Egan G Trooper

Egan GR Trooper 354

Egan William Trooper 450

Eillad P Trooper

Eillad Paul Trooper 37458

Eley William Trooper 782/30084

Ellard John Brandon Lieutenant

Elliot Charles Lewis Trooper 20854

Elliott Archibald Trooper 20962

Elliott JE Trooper 20854

Elliott John Edwin Trooper 1087/35167

Ellis J Sqn. Sergeant Major

Ellis John Sqn. Sergeant Major 29972

Els LP Trooper 555

Els Stephen Phillip Trooper 355/32360

Emerson JR Trooper 1315

Emmerson JR Trooper

Emmett John Robert Saddler Corporal 874

Engelbrecht HG Trooper

Engelbrecht HG Trooper 352

Englebrecht CJ Trooper 1269

Enshorn Emil

Ensor F Trooper 908

Ensor Frederick William Trooper 908

Erasmus S Trooper

Erasmus Stephanus P Trooper 231

Erasmus William Christie Trooper 1055

Erskine Francis Williams Trooper 1105

Etheridge Godfrey William Ag. Sergeant 27809

Etheridge GW Ag. Sergeant

Evans KB Trooper 828

Evans KB Corporal 828

Ewars E Trooper 32927

Ewers Edmund Trooper 32927

Fairbairn Joseph Thompson Trooper 362

Falconer James Trooper 40664

Fallick B Trooper

Fallick Bernard Augustine Trooper 875

Farman Ralph Jasper Newell Trooper 233

Farmer RJ Corporal 233

Farquar John Sergeant 20983

Farquharson J Trooper 37643

Farquharson John Campbell Trooper 748/37643

Farrell M Trooper 37701

Farrell Montague Trooper 37707

Farrugi Paulo Trooper 1226

Feather C Trooper 20871

Feather George Thomas Trooper 20871

Fechter G Trooper 20871

Fella Stanley Trooper 4650

Ferguson G Farrier Major

Ferguson George Farrier Major 35964

Ferguson James Trooper 856/37497

Ferriman William Trooper 701

Ferrine M Corporal

Ferrine Manuel Corporal 37763

Ferrunan W Trooper

Fick GC Trooper

Fick George Clarence Trooper 20859

Finlay John A/Sergeant 20847

Fischer John Trooper 37836

Fisher Berty William Trooper 406

Fisher Cuthbert Albert Trooper 20858

Fisher G Trooper

Fisher Harry Trooper 29954

Fisher Henry Trooper

Fisher Joseph Hugh Trooper 739

Fisher Lewis Trooper 1231

Fisher Samuel Trooper 1176

Fitzmaurice Paul Jos. Trooper 20855

Flanagan Thomas Alex Trooper 35168

Flannigan TA Trooper

Flowers Hugh Gregory Trooper 1276

Flowers William Bartle Sqn. QM Sergeant 356

Flynn E Sergeant

Flynn Edward Sqn. QM Sergeant 744/37482

Flynn Edward Joseph Sergeant 20/359

Forbes Jacob David Trooper 37472

Forbes JD Trooper

Foster Arthur Trooper 434

Foster James Trooper 32409

Foster William Blake

Fouche Albertus Jacobus Trooper 677

Fouchee Hermanus Johannes Trooper 1027

Fouchee Jacobus Stephanus Trooper 1120

Fouchi AJ Trooper

Fouldin D Trooper 729

Fouldin David Trooper 729

Fourie HJ Trooper 1035

Fourie HJJ Trooper 1035

Fourie Johannes Stafel Trooper 1044

Fox G Trooper 37857

Fox George Arthur Trooper 857/37491

Foxall William

Francis Henry Trooper 40734

Francis R Trooper 26318

Francis Reginald Trooper 364/26318

