Nominal Rolls
Mutiny Roll
Babb Alfred 38 F Private
Babbington Ralph Daniel 8 H Private
Babbington William 7 H Private
Bachelor William 1/8 F Sergeant
Back Charles 14 D Private
Back George 82 F Sergeant
Back William 1/13 F Private
Backcollar Charles 32 F Corporal
Backerville Henry 7 H Quartermaster Sergeant
Backhouse Thomas Deering 70 F Ensign
Backler George 6 DG Private
Backler John 6 DG Private
Backs William 92 F Private
Bacon Charles 6 DG Corporal
Bacon Henry 1/8 F Private
Bacon Isaac 81 F Private
Bacon John Joseph 95 F Lieutenant
Bacon Kenrick Verulam 29 F Lieutenant
Bacon Thomas 70 F Private
Bacon William Shannon Leading Seaman
Baconham William 1/5 F Private
Badby Joseph 78 F Private
Badby William 97 F Private
Badcock Edward 2 DG Private
Badcock Henry 17 L Armourer Sergeant
Badcock John 14 D Private
Badder James R. 14 D Private
Badder Thomas 14 D Private
Baddos Francis 78 F Sergeant
Baden William 43 F Private
Badgley Aleander James 32 F Lieutenant
Badham Thomas 3 RB Private
Badman James 29 F Private
Badrick David 1/23 F Private
Badrick George 1/23 F Private
Baegrie R. 3 Bo EI Lieutenant
Bagenall George 37 F Lieutenant
Bagg James 1 Be EF Colour Sergeant
Baggott Benjamin 97 F Private
Baggott Samuel 1/6 F Private
Baggott Thomas 27 F Private
Baggs George 1/23 F Private
Bagley John 70 F Private
Bagley John Carter 2/60 R Sergeant
Bagley Owen 87 F Private
Bagley Patrick 52 F Private
Bagnall Charles 53 F Lieutenant
Bagnall Thomas 80 F Private
Bagnell Edward 3 Bo EI Private
Bagnell Thomas 3 RB Private
Bagott John 87 F Private
Baigent Charles 38 F Private
Bailes John 70 F Private
Bailes Matthew 97 F Private
Bailey Alfred 75 F Sergeant
Bailey Arthur 38 F Ensign
Bailey Benjamin 95 F Private
Bailey Charles 95 F Private
Bailey Charles 81 F Private
Bailey Charles 93 F Private
Bailey Christopher 2 RB Private
Bailey Edward Shannon Ordinary Seaman
Bailey Edward 1/20 F Private
Bailey Frederick 84 F Private
Bailey Frederick 9 L Veterinary Surgeon
Bailey George 95 F Private
Bailey George 1/13 F Private
Bailey Henry 6 DG Private
Bailey Henry 14 D Private
Bailey Henry 1/60 R Sergeant
Bailey James 1/10 F Private
Bailey James 37 F Private
Bailey James 1/5 F Private
Bailey Jesse 2 RB Private
Bailey John 3 RB Private
Bailey John 8 H Private
Bailey John 3 RB Private
Bailey John 1/8 F Private
Bailey John 73 F Private
Bailey John 82 F Private
Bailey John 1/23 F Private
Bailey John Thomas 95 F Drummer
Bailey Joseph 64 F Private
Bailey Joseph 90 F Private
Bailey Peter 64 F Private
Bailey R 90 F Private
Bailey Richard 3 RB Private
Bailey Richard 73 F Sergeant
Bailey Richard 97 F Private
Bailey Samuel 3 MF Private
Bailey Samuel 6 DG Private
Bailey Thomas 53 F Private
Bailey Thomas 1 MF Private
Bailey Thomas 1 MF Private
Bailey Thomas 37 F Private
Bailey Thomas 2/60 R Private
Bailey Thomas F RHA Gunner
Bailey William 75 F Private
Bailey William 17 L Private
Bailey William 34 F Private
Bailey William 1/20 F Private
Bailey William 80 F Private
Bailey William 32 F Private
Bailey William 34 F Private
Bailey William Jacques 95 F Private
Bailie James 87 F Captain
Bailie Thomas 87 F Colour Sergeant
Bailiss Thomas 80 F Private
Baille Douglas 5/12 RA Trumpeter
Baille Frederick 97 F Private
Bailley Timothy 2/13 RA Shoeing Smith
Bailley William 53 F Private
Baillie Abraham 79 F Private
Baillie Alexander 2 MT Private
Baillie E Lah LH Private
Baillie Henry David 2 RB Lieutenant
Baillie James 78 F Sergeant
Baillie John 78 F Private
Baillie Matthew John 72 F Ensign
Baillie W Lah LH Private
Baillie William 79 F Private
Baillie William 71 F Private
Baillie William 71 F Private
Bailly John 53 F Sergeant
Bailly Thomas Pearl Able Seaman
Baily Benjamin 2 DG Private
Baily James 32 F Private
Baily John 88 F Corporal
Baily Samuel 32 F Private
Bain Andrew 93 F Private
Bain James 4 RE Sapper
Bain John 1/5 F Private
Bain John 42 F Private
Bain John 6/13 RA Gunner or Driver
Bain William 42 F Corporal
Bain William 90 F Private
Bainbridge Robert 17 L Lieutenant
Bainbridge Thomas 82 F Private
Baines Edwin 34 F Private
Baines William 34 F Private
Baines William 95 F Private
Baines William 1/20 F Private
Baird Charles Pearl Boatswain
Baird Daniel 90 F Private
Baird James 1 MF Private
Baird James 72 F Corporal
Baird James 1 Bo EF Private
Baird John 1 MF Private
Baird Robert 1/10 F Private
Baird Robert 34 F Sergeant
Baird William 42 F Private
Baird William 42 F Captain
Bairstow Edmund 84 F Private
Bairwell George 1/13 F Private
Bairwell William 1/13 F Private
Baitman William 12 L Private
Bakehouse Benjamin 80 F Private
Bakehouse Charles 52 F Private
Baker Arthur 78 F Private
Baker Benjamin 6 DG Private
Baker Charles 9 L Private
Baker Charles 88 F Sergeant
Baker Charles 95 F Private
Baker Charles 75 F Private
Baker Charles 1/23 F Corporal
Baker Charles 2 Be EF Private
Baker Christopher 1/60 R Private
Baker Daniel 79 F Sergeant
Baker David 1/20 F Private
Baker Edward Shannon Ship's Corporal
Baker Edward 34 F Hospital Sergeant
Baker Edward 2/13 RA Gunner
Baker Frederick 17 L Private
Baker Frederick 75 F Private
Baker Frederick 97 F Private
Baker George 73 F Private
Baker George 52 F Private
Baker George 75 F Private
Baker George 32 F Private
Baker George 1/8 F Private
Baker George 37 F Private
Baker George 82 F Private
Baker George 38 F Private
Baker George 1 Bo EF Private
Baker Henry 61 F Sergeant Major
Baker Henry 1 MF Private
Baker Henry 73 F Private
Baker Henry 53 F Private
Baker Henry 90 F Private
Baker Henry 1/23 F Private
Baker Henry E RHA Driver
Baker Henry Cape 43 F Private
Baker Hugh 83 F Private
Baker Irwin 38 F Sergeant
Baker James 3 MF Private
Baker James 6 DG Sergeant
Baker James 14 D Private
Baker James 37 F Private
Baker James 1/60 R Colour Sergeant
Baker James 43 F Private
Baker James 35 F Private
Baker James 1/5 F Private
Baker James 52 F Private
Baker James 1/5 F Private
Baker James 4 RE Sapper
Baker James F RHA Driver
Baker John 52 F Private
Baker John 1/24 F Private
Baker John 7 H Sergeant
Baker John 90 F Private
Baker John 52 F Private
Baker John 8 H Private
Baker John 9 L Private
Baker John 43 F Private
Baker John 52 F Private
Baker John 1/8 F Private
Baker John 34 F Private
Baker John 2 RB Private
Baker Joseph 90 F Private
Baker Joseph 64 F Private
Baker Joseph 97 F Hospital Sergeant
Baker Michael 2 DG Private
Baker Michael 88 F Sergeant
Baker Michael 38 F Private
Baker Patrick 3/8 RA Gunner
Baker Phillip F RHA Driver
Baker Richard 3 RB Private
Baker Richard 14 D Private
Baker Richard 78 F Private
Baker Richard 97 F Private
Baker Richard 53 F Drummer
Baker Richard 1/20 F Private
Baker Robert 81 F Private
Baker Robert 1/5 F Private
Baker Robert 71 F Private
Baker Samuel 61 F Private
Baker Samuel 2 RB Private
Baker Samuel F RHA Gunner
Baker Thomas Pearl Sailmaker
Baker Thomas 81 F Sergeant
Baker Thomas 1/6 F Private
Baker Thomas 1/23 F Private
Baker William 14 D Private
Baker William 12 L Private
Baker William 81 F Private
Baker William 37 F Private
Baker William 95 F Private
Baker William 87 F Sergeant
Baker William 1/8 F Private
Baker William 37 F Private
Baker William 21 RE Sapper
Baker William 4/14 RA Collar Maker
Baker William 6/13 RA Gunner or Driver
Bakewell Henry 7/14 RA Gunner
Balance John 73 F Private
Balchin George 38 F Private
Balderson Luke 54 F Private
Balderson William 38 F Sergeant
Balding George 14 D Farrier
Balding Joseph 1/23 F Drummer
Baldock John 6/14 RA Gunner
Baldrey George Singleton 12 L Private
Baldrick George 2 Be EF Private
Baldry Thomas 2 RB Private
Baldry William 1/20 F Private
Baldry William 1/5 F Private
Baldry William 54 F Private
Baldwin David 6/11 RA Gunner or Driver
Baldwin Emanuel 73 F Private
Baldwin James 1/10 F Sergeant
Baldwin James 54 F Private
Baldwin Joseph 7 H Sergeant
Baldwin Richard 90 F Private
Baldwin Richard 95 F Private
Baldwin Thomas 9 L Private
Baldwin Thomas 6 DG Private
Baldwin Thomas 75 F Private
Baldwin Thomas 84 F Corporal
Baldwin Uriah 5/13 RA Sergeant Farrier
Baldwin William 7 H Private
Baldwin William 61 F Corporal