Frank W Trooper

Frank William Charles Trooper 29/363

Franklin J Trooper 37846

Franklin JG Trooper 361

Franklin JG Trooper

Franklin John Trooper 37486

Fraser Donald Trooper 821/35970

Fraser Richard Talbot Trooper 35790

Fraser RT Trooper

Fraser W Trooper

Fraser William Trooper 32952

French J Lieutenant 876

Fresham John Trooper 872

Freund AC Trooper

Freund August C Trooper 19/358

Frey Edward H Trooper 359

Friedman F Trooper 747

Fuller George Hilton Trooper 24/360

Furniss C Trooper 29719

Furniss Charles Sergeant 25719/29719

Fyson Richard Trooper 234

Gallagher James Trooper 40668

Gallagher M Corporal

Gallagher Michael Trooper 932

Gallagher T Trooper

Gallagher Thomas Trooper 866

Gallop William Trooper 40690

Gally Francis

Gammel GD Trooper 1278

Gara Jos. O

Gardner CH Trooper 37652

Gardner Charles Henry Trooper 652

Gardner W Sergeant 1277

Garnham ER Sergeant 753/35940

Gartor-Smith P Trooper 288

Geames John Corporal 287/34783

Gehrig Frank Lieutenant 20863

Gelder Robert Trooper 934

Gemis John Trooper 239

Gibbon W Trooper 24898

Gibbon William Trooper 24898

Gidney Walter Mackie Trooper 1120

Giener J Sergeant 27195

Gill S Corporal

Gill Stephen Corporal 860

Gillan F Trooper 235

Gillan Frank Trooper 235

Gillett William John Trooper 945

Gipson FJ Trooper 40680

Gladstone Alexander Trooper 1108

Gladwin Arthur Walker Pay Sergeant 877

Glass W Trooper

Glennie G Trooper 365

Glennie G Trooper

Gloss T Trooper

Gloss Thomas Trooper 371

Gloss William Henry Trooper 372/32373

Glover G Trooper 374

Glover John Lieutenant 20844

Glover RH Trooper

Glover Robert Hugo Trooper 370

Glynn Richard Walker Trooper 376

Godden H Trooper

Godden Herbert Harold Trooper 37880

Godfrey William Etheredge Trooper 27809

Goldsmith P Trooper 27029

Goldsmith Percy Reg. Trooper 27029

Goldsmith Samuel Alfred Sqn. QM Sergeant 289

Gooch AF Trooper

Gooch Frederick Sergeant 237

Goodliff Henry Trooper 691

Goodliffe H Trooper 691

Goodwin Herbert George Sqn. Sergeant Major 20875

Gordon J Trooper

Gordon John Trooper 921/35121/40723

Gordon John Trooper 37519/35741

Gordon Sidney Trooper 369/27854

Gorman AO Trooper 490

Gorman AO Trooper

Gorrie Daniel Trooper 1138

Goslett Jacob Trooper 32381

Gould A QM Sergeant

Gould Arthur Albert Regtl. QM Sergeant 30223

Gourlie W Trooper

Gourlie William Trooper 24911

Gove Albert Edward Trooper 38378

Gowan John Thomas Trooper 7221

Gowar JT Trooper 724

Gower J Sqn. Sergeant Major

Gower John James Sqn. Sergeant Major 25978

Graham W Trooper

Graham William Trooper 37801

Granman Harry Trooper 37687

Grant David Trooper 1189

Grant George Smith Trooper 238/39137

Grant GP Trooper 238

Grant GS Trooper

Grant Maurice Forsyth Trooper 655

Gray Alexander Sqn. QM Sergeant 40689

Gray David Carmichel Trooper 20889

Grazer J Trooper 20977