Bale George 43 F Private
Bale Henry 73 F Private
Bale Henry Edward 34 F Captain
Bale Richard 6 DG Private
Bale Samuel 5/12 RA Bombardier
Balfour Joseph 14 D Private
Balfour William 27 F Corporal
Balkwell James D RHA Gunner
Ball Alfred 90 F Private
Ball Edward C Corps Private
Ball George 1/8 F Private
Ball Henry 2 RB Private
Ball James 14 D Private
Ball James 27 F Private
Ball James 82 F Private
Ball John 53 F Private
Ball John 3 RB Sergeant
Ball John 27 F Sergeant
Ball John 34 F Private
Ball John 1/10 F Lieutenant
Ball Levi 1/23 F Private
Ball Thomas 1/20 F Private
Ball Thomas 84 F Private
Ball Thomas 1/24 F Private
Ball William 1/13 F Private
Ball William 87 F Private
Ball William 2 RB Bugler
Ball William 1/23 F Private
Ball William 32 F Private
Ball William 2/13 RA Gunner
Ball William 3 Bo EI Private
Ball William J RA Gunner or Driver
Ballantyne Alexander 37 F Private
Ballantyne James 84 F Corporal
Ballantyne Robert 6 DG Private
Ballard Alfred 90 F Sergeant
Ballard Hermon 5/13 RA Gunner
Ballard James 1/8 F Private
Ballard James 1/5 F Private
Ballard John 42 F Private
Ballard Patrick 1 Bo EF Private
Ballard Richard 1 Bo EF Private
Ballard Stephen 3/11 RA Sergeant
Ballard Thomas 70 F Private
Ballard Thomas 43 F Private
Ballard William Shannon Able Seaman
Ballard William 90 F Private
Ballintyne Andrew 92 F Private
Balloun Thomas 7/14 RA Gunner or Driver
Balls Henry 82 F Private
Balls Robert 52 F Private
Balmain J.H. Lah LH Captain
Balmain John 79 F Private
Balme Joseph 84 F Private
Balme Joseph 1/20 F Private
Balmer John 75 F Private
Bambray Isaac 61 F Private
Bambrick George 95 F Private
Bambrick Valentine 1/60 R Private
Bamer James 1/13 F Private
Bamfield John Hichens 72 F Ensign
Bamford David 7 H Private
Bamford George 2 RB Private
Bamford John 1/6 F Private
Bamford Joseph 84 F Private
Bamford Simeon 79 F Private
Bamford William 81 F Private
Bamforth Edwin 53 F Private
Banahan John 1 Bo EF Private
Banan Lawrence 83 F Private
Banbury John 2 DG Private
Bance Robert E RHA Driver
Bancroft Henry 42 F Armourer Sergeant
Bancroft James 84 F Private
Bancroft John 17 L Private
Bancroft John 1/20 F Private
Bancroft Richard 81 F Private
Bancroft William 17 L Private
Bandon William 38 F Private
Bandy James 34 F Private
Bane Andrew 1/8 F Private
Banfield John 3 Bo EI Private
Bangor John 90 F Private
Banham Charles 43 F Private
Banham Edward 80 F Private
Banham George 3 MF Private
Banham Michael 34 F Private
Banham Samuel 1/5 F Private
Bankes William George Hawtrey 7 H Lieutenant
Bankier William 71 F Private
Banks Abel 75 F Private
Banks Anthony 56 F Private
Banks Frederick 2 MT Sergeant
Banks George 3 RB Private
Banks George 6 DG Private
Banks George 6 DG Private
Banks Isaac 38 F Private
Banks James 73 F Private
Banks James 53 F Private
Banks Jeremiah 29 F Private
Banks John 14 D Private
Banks John 82 F Private
Banks John S. 54 F Private
Banks Joseph 35 F Private
Banks Michael 2 RB Private
Banks Richard F RHA Gunner
Banks Robert 71 F Colour Sergeant
Banks Thomas 82 F Private
Banks William 53 F Private
Banks William 52 F Private
Bann John 88 F Private
Bannan Michael 78 F Sergeant
Bannatyne John Millar 1/8 F Captain
Banner George 64 F Private
Bannerman James 93 F Sergeant
Banning Richard 1/8 F Private
Bannister Alexander 1/13 F Sergeant
Bannister Charles 84 F Private
Bannister Henry 37 F Sergeant
Bannister James 80 F Private
Bannister John 32 F Private
Bannister Richard 17 L Private
Bannister Robert 1/5 F Private
Bannister Thomas 90 F Private
Bannister William 78 F Private
Bannon John 7 H Private
Bannon John 88 F Private
Bannon Patrick 1/5 F Private
Bannon Richard George Davys 87 F Surgeon
Bannun Mathew 61 F Private
Baptist G Lah LH Trumpeter
Baptiste John Pearl Able Seaman
Baraclough Samuel 84 F Private
Barbar Joseph 7/14 RA Gunner or Driver
Barber Alfred 35 F Private
Barber Charles 2 DG Corporal
Barber Charles 43 F Colour Sergeant
Barber George 34 F Private
Barber George 1 MF Private
Barber George 38 F Private
Barber Henry 34 F Private
Barber Hugh 1/20 F Corporal
Barber Ishmael 52 F Private
Barber James 2 MT Private
Barber James 78 F Private
Barber John 34 F Private
Barber John 3 Bo EI Private
Barber Richard Shannon Carpenter's Crew
Barber Samuel 81 F Private
Barber Thomas 42 F Private
Barber Thomas 1/8 F Private
Barber William 12 L Private
Barber William 1/5 F Private
Barber William 1/8 F Private
Barber William 6/13 RA Sergeant
Barbery John Pearl Ship's Steward Apprentice
Barbor George 97 F Sergeant
Barbor Robert Wheatley 97 F Lieutenant
Barbour James 71 F Private
Barbour Thomas 93 F Private
Barclay Alexander 93 F Private
Barclay Alexander 79 F Private
Barclay Alexander 43 F Surgeon
Barclay James John 1 MF Lieutenant
Barclay John 34 F Private
Barclay John 42 F Sergeant
Barclay Thomas 71 F Private
Barclay Thomas 54 F Private
Barclay William 34 F Private
Barclay William 42 F Private
Barclay William 42 F Private
Barclay William D RHA Gunner
Barcock George 95 F Private
Bardle James 95 F Private
Bardon John 1/13 F Private
Bare Joseph 90 F Private
Barfield Henry 95 F Private
Barfield William 95 F Private
Barfoot J E RHA Driver
Bargarry Thomas 81 F Private
Bargery Henry 37 F Private
Barham James 2 Be EF Private
Barham Thomas 53 F Private
Barker Alfred 43 F Private
Barker Charles 2 DG Troop Sergeant Major
Barker Daniel 1/23 F Sergeant
Barker David 71 F Private
Barker George 7 H Private
Barker George 84 F Private
Barker George Digby 78 F Lieutenant
Barker Henry Pearl Able Seaman
Barker Henry 3 RB Private
Barker Henry 52 F Sergeant
Barker James 90 F Private
Barker John 86 F Private
Barker John 5/13 RA Gunner
Barker John 7 H Veterinary Surgeon
Barker John Barnett 1/5 F Captain
Barker Joseph 53 F Private
Barker Joseph 5/12 RA Assistant Surgeon
Barker Josiah 1/11 RA Gunner
Barker M La Mar Pupil
Barker Peter 70 F Private
Barker Richard 52 F Private
Barker Robert 14 D Private
Barker Robert 86 F Private
Barker Samuel 6/13 RA Gunner or Driver
Barker Sir George Robert RA Stf Lieutenant Colonel
Barker Thomas 3 MF Private
Barker Thomas 5/12 RA Gunner or Driver
Barker William 73 F Private
Barker William 3 RB Private
Barker William 6 DG Private
Barker William 81 F Private
Barker William 34 F Sergeant
Barker William 1 Be EF Private
Barker William F RHA Driver
Barksby Edwin 1/24 F Private
Barley William 1/13 F Private
Barleycorn Frederick 1/23 F Private
Barlow Alfred 84 F Private
Barlow Benjamin 81 F Private
Barlow Cuthbert 1/10 F Captain
Barlow George 1/8 F Private
Barlow James 1/8 F Sergeant
Barlow Joseph 61 F Private
Barlow Joseph 1/24 F Private
Barlow Patrick 1 MF Private
Barlow Thomas 29 F Private
Barlow Thomas 3/14 RA Gunner
Barlow William 2 RB Private
Barmess John 86 F Private
Barnable Denis 34 F Private
Barnaby James E. 53 F Sergeant
Barnacle Patrick 64 F Private
Barnard John 1/20 F Private
Barnard William 12 L Private
Barnard William 52 F Private
Barnbrook Thomas 38 F Private
Barnby Thomas 3/8 RA Gunner
Barnes Alexander 7 H Private
Barnes Charles 3 RB Private
Barnes Charles 9 L Private
Barnes Charles 8/14 RA Wheeler
Barnes Charles Gabriel Alfred 2 DG Cornet
Barnes Edward 6 DG Private
Barnes Edward 27 F Private
Barnes Edward 27 F Captain
Barnes Edward P. 2 MT Sergeant
Barnes Edward Robert Bigsby 37 F Lieutenant
Barnes Enoch 34 F Private
Barnes Francis 2 DG Private
Barnes Francis 34 F Private
Barnes George 2 MT Private
Barnes George 8 H Private
Barnes George 14 D Private
Barnes George 81 F Corporal
Barnes George 35 F Corporal
Barnes George 81 F Corporal
Barnes George 43 F Private
Barnes George 82 F Private
Barnes Henry 8/2 RA Gunner
Barnes James 79 F Private
Barnes James 42 F Private
Barnes James 90 F Private
Barnes James Whittaker 73 F Captain
Barnes Jessie 1/5 F Private
Barnes John 71 F Private
Barnes John 21 RE Sapper
Barnes John 3 Bo EI Private
Barnes Lazarus 1/5 F Private
Barnes Mark 2 RB Private
Barnes Patrick 84 F Private
Barnes Richard 38 F Sergeant
Barnes Robert 32 F Private
Barnes Robert 38 F Private
Barnes Samuel Shannon Gunner R.M.A.
Barnes Thomas 6/14 RA Gunner
Barnes Thomas 37 F Sergeant
Barnes Thomas 43 F Private
Barnes Thomas 2/60 R Private
Barnes Thomas 1/23 F Corporal
Barnes William 3 RB Private
Barnes William 3 RB Private
Barnes William 87 F Private
Barnes William 74 F Private
Barnes William 54 F Private
Barnes William 90 F Private
Barnes William 7/14 RA Corporal
Barnes William C. 14 D Private
Barnet Samuel 38 F Private
Barnet Thomas 3 RB Private
Barnett Charles 2/60 R Private
Barnett Charles Fitzroy 54 F Captain
Barnett George 37 F Private
Barnett Henry 17 L Private
Barnett James 14 D Private
Barnett James 61 F Private
Barnett James 82 F Private
Barnett James 1 Bo EF Private
Barnett John 3 MF Private
Barnett John 73 F Private
Barnett John 70 F Private
Barnett John 1/23 F Private
Barnett John 1 MF Corporal
Barnett John 1/8 F Private
Barnett John 32 F Private
Barnett John 93 F Private
Barnett John 34 F Corporal
Barnett Nicholas 3 Bo EI Sergeant
Barnett Richard 32 F Private
Barnett Richard 90 F Private
Barnett Richard 2 RB Private
Barnett William 82 F Private
Barnett William 6/13 RA Gunner or Driver
Barnham Richard 38 F Private
Barnhouse Philip 86 F Private
Barnicle Michael 87 F Private
Barnicott William Med Dpt 2nd Class Orderly
Barnish Abraham 83 F Private
Barns Christopher 1/60 R Private
Barns James 86 F Private
Barns Richard 1 Be EF Private
Barnsdall Edward 84 F Private
Barnsfather William 90 F Private
Barnstead James 43 F Corporal
Barnston Roger 90 F Major
Barnwell George 54 F Private
Barr Alexander 71 F Sergeant
Barr Allan 42 F Private
Barr Andrew 79 F Private
Barr Charles 71 F Private
Barr David 74 F Private
Barr Isaac 1 MF Private
Barr James 1/60 R Private
Barr John 42 F Sergeant
Barr John 72 F Private
Barr John F RHA Corporal
Barr Mathew 1/10 F Sergeant
Barr Michael 1 MF Private
Barr Michael 71 F Private
Barr Robert 1/10 F Corporal
Barr William 81 F Private
Barr William 71 F Private
Barr William 80 F Private
Barr William 79 F Private
Barr William Lamb 53 F Lieutenant
Barratt Henry J RA Corporal
Barratt James 2 DG Private
Barratt Richard 38 F Private
Barrell Alfred 54 F Private
Barrell Robert 75 F Private
Barrer William 70 F Private
Barrett Benjamin 53 F Private
Barrett Charles 1/4 F Private
Barrett Daniel 1/23 F Sergeant
Barrett David 92 F Private
Barrett David 1 Be EF Private
Barrett David Gregory 5/13 RA Trumpeter
Barrett Edmund 87 F Private
Barrett Edward 90 F Private
Barrett Edward 64 F Private
Barrett Edward 53 F Private
Barrett George 2/60 R Private
Barrett Henry 3 MF Private
Barrett Henry 1 Be EF Private
Barrett Henry F RHA Driver
Barrett James 32 F Private
Barrett James 1/5 F Private
Barrett James 3 MF Private
Barrett James 84 F Private
Barrett James 1/13 F Private
Barrett James 90 F Private
Barrett James 3/14 RA Trumpeter
Barrett John 14 D Private
Barrett John 87 F Corporal
Barrett John 1/60 R Private
Barrett John 1/6 F Private
Barrett John 90 F Private
Barrett John J. 3 Bo EI Private
Barrett Joseph 6 DG Private
Barrett Joshua 3/14 RA Driver
Barrett Michael 1/60 R Private
Barrett Michael 1/24 F Private
Barrett Michael 80 F Private
Barrett Patrick 86 F Sergeant
Barrett Patrick 82 F Private
Barrett Patrick 2 RB Private
Barrett Peter 87 F Private
Barrett Peter 97 F Private
Barrett Richard 81 F Private
Barrett Richard 90 F Private
Barrett Richard 2 Be EF Private
Barrett Robert 7/14 RA Gunner or Driver
Barrett Samuel 1/20 F Private
Barrett Thomas 7 H Private
Barrett Thomas 9 L Private
Barrett Thomas 70 F Private
Barrett Thomas 14 D Captain
Barrett Walter 6/13 RA Gunner or Driver
Barrett William 7 H Hospital Sergeant
Barrett William 35 F Corporal
Barrett William 1/60 R Private
Barrett William 1 Bo EF Private
Barrett William 7/14 RA Shoeing Smith
Barrett William 8/14 RA Gunner or Driver
Barrett William John 1/10 F Corporal
Barrie Alexander 93 F Private
Barrie George 72 F Private
Barrie James Pearl Able Seaman
Barrie Robert 2 Be EF Private
Barrie William 93 F Private
Barringer John 52 F Private
Barrington John 3 MF Private
Barrington John 2/60 R Private
Barron Alexander 1 MF Private
Barron Arthur William 38 F Lieutenant
Barron Charles 37 F Private
Barron Cornelius 75 F Private
Barron Donald 92 F Private
Barron Patrick 1/60 R Private
Barron Patrick 88 F Private
Barron Thomas 97 F Private
Barron William Henry 43 F Sergeant
Barrott Charles 38 F Private
Barrott John H. 1/8 F Private
Barrow Christopher 82 F Sergeant
Barrow Patrick 86 F Private
Barrow Patrick 78 F Private
Barrow Samuel 3/4 RA Sergeant
Barrow Thomas 1/13 F Private
Barrow William 52 F Private
Barrowclough George 86 F Private
Barry Charles 1/13 F Corporal
Barry Cornelius 70 F Private
Barry Daniel 2 Be EF Private
Barry Daniel Patrick 97 F Surgeon
Barry David 1 MF Private
Barry David 53 F Private
Barry David 3 Bo EI Corporal
Barry Denis 84 F Private
Barry Dennis 93 F Private
Barry Edward 38 F Private
Barry Edward 32 F Private
Barry Edward 82 F Private
Barry Francis 87 F Private
Barry Garrett 75 F Private
Barry Garrett 1 Be EF Private
Barry George 37 F Colour Sergeant
Barry James 92 F Private
Barry James 17 L Private
Barry James 86 F Drummer
Barry James 84 F Sergeant
Barry James 1/8 F Private
Barry James 38 F Corporal
Barry James 29 F Private
Barry James 53 F Private
Barry Jeremiah 32 F Private
Barry John 2 DG Private
Barry John 90 F Private
Barry John 81 F Corporal
Barry John 37 F Private
Barry John 38 F Private
Barry John 82 F Private
Barry John 75 F Private
Barry John 82 F Private
Barry John 75 F Private
Barry John 1/10 F Private
Barry John 1 MF Private
Barry John 1/6 F Corporal
Barry John 32 F Private
Barry John 80 F Private
Barry John 1 Bo EF Private
Barry John 8/2 RA Gunner
Barry Martin 1/24 F Private
Barry Michael 1/10 F Private
Barry Michael 14 D Private
Barry Michael 1 MF Private
Barry Michael 1/8 F Sergeant
Barry Michael 1/8 F Private
Barry Michael 1/60 R Private
Barry Michael 1/60 R Private
Barry Michael 54 F Private
Barry Patrick 53 F Private
Barry Patrick 83 F Private
Barry Patrick 88 F Corporal
Barry Patrick 1 Bo EF Private
Barry Phillip 83 F Private
Barry Richard 29 F Private
Barry Richard 52 F Private
Barry Richard 64 F Private
Barry Richard 2 Be EF Private
Barry Robert 84 F Lieutenant
Barry Thomas 73 F Private
Barry Thomas 87 F Private
Barry Thomas 53 F Private
Barry Thomas Stawell 86 F Assistant Surgeon
Barry Timothy 1/20 F Private
Barry William 1/8 F Private
Barry William 83 F Private
Barry William 53 F Private
Barry William 1 Bo EF Private
Barry William 3 Bo EI Private
Barry William Henry 73 F Captain
Barry William Wigham RA Stf Captain & Brevet Major
Barsley Jonathan 70 F Private
Barsley William 82 F Private
Barson James Swan 73 F Colour Sergeant
Barstow Samuel 1/6 F Private
Bartaram Ambrose 52 F Private
Barter Henry R. 90 F Sergeant
Barter James 8 H Trumpeter
Barter Richard 1/7 F Captain
Barter William 83 F Private
Bartholomew George C. 1/10 F Lieutenant
Bartholomew John 70 F Corporal
Bartholomew Joseph 2 MT Private
Bartholomew Joseph 1/60 R Private
Bartholomew William 54 F Private
Barthorp Frederick 14 D Private
Barthy David 1 MF Sergeant
Bartie John 88 F Corporal
Bartington Richard 3 RB Private
Bartle George 3 MF Private
Bartleman James 7 H Private
Bartlett Charles 34 F Private
Bartlett David 6/14 RA Gunner
Bartlett George 37 F Private
Bartlett James 1/10 F Private
Bartlett Jonas 1/8 F Private
Bartlett Joseph 1/13 F Sergeant
Bartlett Thomas 3 RB Private
Bartlett William 95 F Private
Bartlett William 1/20 F Private
Bartley James 87 F Private
Bartley John 2/60 R Private
Bartley John 1 Be EF Private
Bartley Robert 84 F Private
Bartley William John 37 F Private
Barton Alfred 1/5 F Private
Barton Edward 53 F Private
Barton Henry 12 L Private
Barton James 1/24 F Private
Barton John 97 F Private
Barton John 3 RB Private
Barton John 64 F Private
Barton Joseph 54 F Private
Barton Joseph 95 F Private
Barton Thomas 2 RB Private
Barton Thomas D RHA Gunner
Barton William 3 RB Bugler
Barton William 2 Be EF Private
Bartram Christopher R. 52 F Private
Bartram William 52 F Private
Bartrum William 52 F Sergeant
Bartrupth Charles 1/8 F Private
Barty John 42 F Private
Barty Joseph 32 F Private
Barwick James 1/8 F Private
Barwig George 1/20 F Private
Barwise John 6/13 RA Farrier Sergeant
Barzendale Edward 6/13 RA Shoeing Smith
Basdell George 12 L Private
Basden John 82 F Private
Baseley Daniel John 38 F Corporal
Basely George 1 Bo EF Private
Basford Alfred 8 H Private
Basford Francis 43 F Private
Basford James 1/10 F Private
Baskerville John 17 L Private
Basketfield Benjamin 97 F Private
Basley Patrick 3 Bo EI Private
Bass Isaac 1 MF Private
Bassam Joseph 70 F Private
Bassano Alfred 32 F Captain
Basset Gustavus Lambert 72 F Lieutenant
Bassett Henry 2 RB Private
Bassett James 32 F Private
Bassett James 2/13 RA Gunner
Bassett Noah 52 F Private
Bassett Robert 17 L Private
Bassett William 53 F Private
Bassett William 8/2 RA Gunner
Bassford Thomas 1/8 F Private
Bassford Walter 29 F Private
Bastable Edward 1/60 R Private
Bastable James 1/8 F Private
Bastard Joseph Shannon Able Seaman
Bastin T Lah LH Private
Bastiville William 1/8 F Private
Baston Thomas 83 F Private
Bastow John 1/13 F Private
Bastowe John 1/20 F Private
Batcheler Horatio Pettus 80 F Lieutenant
Batchell George 14 D Private
Batchellor James 4/14 RA Collar Maker
Batchelor Frederick 14 D Private
Batchelor Frederick 2/60 R Private
Batchelor Henry 1/23 F Private
Batchelor John Shannon Gunner R.M.A.