Grazie Jos. Trooper 20977

Green Arthur Trooper 1083

Green GT Civilian Farrier 1282

Green M Corporal 37656

Green Max. Corporal 37656

Green W Trooper 37236

Green William Trooper 236/37236

Greener Joshua Sergeant 27195

Greenwood JO Trooper

Greenwood John Owen Trooper 958

Greer CD Trooper 1227

Gregory WM Lieutenant

Grey Harold Trooper 21

Griessell D Sergeant 373

Griever J Trooper 25973

Griever John Henry Trooper 25973

Griffiths James Trooper 1280

Grimsell R Trooper 37750

Grimsell Robert Trooper 750/37437

Grobler Okker Johannes Trooper 1038

Groger J Trooper 37741

Groger John Trooper 26976/37741

Guenther Charles A Trooper 1144

Guest Alfred Douglas Trooper 366

Corporal 375

Guiney Herbert William Trooper 368

Gunn J Corporal 53/1279

Gunn J Corporal

Guy Marthines Hermanus Bornman Trooper 367

Gyuler George Trooper 756/37428

Haars Alg. Trooper 37711

Hackshaw George Gordon Trooper 42123

Hailand Christian Trooper 25974

Hakewill Jos. Lancelot Gould Trooper 32366

Hales TC Avondale Lieut. & Paymaster

Halewood Frederick Thomas Trooper 292

Halewood FT Trooper 292

Hall Frederick Jackson Sqn. QM Sergeant 378

Hall Frederick William Trooper 397/20877

Hall W Trooper 934

Hall William Trooper 934/43710

Halsall C Trooper 842

Halsall Ceasar Trooper 842

Hambidge Thomas Reginald QM Sergeant 1287

Hamlett C Trooper

Hamlin Charles Trooper 753/37721

Hamlit Charles Trooper 753/37721

Hammond R Trooper

Hammond Ralph Trooper 37798

Hanaker John Trooper 649/32934

Hands H Trooper

Hands Henry John Trooper 865

Hanker John Trooper 390

Hannay R Trooper 751

Hansen C Trooper 763

Hansen Carl Wilhelm Trooper 704

Hanson W Trooper 20970

Hanson William Warren Trooper 20970

Harding G Trooper

Harding G Risdon Trooper 24925

Harding TJ Trooper 388

Hardwick Thomas Trooper 946

Hare William Sylvester Trooper 26857

Harkins JW Corporal

Harkins JW Corporal 380

Harland C Trooper 25974

Harmer J Lieutenant

Harper James William Trooper 40/1290

Harpur Arthur Henry Corporal 29940

Harpur Laurence James Trooper 29975

Harris A Lance Corporal

Harris Alfred William Lance Corporal 393

Harris D Trooper

Harris David N Trooper 392

Harris Edwin George Trooper 41584

Harris Ernest Trooper 381

Harris J Trooper

Harris John Trooper 26

Harris Joseph Trooper 904

Harris R Trooper 391

Harris R Trooper 1

Harris Robert E Trooper 30008

Harrison Charles John Trooper 749/35737

Harrison CJ Trooper 35737

Harrison FJ Corporal

Harrison Frederick John Corporal 397/32896

Harrison William Henry Trooper 867

Hart H Trooper 657

Hart Henry Michael Trooper 657/700

Hart Jeremiah Trooper 1244

Harting Oscar

Harvey John Peter Trooper 32459

Harvey WE Sergeant 32449

Harvey William Edward Sergeant 32449

Hatch Leonard John Trooper 861

Hatch LJ Corporal 861

Hatting John Trooper 385

Hatting W Trooper

Hatting William Trooper 384