Batchelor Stephen 3/14 RA Bombardier
Batchelor William 1/60 R Private
Bate Clifford 9 L Sergeant
Bate Francis 3/11 RA Gunner
Bate William 17 L Private
Bate William 38 F Private
Bate William Henry 14 D Private
Bateley William 1/11 RA Gunner
Bately Stephen 52 F Private
Bateman Charles 42 F Private
Bateman Charles C Corps Private
Bateman Daniel 1/60 R Private
Bateman David 71 F Private
Bateman George 34 F Private
Bateman Henry 32 F Private
Bateman Issac 3 Bo EI Private
Bateman John 86 F Private
Bateman Riley 3 RB Private
Bateman Robert 81 F Private
Bateman Rowland 64 F Lieutenant
Bateman William 3 RB Private
Bateman William 73 F Private
Bateman William 2 Be EF Private
Batersby Joseph 2 DG Lance Sergeant
Bates Aaron Shannon Leading Seaman
Bates Alfred 95 F Private
Bates George 53 F Private
Bates George 3 RB Private
Bates George 78 F Private
Bates George 32 F Private
Bates Henry C Corps Private
Bates Henry 3 RB Private
Bates Henry 3 RB Private
Bates Henry 2 RB Private
Bates Henry E RHA Gunner
Bates James 7 H Private
Bates John 37 F Private
Bates John 83 F Private
Bates John 93 F Armourer Sergeant
Bates John 2 RB Private
Bates John 1 Be EF Private
Bates Joseph 14 D Private
Bates Joseph 61 F Private
Bates Joseph 81 F Private
Bates Joseph 42 F Private
Bates Mathew 87 F Private
Bates Samuel 52 F Private
Bates Thomas 1/6 F Private
Bates Thomas 61 F Private
Bates Thomas 75 F Private
Bates William Pearl Gunner R.M.A.
Bates William 64 F Private
Bates William 52 F Private
Bates William 53 F Private
Bates William 1 Bo EF Private
Bateson John 54 F Private
Batham William 17 L Private
Bathgate Ronald 42 F Private
Batho Henry 32 F Private
Bathurst James 1/60 R Private
Batley Richard 86 F Private
Batley Walter 52 F Private
Batman Joseph 1/8 F Corporal
Batson Charles 1/5 F Private
Batson William 1/8 F Sergeant
Batt Edward 7 H Private
Batt George 1/6 F Private
Batt John 70 F Private
Batt William 7/14 RA Gunner or Driver
Batteley Thomas 2 DG Corporal
Batten Charles 95 F Private
Batten Charles 1/23 F Corporal
Batten Joseph Shannon Carpenter's Crew
Batten William 6/13 RA Gunner or Driver
Batterbury Henry 90 F Private
Batters Silas Shannon Able Seaman
Battersbee Joseph 3 RB Private
Battersby John 87 F Private
Battersby Robert 35 F Private
Battersby William 8/14 RA Gunner or Driver
Battin William 73 F Private
Battison Thomas 12 L Private
Battle James 1 MF Private
Battle Michael 90 F Private
Battley George E RHA Gunner
Batty George 5/13 RA Gunner
Batty Joseph 6 DG Corporal
Battye Mont. McPherson 1/10 F Lieutenant
Baucan Edward 61 F Private
Bauckham Thomas 9 L Private
Baugh Charles E RHA Collar Maker
Baughan William 14 D Private
Baum Frederick 84 F Private
Baumgartner Thomas Mowbray 83 F Captain
Bauston William 2 Be EF Private
Bavister John 1/20 F Private
Baxendale William 1/8 F Private
Baxindine George 1/6 F Private
Baxter Adam 38 F Private
Baxter Alexander 1/60 R Private
Baxter Alexander 64 F Private
Baxter Andrew 92 F Private
Baxter Benjamin 1 MF Private
Baxter Benjamin 71 F Sergeant
Baxter David 92 F Private
Baxter Edward 61 F Private
Baxter Henderson 37 F Sergeant
Baxter Henry 81 F Private
Baxter Henry 2 RB Private
Baxter Isaac 34 F Private
Baxter James 79 F Private
Baxter James 3 Bo EI Private
Baxter John 1/5 F Private
Baxter John 83 F Private
Baxter John 42 F Private
Baxter John 82 F Private
Baxter John 74 F Private
Baxter R.H. La Mar Pupil
Baxter Robert 93 F Private
Baxter Robert 1/10 F Private
Baxter Samuel 82 F Private
Baxter Samuel 54 F Sergeant
Baxter Samuel 81 F Private
Baxter Samuel 53 F Private
Baxter Thomas 83 F Private
Baxter Thomas 37 F Corporal
Baxter William 1 MF Private
Baxter William 92 F Private
Baxter William 81 F Private
Baxter William E RHA Corporal
Bayfield John 6 DG Private
Bayfield Robert 43 F Sergeant
Bayles Frederick 1/20 F Private
Bayles William 81 F Private
Bayley Charles 80 F Sergeant
Bayley John 2 RB Private
Bayley John 64 F Private
Bayley John Arthur 52 F Brevet Major
Bayley William 64 F Private
Bayley William Stafford 1 MF Lieutenant
Baylis Charles 35 F Private
Baylis John 54 F Private
Baylis William 81 F Private
Bayliss Daniel 1/23 F Corporal
Bayliss Edward 64 F Private
Bayliss John 8/14 RA Gunner or Driver
Bayliss Joseph 80 F Private
Bayliss Thomas 81 F Private
Bayly Alexander Ross 1/8 F Lieutenant
Bayly Richard Kerr 42 F Lieutenant
Bayly Vere Temple 54 F Lieutenant
Bayly Walter Douglas 38 F Lieutenant
Bayly William 1/8 F Captain
Bayne George 11 RE Sapper
Bayne John 61 F Private
Bayne Menzies 54 F Private
Baynes George Edward 1/8 F Captain
Baynes Henry J. Le Marchant 88 F Captain
Baynes Robert Stuart 1/8 F Captain
Baynton Henry 97 F Private
Bazalgette Evelyn 95 F Captain
Bazalgette James Arnold 42 F Paymaster
Bazalgette William Joseph 37 F Captain
Bazeley William 2/13 RA Gunner
Bazill George 38 F Private
Beach James 5/3 RA Gunner
Beacham John 3 MF Hospital Sergeant
Beacroft Frederick Shannon Able Seaman
Bead Benjamin 5/3 RA Gunner
Beadle Edward 80 F Drummer
Beadle Frederick Shannon Ordinary Seaman
Beadle James 3 RB Private
Beadle James 2 DG Private
Beadman Thomas 2 RB Private
Beadon R Lah LH Cornet
Beagan James 72 F Corporal
Beagley Frederick 90 F Private
Beagley George 4 RE Sapper
Beagley Jesse 6 DG Private
Beahan James 6 DG Corporal
Beake Charles 29 F Private
Beake Stephen C Corps Private
Beake Thomas 6 DG Private
Beal Joseph 1/60 R Private
Beal William 1/60 R Sergeant
Beal William 79 F Private
Beale James 1/8 F Private
Beale John 1 MF Corporal
Beale John 80 F Private
Beale Percy 1/10 F Lieutenant & Adjutant
Beale Robert Henry 53 F Assistant Surgeon
Beale Thomas 1 Bo EF Private
Beale William Shannon Ordinary Seaman
Beale William 34 F Private
Beales George 90 F Private
Bealey Robert 90 F Private
Beamer Thomas 1/23 F Private
Beamish William 32 F Sergeant
Beamish William Henry S. 14 D Lieutenant
Beams Henry 34 F Private
Bean Edward 53 F Private
Bean John 73 F Private
Bean William 37 F Private
Bean William 95 F Private
Bean William 2 Be EF Private
Beane Thomas 70 F Private
Beaney George 87 F Private
Beaney John 7 H Private
Beaney William 2 MT Private
Bear Alfred 1/8 F Private
Bear Charles 6 DG Private
Bear Thomas F RHA Driver
Bearce William 34 F Private
Bearcroft William 2 Be EF Private
Beard Alfred E RHA Gunner
Beard George 97 F Corporal
Beard George 80 F Private
Beard Hans 2/13 RA Gunner
Beard James 1/60 R Private
Beard James 2 RB Private
Beard Joel 38 F Private
Beard Joseph E RHA Driver
Beard Paul 1/20 F Private
Beard Robert 27 F Private
Beardsall Edward 64 F Private
Beardshall George 34 F Corporal
Beardsley Thomas 2/60 R Private
Beardwell John 7 H Private
Beare Daniel 53 F Colour Sergeant
Beare Henry 53 F Drummer
Beare William 53 F Private
Bearens James 2 Be EF Private
Bearne Andrew 29 F Private
Beartie Edward 93 F Private
Bearup James 64 F Corporal
Beary Jeremiah 1/5 F Private
Beary Thomas 64 F Private
Beary Thomas 53 F Private
Beash Henry 2/60 R Private
Beasley Frederick 14 D Private
Beasley Henry 34 F Private
Beasley James 3 RB Sergeant
Beasley James 3 RB Private
Beasley James 35 F Private
Beasley John 3 RB Private
Beasley John 2 RB Private
Beasley John 21 RE Sapper
Beasley Joseph Noble 87 F Lieutenant
Beaston John 1 MF Private
Beatey William 3 RB Private
Beath Alexander 93 F Private
Beath Alexander 79 F Private
Beath Francis 37 F Private
Beaton Allan 93 F Private
Beaton Donald 92 F Private
Beaton Walter 3/8 RA Corporal
Beaton William 72 F Piper
Beatson James 90 F Private
Beattie Alexander 93 F Private
Beattie Daniel 73 F Private
Beattie George 21 RE Sapper
Beattie John 42 F Private
Beattie John 93 F Corporal
Beattie Thomas 53 F Private
Beatty George 27 F Private
Beatty James 27 F Private
Beatty James 34 F Private
Beatty John 27 F Colour Sergeant
Beatty John 35 F Private
Beatty John 1/13 F Private
Beatty Martin 27 F Colour Sergeant
Beatty William 4 RE 2nd Corporal
Beatty William 54 F Private
Beauchamp Alphonso 3 MF Private
Beauchop James 79 F Private
Beaufoy Charles 1/8 F Assistant Surgeon
Beaumont Frederick Edward Blackett 4 RE Lieutenant
Beaumont George 9 L Private
Beaumont Henry 32 F Colour Sergeant
Beaumont James 1 MF Private
Beaumont Walter Henry 1 MF Lieutenant
Beaver Thomas 2 RB Private
Beazley George Shannon Able Seaman
Beazley George Gant 83 F Lieutenant
Beazley John 1 Be EF Private
Beck Forister 37 F Sergeant
Beck Henry 1 Be EF Private
Beck James 27 F Private
Beck John 34 F Private
Beck John 5/13 RA Driver
Beck Thomas Shannon Able Seaman
Beck Thomas 1/5 F Private
Becke John 84 F Private
Becker Christopher 1 Bo EF Private
Becker Joseph 9 L Private
Beckerton Joseph 97 F Private
Becket George 53 F Private
Beckett James 1/13 F Private
Beckett John 84 F Private
Beckett John 6 DG Private
Beckett John 80 F Private
Beckett Thomas 6 DG Private
Beckett William 3 RB Private
Beckett William 34 F Private
Beckingham Lazarus 1/23 F Private
Beckley James 9 L Corporal
Beckley John 73 F Private
Beckley Thomas 38 F Private
Beckton Patrick 1/10 F Private
Beckwith Samuel 84 F Private
Beckwith Thomas 75 F Private
Beddeck Christopher Hellyer 1 MF Lieutenant
Beddell Henry 35 F Private
Bedder Henry 14 D Private
Beddows Samuel 53 F Private
Bedell William 3 RB Private
Bedford C. 3 Bo EI Hospital Apprentice
Bedford Charles 6 DG Quartermaster Sergeant
Bedford Edwin 14 D Private
Bedford George 82 F Sergeant
Bedford Henry G/11 RA Gunner
Bedford James 1/20 F Private
Bedford John 72 F Drummer
Bedford John 82 F Sergeant
Bedford Joseph 7 H Private
Bedford Louis Henry 37 F Captain
Bedford Reuben 1/5 F Private
Bedford W. 3 Bo EI Hospital Apprentice
Bedford William 2 RB Private
Bedford William 3 RB Private
Bedford William 3 RB Private
Bedingfield Francis William 3 MF Lieutenant
Bedsford James 61 F Private
Bedworth Thomas 8 H Private
Bee Christopher 83 F Private
Bee John 32 F Private
Bee Thomas 3 RB Private
Beebe Samuel 1/6 F Private
Beeby Daniel 84 F Private
Beech Frederick 95 F Private
Beech John 2 DG Private
Beech John 1/8 F Private
Beech John 2/13 RA Gunner
Beech Robert 1/6 F Private
Beecham William H. 9 L Corporal
Beeche Alfred 83 F Private
Beechy Henry 9 L Private
Beechy James 1/23 F Private
Beeck Joseph 37 F Private
Beedle Edward 1 Be EF Private
Beedle George 1/6 F Orderly Room Clerk
Beedle William 1/13 F Private
Beedleston John 38 F Corporal
Beehan Martin 75 F Private
Beehan Peter 83 F Private
Beeho Charles 1/4 F Private
Beenham Edward 43 F Private
Beer Edward Charles 2/60 R Private
Beer George 37 F Corporal
Beer George 81 F Private
Beer George 23 RE Sapper
Beer James 61 F Private
Beer John 1/13 F Private
Beer John 1/23 F Paymaster Sergeant
Beer Robert 81 F Corporal
Beer Robert Cook 1/24 F Private
Beer Silas 4/14 RA Gunner
Beer William 37 F Private
Beerd William Henry 1/13 F Colour Sergeant
Beere Charles R. 1/13 F Colour Sergeant
Beere Daniel 1/8 F Captain
Bees Richard 1/8 F Private
Beesley George 1/60 R Private
Beesley Robert 73 F Private
Beesley Thomas G. 9 L Corporal
Beeson William 74 F Private
Beesting Walter 64 F Private
Beet Richard 2 DG Private
Beetal Richard 3 Bo EI Drummer
Beeth William 71 F Private
Beetham John 2/13 RA Sergeant
Beetison John 14 D Corporal
Beetles Thomas 73 F Private
Beetles William 78 F Corporal
Beettam Edward 17 L Private
Beevers William 52 F Private
Begbie John 79 F Private
Begent Alfred 38 F Private
Begg William 72 F Private
Beggan Hugh 83 F Private
Beggan James 83 F Private
Beggs David 1/13 F Private
Beggs John 27 F Private
Beggs John 27 F Private
Beggs Joseph 2 Be EF Private
Beggs Robert 86 F Private
Beggs Thomas 3 MF Private
Beggs William 27 F Private
Begley George 97 F Sergeant
Begley John 2/60 R Private
Begley Michael 83 F Private
Begley Thomas 2 DG Private
Begley Thomas 75 F Private
Begley Thomas 34 F Private
Begley William 70 F Private
Beh Samuel 2 DG Private
Behan Daniel 2 RB Private
Behan James 38 F Private
Behan Thomas 1 Bo EF Corporal
Behen Joseph 79 F Private
Behen Patrick 88 F Private
Behen Timothy 88 F Private
Behenna Robert 53 F Private
Behennah James Shannon Able Seaman
Beirn Martin 38 F Private
Beirne Francis 87 F Private
Beirnes Mathew 1 Be EF Sergeant
Beisled James 93 F Private
Beith John 1 MF Private
Beker Henry 1/60 R Private
Belch George 61 F Private
Belchamp Henry 82 F Private
Belcher John 3 RB Private
Belcher John 1/23 F Private
Belcher John 2 RB Private
Belcher Robert Shannon Gunner R.M.A.
Belden Samuel 1/5 F Private
Beldham John 70 F Sergeant Major
Belding Henry 1/20 F Private
Beles Frederick 1/5 F Private
Belford James 71 F Corporal
Belford James 71 F Private
Belfrage Alexander 1/10 F Private
Bell Andrew 6/13 RA Sergeant
Bell Archibald 74 F Private
Bell Archibald Hamilton 3/4 RA Lieutenant
Bell Charles 75 F Private
Bell Charles 74 F Private
Bell Charles 1/20 F Private
Bell David 79 F Private
Bell David 72 F Private
Bell David 79 F Private
Bell Duncan 80 F Private
Bell Edward 2 RB Private
Bell Edward 1/24 F Private
Bell Edward William Deddington 1/23 F Lieutenant Colonel
Bell Edwin 1/23 F Drummer
Bell Felix E RHA Gunner
Bell Francis A MHA Gunner
Bell George 34 F Private
Bell George 2 RB Private
Bell George 6 DG Private
Bell George 72 F Private
Bell George 93 F Private
Bell George 90 F Corporal
Bell George 2 Be EF Private
Bell George 5/3 RA Collar Maker
Bell George F. 5/12 RA Corporal
Bell Henry 27 F Private
Bell Henry 82 F Private
Bell Hugh 54 F Private
Bell James Shannon Able Seaman
Bell James 71 F Private
Bell James 8 H Private
Bell James 1 MF Private
Bell James 42 F Private
Bell James 1 MF Private
Bell James 78 F Drummer
Bell James 86 F Private
Bell James 38 F Private
Bell James 54 F Private
Bell James 72 F Private
Bell James 1 Be EF Private
Bell James 1 Bo EF Private
Bell James Huntley 7 H Corporal
Bell James Nicholas 93 F Assistant Surgeon
Bell John Shannon Ordinary Seaman
Bell John 80 F Private
Bell John 93 F Private
Bell John 78 F Private
Bell John 1/20 F Drummer
Bell John 1/23 F Private
Bell John 1 Be EF Private
Bell John 7/14 RA Gunner or Driver
Bell John Charles 53 F Lieutenant
Bell Joseph 1/5 F Private
Bell Joseph 38 F Sergeant
Bell Joseph 93 F Private
Bell Joseph 27 F Private
Bell Joseph 3/14 RA Gunner
Bell Mark 6/14 RA Sergeant
Bell Matthew 1/4 F Private
Bell Matthew 70 F Lieutenant
Bell Norris 2 RB Private
Bell Richard 75 F Private
Bell Richard 81 F Private
Bell Robert 92 F Private
Bell Robert 35 F Private
Bell Robert 12 L Private
Bell Robert 3 MF Private
Bell Robert 34 F Private
Bell Robert 71 F Private
Bell Robert 74 F Private
Bell Robert 1/4 F Private
Bell Samuel 3 MF Private
Bell Samuel 1/8 F Private
Bell Samuel 27 F Private
Bell Sydney William 81 F Ensign
Bell Thomas 3 MF Private
Bell Thomas 32 F Private
Bell Thomas 75 F Private
Bell Thomas 42 F Private
Bell Thomas 7 H Riding Master
Bell Thomas A. 3 MF Drummer
Bell Thomas Williamson 75 F Private
Bell Whiteford John 74 F Lieutenant
Bell William 8 H Private
Bell William 74 F Private
Bell William 74 F Corporal
Bell William 82 F Private
Bell William 42 F Private
Bell William 79 F Private
Bell William 79 F Private
Bell William 3 Bo EI Private
Bell William 56 F Ensign
Bellam William 1/20 F Private
Bellamey John 1 MF Private
Bellamore Timothy 1 Be EF Sergeant Major
Bellamy John 2 RB Sergeant
Bellass John 32 F Private
Bellchamber Elvin Pearl Able Seaman
Bellett Thomas 2 RB Private
Belling Henry 27 F Schoolmaster
Bellinger John 90 F Private
Bellinger William 3 RB Private
Bellinger William 2 RB Private
Bellman Edward 21 RE Sapper
Bell-Martin Arthur Gonne 9 L Lieutenant
Bells Dugald 80 F Private
Belm Robert 61 F Private
Belsham James 1/20 F Private
Belsham John 82 F Private
Belshaw Henry 34 F Private
Belson William 54 F Sergeant
Belson William 90 F Private
Belton Henry 37 F Private
Belton John 54 F Private
Belts John 1/6 F Colour Sergeant
Benbow Charles 1/23 F Corporal
Benbrook Thomas 3 RB Private
Bencroft Patrick 2 RB Private
Bendal George 97 F Private
Bendal James 1/20 F Private
Bendall Robert 38 F Private
Bendell Alfred 81 F Private
Bending Ezekial D RHA Driver
Bendle Stephen 1/23 F Corporal
Bendock Joseph 1/20 F Private
Bendon Lewis 1 Be EF Private