Hatton Charles Edward Gladstone Trooper 1289

Haughie J Trooper 292

Haughie John Trooper 398

Haupt F Trooper 37657

Haupt Frederick Trooper 657/35864

Hawkins E Trooper 38080

Hawkins Edward Trooper 38080

Hawkins S Trooper 262

Hawkins Seymour Trooper 862

Hawthorne Reginald Norton Sergeant 37398

Hawthouse R Sergeant 39398

Hayes C Trooper 40697

Hayes Cornelius Trooper 40697

Hayes P Trooper

Hayes P Trooper

Hayne AAN Trooper 36079

Hayne Arthur Adrian Nevill A/Sergeant 36079

Hearne Louis Trooper 383

Hearne RL Trooper 1291

Hearon T Trooper

Hearon Thomas Trooper 765/35112

Heath J Trooper

Heath J Farrier Corporal 395

Heath JM Trooper 395

Heggarty John Trooper 454

Helmer John Trooper 37772

Henderson D Trooper

Henderson David Trooper 382

Henderson Martin Archibald Trooper 1169

Henderson Stuart Trooper 32451

Hener W Sergeant 379

Henery Alec Norman Corporal 387

Henery AN Corporal 387

Hennessey William John

Henry W Trooper

Henry William Trooper 878

Herbert B Trooper 291

Herbert Bird Robert Sidney Trooper 290

Herbert R Trooper 30672

Herbert Richard Sydney Sergeant 290/32934

Herbert Robert

Herbert RS Sergeant 32934

Heritage Charles Ernest Trooper 20956

Heron F Trooper 1110

Heron Frederick Trooper 1110

Heron James Trooper 20845

Hertzberg Samuel Trooper 26243

Hesketh Hugh Morris Hospital Sergeant 394

Hex George Valentine Trooper 20684

Hicks Solomon Trooper 32406

Hill Hugh Trooper 40702

Hill T Trooper 24912

Hill Thomas Trooper 24912

Hillman John Shillard Trooper 39966

Hind Jos. Trooper 20965

Hipman Thomas Jefferson Trooper 20975

Hipman TJ Trooper 20795

Hoar Robert Albert Sqn. Sergeant Major 377

Hoare Alfred Trooper 37711

Hocking J Trooper 869

Hocking James Trooper 869

Hocking R Trooper

Hocking Richard Trooper 909

Hodnett Henry Trooper 32379

Hoffman CA Hon. Lieut. & QM

Hoffmeyer Bernard Trooper 30013

Hofmeyer Bernhard Trooper 30013

Hofmyer B Trooper 30013

Hogan Cornelius Trooper 32390

Hogan JM Trooper

Hogan Joseph Frances Trooper 704

Hogan Joseph Martin Trooper 29874

Hogan Patrick Trooper 31496

Hogan WC Trooper 21782

Hogan William Christopher Trooper 21782

Holder James Corporal 386

Holm Frederick Christian van Lepmann Trooper 700/37658

Holm TC Trooper

Holmes Frederick Arthur Trooper 40807

Holmes Robert Corporal Trumpeter 389/39146

Holton Christopher Joseph Trooper 933

Holton CJ Trooper

Hope C Trooper 30839

Hope Charles Edward Trooper 20839

Horton John Trooper 40655

Horton P Trooper

Horton Paul Trooper 760

Hoskins Hugh St. John Lieutenant

Hoskins Joseph W Corporal 01/12/80

Hoskins William John Trooper 850/37498

Hoskins WJ Corporal

Hoskyn Robert Henry O'Driscoll Sergeant 1288

Hotchkiss Thomas Edward Trooper 20849

Houghton William Raymond Trooper 20881

Houghton WR Trooper

Howard Arthur Ernest Neville Lieutenant