Benett Thomas 1/11 RA Bombardier
Beney John F RHA Driver
Benfield George 3/11 RA Gunner
Benfield Henry W. 9 L Private
Benford Alfred 34 F Sergeant
Benford Frederick 8 H Private
Benham John 84 F Colour Sergeant
Benham John 3/11 RA Gunner
Benham Thomas 14 D Private
Benham William 1/60 R Private
Benison Alexander 64 F Lieutenant
Benison James 6 DG Sergeant
Benison Jonathan 95 F Captain
Benjafield George 81 F Corporal
Benjamin James 1 Bo EF Private
Benjiman David 53 F Private
Benn Mark 2 RB Corporal
Bennell George 9 L Private
Bennet Edward 93 F Private
Bennet Henry Pearl Able Seaman
Bennet Henry 92 F Private
Bennet John 92 F Private
Bennett Daniel 2 RB Private
Bennett David 78 F Private
Bennett Edward 43 F Private
Bennett Edward 3 Bo EI Corporal
Bennett Edwin 78 F Sergeant
Bennett Florence 88 F Private
Bennett Frederick 2/13 RA Corporal
Bennett Frederick 3 Bo EI Private
Bennett Frederick J. 38 F Private
Bennett George 2 DG Private
Bennett George 90 F Sergeant
Bennett George 82 F Private
Bennett George 34 F Private
Bennett George 64 F Private
Bennett George 73 F Private
Bennett George 1 MF Private
Bennett George 1/6 F Private
Bennett George 1/20 F Private
Bennett George 80 F Private
Bennett George 1/20 F Captain
Bennett Henry 17 L Corporal
Bennett Henry 75 F Private
Bennett Henry 73 F Private
Bennett Henry Elkins 32 F Lieutenant
Bennett Henry J. 82 F Sergeant
Bennett James 12 L Private
Bennett James 3 RB Private
Bennett James 1/5 F Private
Bennett James 80 F Private
Bennett James 1 Bo EF Private
Bennett John 14 D Private
Bennett John 3 MF Private
Bennett John 73 F Private
Bennett John 90 F Private
Bennett John 1/24 F Private
Bennett John 42 F Private
Bennett John 78 F Private
Bennett John 38 F Private
Bennett John 1/20 F Private
Bennett John 1 Be EF Private
Bennett John 1 Bo EF Private
Bennett John 2 Be EF Private
Bennett Jonathan 1/5 F Private
Bennett Joseph 82 F Private
Bennett Martin 87 F Private
Bennett Matthew 9 L Private
Bennett Patrick 1 MF Private
Bennett Peter 83 F Private
Bennett Richard 43 F Private
Bennett Richard 8/14 RA Corporal
Bennett Samuel 1/13 F Private
Bennett Samuel 34 F Private
Bennett Silvester 1/10 F Private
Bennett Terence 1/6 F Private
Bennett Thomas 1/13 F Private
Bennett Thomas 1/6 F Sergeant
Bennett Thomas 61 F Drummer
Bennett Thomas 54 F Private
Bennett Thomas 43 F Private
Bennett Thomas 27 F Private
Bennett Thomas 1/23 F Private
Bennett Thomas 2 RB Private
Bennett Thomas 14 D Quartermaster
Bennett Thomas 7/14 RA Sergeant
Bennett William 53 F Private
Bennett William 17 L Private
Bennett William Shannon Quartermaster
Bennett William 6 DG Private
Bennett William 1/5 F Private
Bennett William 64 F Private
Bennett William 37 F Private
Bennett William 90 F Corporal
Bennett William 34 F Drummer
Bennett William 80 F Private
Bennett William C Corps Private
Bennett William 80 F Sergeant
Bennett William 73 F Private
Bennett William 1/13 F Private
Bennett William 2 Be EF Private
Benneworth Robert 84 F Private
Benneworth Robert 1/8 F Private
Bennington Peter Pearl Gunner R.M.A.
Benns Robert 3 Bo EI Sergeant
Benskin George 1/5 F Private
Bensley William 1/5 F Private
Benson David 78 F Private
Benson Henry Roxby 17 L Lieutenant Colonel
Benson James 2 DG Private
Benson James 80 F Private
Benson John 3/11 RA Driver
Benson N Lah LH Private
Benson Richard 1/60 R Private
Benson Richard 75 F Private
Benson Thomas 2/60 R Private
Benson William 90 F Private
Benstead George 1 Be EF Corporal
Bent Richard 1/13 F Private
Bentley Charles 3 RB Corporal
Bentley David 1/60 R Private
Bentley Duke 81 F Private
Bentley John 17 L Private
Bentley John 84 F Private
Bentley Joseph 80 F Private
Bentley Robert 84 F Private
Bentley Thomas 32 F Private
Bentley Thomas 1/24 F Private
Bentley Thomas 87 F Private
Bentley William 34 F Private
Bentley William 9 L Trumpeter
Bentley William 81 F Private
Bentley William 1/23 F Corporal
Bently Henry 54 F Private
Bently William C. 53 F Private
Benton David 1/20 F Corporal
Benton Isaac 2 RB Private
Benton John 1/20 F Private
Benton William 1/23 F Private
Benzie George 42 F Pipe Major
Berens John Pearl Able Seaman
Beresford Harvey 2 DG Private
Beresford James 2 DG Sergeant
Beresford John 88 F Private
Beresford M. de le Poer 72 F Lieutenant
Berford James 61 F Private
Berford Nicholas 61 F Private
Bergan Denis 87 F Private
Bergan John 83 F Private
Bergan Patrick 87 F Private
Bergan Patrick 38 F Private
Bergin Denis 1/60 R Private
Bergin Mathew 1/6 F Private
Bergin MIchael 2 Be EF Private
Bergum James 82 F Private
Berhagra Jeremiah 64 F Private
Berighan James 43 F Private
Berkeley Charles Assheton FitzH. 32 F Lieutenant Colonel
Berkerry Francis 3 MF Drummer
Berkley Samuel 1/8 F Corporal
Bermingham Patrick 75 F Private
Bern Thomas 3 MF Private
Bernard William 93 F Private
Berne Andrew 1/60 R Sergeant
Berners Herbert Johnes 43 F Lieutenant
Berr Henry 1/13 F Private
Berridge Charles 7/14 RA Gunner or Driver
Berridge George 70 F Corporal
Berridge Joseph 2 RB Private
Berrie Alexander 71 F Corporal
Berriman Charles 14 D Private
Berriman Obadiah 14 D Private
Berriman William 14 D Private
Berrow John 14 D Corporal
Berry Abraham 53 F Private
Berry Alfred 1/8 F Corporal
Berry Alfred 90 F Private
Berry Cornelius 43 F Private
Berry David 75 F Private
Berry Edward 8 H Private
Berry Edward 90 F Orderly Room Sergeant
Berry Edward Ring 61 F Lieutenant
Berry Eli 90 F Private
Berry Garrett Shannon Able Seaman
Berry George 3 RB Private
Berry George 1/23 F Private
Berry George Frederick 1/24 F Captain
Berry Henry 35 F Private
Berry James 2 RB Private
Berry John 79 F Private
Berry John 8 H Private
Berry John 1 MF Private
Berry John 87 F Private
Berry John 37 F Private
Berry Joseph 7 H Private
Berry Mark George 73 F Sergeant
Berry Murdoch 79 F Private
Berry Peter 83 F Private
Berry Peter 97 F Private
Berry Robert 3 Bo EI Private
Berry Thomas 73 F Sergeant
Berry Thomas 1 MF Private
Berry Thomas 53 F Private
Berry Thomas 38 F Private
Berry Thomas Randolph 1/24 F Drummer
Berry William 8 H Private
Berry William 6/14 RA Gunner
Berry William 35 F Private
Berry William 35 F Private
Berry William 1/24 F Private
Berry William 1 Be EF Private
Berry William E. 80 F Private
Berry William John 90 F Private
Bertauch Thomas de la 88 F Sergeant
Bertie Vere Clinton 1 MF Lieutenant
Bertram George 78 F Colour Sergeant
Berwick Alfred 37 F Private
Berwick George 8 H Private
Berwick John 29 F Private
Besant James 61 F Private
Bescoe John 1 MF Private
Besford Thomas 83 F Private
Besley James 27 F Corporal
Besley Joseph 81 F Private
Bessell John 17 L Sergeant
Bessick John 87 F Private
Best C Lah LH Private
Best Charles 2 RB Private
Best George 14 D Private
Best George Hollings 92 F Lieutenant
Best Harry 2/60 R Private
Best Henry 71 F Private
Best John 90 F Private
Best John 1 MF Private
Best John 95 F Private
Best John William 73 F Drummer
Best Joseph 3/11 RA Gunner
Best Mawdistly Gaussen 34 F Captain
Best Theophilus E RHA Gunner
Best Thomas 2 DG Private
Best Thomas E RHA Gunner
Best Thomas Charles Hardinge 72 F Captain
Best William 6 DG Private
Best William 82 F Private
Best William 35 F Private
Best William 1 Bo EF Private
Bestick Patrick 52 F Private
Bestick Patrick 86 F Private
Beston John 1 Bo EF Private
Bestow Frederick 14 D Private
Beswick John 75 F Private
Beswick William 53 F Private
Betcheley George 3 RB Orderly Room Clerk
Bethel Francis 64 F Sergeant
Bethel William Henry 64 F Sergeant
Bethell George 34 F Corporal
Bethell Joseph 81 F Drummer
Bethell Matthew 52 F Corporal
Bethell Thomas 1/23 F Private
Bethune Charles Eversfield 5/12 RA Lieutenant
Bethune John 4 RE Sapper
Bethune Robert 92 F Captain
Betnay George 1/6 F Drummer
Betson Louis 64 F Corporal
Betson William 1/10 F Lieutenant
Bett William 78 F Private
Bettany Arthur 3 Bo EI Private
Betteridge George 3 MF Private
Betteridge Uriah 82 F Private
Betteridge William 2 DG Private
Bettington John 73 F Corporal
Bettis Stephen 5/13 RA Gunner
Bettles John 1/20 F Private
Bettney William 1 Be EF Private
Betton Henry 53 F Private
Bettridge Thomas 7/14 RA Gunner or Driver
Bettridge William 34 F Private
Betts Alfred 6 DG Private
Betts Edward 1/5 F Private
Betts James 37 F Colour Sergeant
Betts Robert 92 F Private
Betts Walter 95 F Private
Betts William 9 L Private
Betty Richard 72 F Private
Betty William Thomas 6 DG Captain
Bevan David 7 H Private
Bevan Henry 1/8 F Sergeant
Bevan John 79 F Private
Bevan Joseph 12 L Private
Bevan Walter R. 32 F Private
Beveridge Alexander 92 F Private
Beveridge Alexander Watt 78 F Assistant Surgeon
Beveridge Andrew 78 F Private
Beveridge James 14 D Private
Beveridge James 72 F Private
Beveridge John 1 MF Private
Beveridge Thomas G. 1/13 F Private
Beveridge Walter 6 DG Sergeant
Beveridge William 6/11 RA Gunner or Driver
Beverley Samuel 95 F Private
Bevers Joseph 6 DG Private
Beverstock James 8/2 RA Gunner
Beverstock William 1/13 F Private
Bevil John 8 H Private
Bevis Alexander 1/13 F Sergeant
Bevis James 34 F Private
Bevis William 88 F Private
Bevis William Shannon Able Seaman
Bew Henry 35 F Private
Bewick John 3/11 RA Gunner
Bewsher William 1/20 F Private
Bex Charles 2 DG Private
Bexley James 90 F Private
Bexon John 1/8 F Private
Beyman James 74 F Private
Beynon William 90 F Private
Bezant Charles 54 F Private
Bias Anthony 3 MF Drummer
Bibby William 81 F Corporal
Bibby William 70 F Private
Bible John 34 F Private
Bickerstaff Henry 3 RB Private
Bickerstaff Robert 6 DG Major
Bickerstaff Thomas 6/13 RA Wheeler
Bickerton George 1/24 F Sergeant
Bickett John 1 Bo EF Private
Bickford Robert 7/14 RA Gunner or Driver
Bickmore Frederick 3 RB Private
Bickmore Henry 1 MF Private
Bicknell Herman 81 F Assistant Surgeon
Bidder Stephen 1/8 F Private
Biddle John Mathew 8 H Lieutenant
Biddle Nathaniel 12 L Private
Biddle Thomas James 1/8 F Assistant Surgeon
Biddulph Robert RA Stf Lieutenant
Biddulph Rupert 38 F Private
Bidmead Charles 3 RB Private
Bidwell William 3 RB Private
Bigge Thomas Scovill 1/5 F Captain
Bigger Charles 90 F Private
Biggerstaff John 17 L Private
Biggin Hugh 71 F Private
Biggins Thomas 97 F Private
Biggs Alfred 2 MT Private
Biggs Alfred 97 F Private
Biggs Arthur John 2 Be EF Private
Biggs Charles 52 F Private
Biggs James 1 Be EF Private
Biggs Robert 88 F Private
Biggs Samuel 1/13 F Bugler
Biggs Sidney E RHA Gunner
Biggs William 3 RB Private
Bigham George 2 Be EF Private
Bigley Charles 21 RE Sapper
Bignal Henry 61 F Private
Bignell Charles 2 RB Private
Bigwood Abraham 2 Be EF Drummer
Biles Josiah 5/12 RA Bombardier
Biles Thomas 1/8 F Private
Bilford John 92 F Private
Billett Charles 9 L Corporal
Billett James 3 RB Private
Billett MIchael 2 Be EF Private
Billham John 52 F Private
Billham John 78 F Private
Billing Thomas 53 F Private
Billingham George 3 RB Private
Billingham Joseph 6 DG Private
Billings James 3 RB Private
Billings John 52 F Private
Billingsley Thomas 2/60 R Armourer Sergeant
Billington George 88 F Private
Billington George M. 1/4 F Lieutenant
Billington John 82 F Private
Billington John 74 F Private
Billington John 1 Bo EF Private
Billington Richard 97 F Private
Bills Francis 61 F Private
Billson John 82 F Private
Bilsland James 93 F Private
Bilson William 82 F Private
Bilton Frederick 1/20 F Private
Bingham George 38 F Private
Bingham George William Powlett 64 F Lieutenant Colonel
Bingham Henry 90 F Lieutenant
Bingham James 84 F Corporal
Bingham John 4 RE Sapper
Bingham John 70 F Private
Bingham Richard 1/23 F Private
Bingham Robert Leeke 1 Bo EF Lieutenant & Acting Q.M.
Bingham William 73 F Private
Bingham William 84 F Private
Bingham William 3 Bo EI Private
Bingle Charles 29 F Private
Binkhorne John 34 F Private
Binnie James 1/6 F Private
Binns James 34 F Private
Bintley William 7 H Sergeant
Birch Alexander John Colvin 1/24 F Lieutenant
Birch Charles 84 F Corporal
Birch John 1/23 F Private
Birch John 2 Be EF Steward
Birch Peter 87 F Private
Birch Thomas 3 RB Private
Birch Thomas 3 RB Private
Birch William 90 F Private
Birch Wyrley 88 F Lieutenant
Birchall John 80 F Private
Birchall William 56 F Private
Birchenough Mark 7 H Private
Birchenough William 90 F Private
Birchett John 88 F Private
Birchfield Richard 53 F Private
Birchfield William 73 F Private
Birchill Timothy 82 F Sergeant
Birchmore David Shannon Able Seaman
Bird Charles D RHA Driver
Bird Edwin 73 F Private
Bird George 1/5 F Private
Bird James 3 MF Private
Bird James 90 F Private
Bird James 80 F Private
Bird John 17 L Private
Bird John 95 F Private
Bird John 3 MF Corporal
Bird John 83 F Drummer
Bird John 52 F Private
Bird John 4/14 RA Gunner
Bird John 5/12 RA Gunner or Driver
Bird John 6/13 RA Corporal
Bird Joseph 52 F Private
Bird Joseph 1/4 F Private
Bird Joshua 83 F Private
Bird Michael 73 F Private
Bird Nathaniel 38 F Private
Bird Patrick 86 F Private
Bird Peter 1/6 F Private
Bird Reuben 73 F Corporal
Bird Robert Shannon Able Seaman
Bird Stephen 1/10 F Private
Bird Terence 27 F Private
Bird Thomas 88 F Private
Bird Thomas 88 F Private
Bird Thomas 34 F Private
Bird Thomas 90 F Private
Bird Walter 1 Be EF Private
Bird William 84 F Private
Bird William 6 DG Corporal
Bird William 2 MT Sergeant
Bird William 61 F Private
Bird William 34 F Private
Bird William 38 F Private
Bird William 90 F Private
Bird William Oliver 6 DG Captain
Birkett Edward 37 F Lieutenant
Birkett John 29 F Private
Birkett John 9/14 RA Gunner
Birkett John 32 F Private
Birkett Robert 29 F Private
Birkett William 81 F Private
Birks George 53 F Private
Birks John 78 F Private
Birks Joseph 2 DG Private
Birmingham Charles 52 F Private
Birmingham Henry 3 MF Private
Birmingham Henry T. 1/8 F Private
Birmingham John 2 DG Private
Birmingham John 3 Bo EI Private
Birmingham Michael 70 F Private
Birmingham Patrick 12 L Private
Birmingham Thomas 81 F Private
Birmingham William 90 F Private
Birnie Adam 93 F Corporal
Birnie James 72 F Corporal
Birrell John 83 F Corporal
Birrill Thomas 71 F Private
Birt Charles 82 F Private
Birt Charles 1/10 F Private
Birt Edward 6/14 RA Gunner
Birtwistle Henry 2/60 R Private
Bisgrove Henry 1/8 F Private
Bish William 1/20 F Private
Bishop Alfred 1/5 F Private
Bishop Alfred 38 F Private
Bishop Charles Pearl Leading Seaman
Bishop Edward 3 RB Private
Bishop George 9/14 RA Gunner
Bishop George 78 F Private
Bishop George 1/8 F Private
Bishop George John 3 RB Private
Bishop Henry 2/13 RA Gunner
Bishop J.G. 5/3 RA Gunner
Bishop James 3 MF Private
Bishop James 52 F Private
Bishop James 81 F Private
Bishop James H. 1/23 F Private
Bishop John Shannon Captain's Steward
Bishop John 93 F Private
Bishop John 37 F Private
Bishop John 4/14 RA Gunner
Bishop John C. 1/5 F Private
Bishop Joshua 1/23 F Corporal
Bishop Richard 1/5 F Drummer
Bishop Richard 1/23 F Private
Bishop Samuel 6/11 RA Gunner or Driver
Bishop Samuel C. 1/5 F Drummer
Bishop Thomas 1/60 R Corporal
Bishop Thomas 73 F Private
Bishop Thomas 81 F Private
Bishop Weston 3 RB Private
Bishop William 81 F Private
Bishop William 14 D Private
Bishop William 78 F Private
Bishop William 37 F Corporal
Bishop William 80 F Private
Bishop William D RHA Driver
Bishop William E RHA Sergeant
Bishopp John 9 L Corporal
Biss Allyn 12 L Private
Biss James 1/8 F Private
Biss Thomas 1/60 R Private
Biss William 1/8 F Private
Bissell Joseph 32 F Colour Sergeant
Bisset John 92 F Private
Bisset William 92 F Private
Bissett Joseph 6/14 RA Gunner
Bissett William 75 F Private
Bizley John 1/8 F Colour Sergeant
Blaber William 42 F Private
Blacher Charles 1/8 F Private
Black Abraham Shannon Able Seaman
Black Adam 1 Be EF Private
Black Alexander 64 F Private
Black Alexander 72 F Private
Black Alfred Godfrey 29 F Lieutenant
Black Archibald 79 F Private
Black Archibald 72 F Private
Black Charles 71 F Private
Black David 34 F Private
Black George 92 F Private
Black George 78 F Private
Black Henry 84 F Private
Black James 53 F Private
Black James 72 F Private
Black James 82 F Private
Black James 71 F Private
Black James 71 F Private
Black James 79 F Private
Black James 5/12 RA Gunner or Driver
Black James 7/14 RA Shoeing Smith