Howard John Trooper 1084

Howard Jos. Trooper 20851

Howard Joseph Trooper 1234

Howard SC Trooper 1148

Hubbard J Civilian Farrier

Hudson Robert Trooper 20954

Huggens Julian Trooper 651

Hugo Walter Trooper 394

Hulley Samuel Richard Trooper 20971

Hulsbeck William Ellis Trooper 1163

Humphreys William Cromwell Trooper 40666

Hunt John Sqn. Sergeant Major 880

Hurley Frank Trooper 1222

Husted Richard McLellan Trooper 32404

Husted RM Trooper 32404

Hutchinson FW Trooper 1158

Hutchinson Henry George Charles Trooper 20848

Hutchinson Joseph Trooper 1191

Hutchison H Trooper 20848

Hutchison J Trooper 37769

Hutchison James Trooper 37769

Hyatt Malcolm Portal Corporal 947

Hyatt MP Corporal 947

Idensohn L Trooper 26973

Idensohn Louis Trooper 26973

Iley H Trooper 768

Iley Henry Trooper 768/37483

Ingle Harold Dunmug Trooper 40669

Ingram Earle Benjamin Trooper 1139

Irvine Samuel Trooper 1116

Izett John Trooper 1128

Jackson George William Trooper 27028

Jackson Mikel Trooper 1090


Jacobs Frank Alexander James Trooper 35925

Jaffa J Civilian Farrier

Jaffe Louis Trooper 791

Jaffray SF Trooper 901

Jaffray Simon Fraser Trooper 901

Jaffray Thomas Joseph Trooper 881

James AE Old Scout 1283

James F Trooper 37922

James Frederick Trooper 37922

James J Trooper 37654

James John Paul Trooper 654/38901

James Osborne Capitor Trooper 29987

James Thomas Trooper 411/2281

Janos Harry Trooper 20972

Jansen Peter

Jauer Richard Trooper 294

Jearey John Trooper 32419

Jeary Walter John Trooper 20894

Jeddy B Old Scout 1285

Jeffery Benjamin Barvasso Ag. Sqn. QM Sergeant 902

Jeffery HJ Trooper 35954

Jeffrey BC Ag. QM Sergeant

Jeffrey Herbert Joseph Trooper 789/35954

Jeffrey TJ Trooper

Jenkins James Trooper 40695

Jensen J Trooper 37693

Jensen Joseph Trooper 37693

Jesson John Trooper 401

Joffe L Trooper

Johansen J Trooper 27205

Johansen Johan Trooper 27205

Johansen Johan Driver

Johns Thomas Trooper 20838

Johns Vasile Trooper 37819

Johnson H Trooper 840

Johnson Henry Trooper 840/37460

Johnson Herbert Charles Trooper 1237

Johnson James William Trooper 43658

Johnson William Trooper 32420

Johnstone G Trooper 24905

Johnstone Godfrey Trooper 24905

Johnstone Victor John Trooper 38092

Jones CL Trooper

Jones Edward Lewis Trooper 295

Jones F Trooper 32784

Jones Frederick Trooper 32784

Jones John Trooper 30389

Jones John William Trooper 40700

Jones V Trooper

Jones William Frederick Russell Trooper 293

Jonker Adolphe Trooper 40783

Jooste Francis Jacobus Trooper 1014

Jordan CF Trooper

Jordan CH Corporal 25972

Jordan Charles Francis Trooper 30/400

Jordan Charles Henry Trooper 25972

Jordan Frederick Trooper 20868

Joseph H Trooper

Joseph Harry Trooper 37847

Joubert Bernard Jacobus Trooper 402

Joy Frederick George Trooper 1254

Joyce John Fitzgerald Veterinary Lieut.

Joynes CE Trooper

Joynes Charles Edwin Trooper 1120/35162

Judd Alex. Edwin Lieutenant

Kane James Francis Sergeant 778/37476

Kantor Soloman Trooper 41424

Kaplan C Trooper 409

Kaplan C Trooper

Kayser Thomas Innes Corporal 404

Kearney Benjamin Trooper 4651

Kearney Joseph Corporal 643

Kearney Oliver John Trooper 645

Keetsman Johannes Trooper 781/41990

Keichler AC Trooper 3432

Kelleher F Sergeant

Kelleher Francis Sergeant 242/39145

Kelleher Frank Saddler Sergeant 242

Kelly George Regtl. Sergeant Major 403

Kelly John Trooper 37794

Kelly John Joseph Trooper 400

Kelly John Robert Trooper 38085

Kelly Patrick Old Scout 1284

Kelly Richard Trooper 20985

Kelly William Trooper 32365

Kelso John Trooper 37395

Kennedy D Trooper 779

Kennedy D Trooper 37241

Kennedy Daniel Trooper 779/37433

Kennedy Daniel Trooper 241/32951

Kennedy George Ramsay Trooper 896/35035

Kennedy GR Trooper 826

Kennedy John Trooper 20874

Kenner J Trooper 36080

Keys Cecil Frederick Corporal 793

Keyser Henry Nicholas Trooper 650

Keyter G Trooper

Keyter Ghert Trooper 408

Kietsman J Trooper

Kilgour George Ludwig Trooper 673

Killeen M Trooper 927

Killeen Michael Trooper 927

Kilpatrick William Trooper 412

Kilshaw William Trooper 20961

Kilty Daniel Trooper 40835

Kimble J Trooper 847

Kimble James Patrick Trooper 847/37464

Kimche L Trooper 37642

Kimche Leopold Trooper 642

Kinderman R Trooper 773

Kindermann Raymond Trooper 773/35707

King J Trooper

King James Trooper 406

King William Trooper 1186

Kingsley John G Trooper 1098/40169

Kingwill Claude Melville Trooper 738

Kingwill CM Trooper 788

Kingwill P Trooper 774

Kingwill P Trooper 774

Kirkpatrick William James Trooper 883

Kirkpatrick WJ Trooper 683

Kirkwell F Regtl. Sergeant Major 961

Kischler AC Trooper 780/37432

Kitchen Charles Henry

Klaus Sartorius Sergeant 25975

Klausen Valdemar Trooper 40729

Klein MEB Trooper 859

Klein MEB Trooper

Kleinhaus Abraham Trooper 1028

Knocsen H Trooper 407

Knoesen Hendrick George Trooper 407

Knuth C Trooper

Knuth C Trooper 240

Koch G Trooper

Koch Gabriel Johannes Trooper 405

Koch J Trooper 910

Koen P Trooper

Koen Phillip Trooper 824

Kokomore G Trooper 1007

Kokomore S Trooper 1007

Krakow Gus. Trooper 30079

Krauth Robert Vincent Trooper 1107

Kreniter James Trooper 38912

Kruger Johannes Trooper 1096/40171

Kruger Thunes Trooper 1099/40168

Krupp Joseph Henry Trooper 40858

Kruss A Trooper 27203

Kruss August Trooper 27203

Labor J Trooper 37767

Labor Jacob Trooper 767/37767

Labrischayni MJ Trooper

Labuischayni Mathias Johannes Trooper 675

Lacock M Trooper 26977

Lacock Maynard Trooper 26977

Lahey Thomas Trooper 20846

Laing J Trooper

Laing John Trooper 37457

Lamb G Trooper

Lamb Grantham Owen Trooper 37855

Lambrecht Andries Trooper 414/39142

Lancaster William Henry Trooper 644

Landsdown Sydney Howard Corporal 37668

Langan W Trooper

Langan W Trooper 775/35156

Lange Robert William Gunther Lieutenant

Lanham Fred.

Lanham SF

Lansdowne SH Corporal 37668

Lansing MD Trooper 24901

Lauring Cornelius Trooper 963/26796

Lawler William Trooper 26878

Lawley Cyril Sharwood Lieutenant

Lawlor Patrick Trooper 660/6601

Lawlor W Trooper

Lawrenson Robert Trooper 26339

Lawrings C Trooper 26796

Lay O Trooper

Lay Otto Alfred Trooper 939

Le Roy Francis Trooper 26460

Leach J Trooper 37638

Leach J Trooper 41621

Leach Joseph Trooper 776/37638/41631

Leach William Patrick Trooper 30348

Learmonth John Trooper 438

Leary Daniel Trooper 26341

Lee James Trooper 38381

Legge James Wilson A/Sergeant Major 411

Legge JW A/Sergeant Major 37411

Leigh-Leigh Frank Walter Trooper 37752

Lemmon Clarence Henry Albert Corporal 948

Lenszek Franz August

Lenzek F Trooper 37639

Lester John Trooper 40662

Lewis Frederick

Lewis Ralph Trooper 30082

Lewis RE Trooper 22999

Lewis Richard Ernest Trooper 22999

Lewis William John Trooper 37364

Lewis WJ Corporal