Black John 79 F Private
Black John 83 F Private
Black John 70 F Drum Major
Black John 42 F Sergeant
Black John 78 F Private
Black John 1 Bo EF Private
Black John 2 Be EF Private
Black John 3/14 RA Sergeant
Black Patrick 75 F Private
Black Robert 71 F Private
Black Ronald 42 F Private
Black Stewart 78 F Private
Black William 4 RE Sapper
Black William 72 F Private
Black William 71 F Corporal
Black William 88 F Private
Blackall Charles 9 L Private
Blackall Phillip 43 F Private
Blackbie Robert 42 F Corporal
Blackbourne John 34 F Private
Blackburn George 86 F Private
Blackburn George 61 F Private
Blackburn James 38 F Private
Blackburn John 2 RB Private
Blackburn William 88 F Private
Blackenny William 93 F Private
Blacker William 1/13 F Private
Blackett Charles Francis 2 RB Ensign
Blackett John 84 F Private
Blackett William 84 F Drummer
Blackford Isaac 43 F Corporal
Blackford Joseph 72 F Drummer
Blackhall Alexander 93 F Private
Blackhurst John 97 F Private
Blackie John 87 F Private
Blackie Thomas 79 F Private
Blackist John 73 F Private
Blacklan Robert 83 F Private
Blacklaw James 72 F Private
Blacklaw William 2 Be EF Private
Blackley John 1 Be EF Private
Blackley William 71 F Private
Blacklock John 43 F Private
Blackly John 71 F Private
Blackman George 3 RB Bugler
Blackman James 1/8 F Private
Blackman Richard 82 F Private
Blackman Samuel 82 F Private
Blackmore Benjamin 2/60 R Private
Blackmore George 1/20 F Private
Blackmore Joseph 2 RB Private
Blackmore Samuel 95 F Private
Blackmore William 87 F Private
Blackney Thomas 6/13 RA Gunner or Driver
Blackney William 64 F Private
Blackshaw John 38 F Private
Blackstone William Henry 9 L Private
Blackwall James 43 F Bugler
Blackwell Edward 3 RB Private
Blackwell Edward 6 DG Private
Blackwell Henry 1/8 F Corporal
Blackwell James 2 Be EF Private
Blackwell John 83 F Private
Blackwell John 1 MF Private
Blackwell Samuel 80 F Private
Blackwell Thomas 38 F Private
Blackwell Thomas 90 F Private
Blackwood Andrew 82 F Private
Blackwood David 72 F Private
Blackwood James 93 F Private
Blackwood James 1 Be EF Private
Blackwood John 78 F Private
Blackwood John 72 F Private
Blackwood John 71 F Sergeant
Blackwood Thomas 71 F Colour Sergeant
Blade Timothy 53 F Private
Bladen George 17 L Private
Blades Frederick 97 F Private
Blades Henry 14 D Private
Blades James Shannon Able Seaman
Blades Michael 75 F Private
Blades Thomas 1/10 F Private
Blagburn Thomas C Corps Sergeant
Blagden William 1/13 F Private
Blainey William 5/13 RA Bombardier
Blair AEneas Gordon 1/8 F Lieutenant
Blair Alexander 79 F Private
Blair Alexander 71 F Private
Blair Andrew 27 F Private
Blair Arthur Kindersley 71 F Lieutenant
Blair Charles Richard 2 Be EF Lieutenant
Blair David 42 F Private
Blair George 2 DG Private
Blair Hamilton 34 F Private
Blair James 71 F Private
Blair James 1/13 F Private
Blair James 37 F Private
Blair John 6/14 RA Gunner
Blair John 72 F Sergeant
Blair John 78 F Private
Blair John 81 F Corporal
Blair John 27 F Private
Blair John 2 Be EF Private
Blair John 7/14 RA Gunner or Driver
Blair Norman 42 F Private
Blair Robert 42 F Private
Blair Robert 2 DG Captain
Blair Samuel 83 F Private
Blair William 71 F Corporal
Blair William 93 F Private
Blaizer William 53 F Private
Blake Amos 37 F Private
Blake Andrew 81 F Private
Blake C Lah LH Private
Blake Charles 3 RB Private
Blake Charles 90 F Private
Blake Charles 1/23 F Sergeant
Blake Francis 80 F Private
Blake George 6 DG Private
Blake George 88 F Private
Blake George 32 F Private
Blake George E RHA Driver
Blake George Pilkington 2 MT Captain
Blake George Pilkington 84 F Lieutenant
Blake Henry 34 F Private
Blake J. Scott 93 F Private
Blake James 86 F Private
Blake James 61 F Private
Blake James E RHA Gunner
Blake John 53 F Private
Blake John 61 F Private
Blake John 38 F Private
Blake John 1/23 F Private
Blake John 2 MT Lieutenant
Blake Joseph B. Shannon Ordinary Seaman
Blake Michael 53 F Private
Blake Patrick 2 DG Private
Blake Philip 87 F Private
Blake Richard 84 F Private
Blake Richard 1/24 F Private
Blake Robert 1/13 F Private
Blake Robert Henry 32 F Private
Blake Stephen 84 F Private
Blake Stephen 93 F Paymaster
Blake Thomas 43 F Colour Sergeant
Blake William 90 F Private
Blake William 3 RB Private
Blake William 86 F Private
Blake William 80 F Private
Blake William 70 F Private
Blake William 53 F Armourer Sergeant
Blake William Greaves 6 DG Lieutenant
Blake William Henry 3 MF Private
Blakeburgh Henry 53 F Private
Blakeley John 3 MF Private
Blakeley William 86 F Private
Blakely George 1 Bo EF Private
Blakely James 80 F Private
Blakely John 32 F Private
Blakely Robert 73 F Private
Blakeman George 1/20 F Private
Blakeman Thomas 1/60 R Private
Blaker Henry 1/8 F Private
Blakey James 1/6 F Private
Blakey Joseph 37 F Colour Sergeant
Blamphin Thomas 2 MT Private
Blanc Charles G. 1/23 F Lieutenant
Blanch John 61 F Private
Blanchard William 2 RB Private
Blanchfield James 86 F Private
Bland George 81 F Private
Bland George 82 F Private
Bland James 1/24 F Private
Bland James 3 Bo EI Private
Bland John 4/14 RA Gunner
Bland Richard 34 F Private
Bland Samuel 73 F Corporal
Bland William 42 F Private
Blandford Mark 1 Bo EF Private
Blandy George 1/23 F Private
Blane John 71 F Corporal
Blane Seymour John 52 F Brevet Major
Blaney John 1/5 F Private
Blanford James 2 RB Private
Blankley William 6 DG Private
Blanks John 3 RB Private
Blannin George 1 MF Private
Blaquiere Edmund de 88 F Ensign
Blatch Francis 38 F Private
Blatch Thomas 1/20 F Sergeant
Blatcher Charles 1 MF Private
Blatherwick Samuel 7 H Private
Blatherwick William 2/60 R Private
Blaxall Augustus 1/60 R Private
Blaygrove George 53 F Private
Blaylock William 4/14 RA Gunner
Blazley Daniel 6/13 RA Gunner or Driver
Bleach Thomas 38 F Private
Bleake Joseph 87 F Private
Bleakley John 86 F Private
Bleay Joseph 1/23 F Private
Blellock John 42 F Corporal
Blennerhasset Barry 71 F Major
Blenning Thomas 1/60 R Private
Blessington Peter 1/23 F Private
Blewden Charles 2 DG Private
Blewitt Charles 1/23 F Private
Blewitt George 2/13 RA Gunner
Blezard William Shannon Leading Stoker
Blick Edwin 81 F Private
Blick William 1/20 F Private
Blick William 43 F Private
Bligh William A MHA Bombardier
Bligh William 52 F Private
Blincowe Richard 2 DG Private
Blinning Henry 1 MF Private
Bliss Benjamin 1/13 F Private
Blissett Charles Henry 6 DG Private
Blizzard Aaron 73 F Private
Blogg John 1/5 F Private
Blood John 1/60 R Private
Bloodworth Charles D RHA Driver
Bloodworth John 54 F Private
Bloom Samuel 3 RB Private
Bloom William 1 Bo EF Colour Sergeant
Bloomer George 34 F Private
Bloomfield Daniel 5/12 RA Gunner or Driver
Bloomfield David 70 F Private
Bloomfield George 1/5 F Private
Bloomfield George 82 F Private
Bloomfield John 1 Be EF Private
Bloomfield Robert 54 F Private
Bloomfield William 1 Be EF Private
Bloor George 95 F Private
Bloor John 95 F Private
Blott John 1/5 F Private
Blount Robert 1/20 F Ensign
Blount Thomas 79 F Private
Blount William John 1/10 F Private
Blower William 12 L Private
Blowes William 1/10 F Private
Blowfield John 6/11 RA Sergeant
Bloxham George 1/20 F Private
Bloxham Thomas 34 F Private
Bloxsome William Dowdeswell 1/23 F Lieutenant
Bluett W.H.P. Gordon 1/10 F Lieutenant
Blundell Andrew 88 F Private
Blundell James 32 F Corporal
Blundell Thomas Shannon Able Seaman
Blunden Adam 3 MF Private
Blunden James Shannon Coxwain of Launch
Blunden Trevor 8 H Private
Blundon Charles Pearl Ordinary Seaman
Blunsome William 73 F Private
Blunt Francis Theophilus 12 L Lieutenant
Blunt John 6/11 RA Gunner or Driver
Blunt William 38 F Private
Blurton John 1/24 F Private
Blyth D'Urban W. Farrer 43 F Lieutenant
Blyth George 92 F Private
Blyth James 78 F Private
Blyth James 79 F Sergeant
Blyth Mathew Smith 73 F Lieutenant
Blyth Samuel Fritche 35 F Captain
Blyth William 52 F Private
Blyth William 1/5 F Private
Blyth William D'Urban 14 D Captain
Blythe Edward 70 F Private
Blythe James 3 MF Corporal
Boadman Thomas 1/20 F Private
Boag Alexander 78 F Corporal
Boag James 78 F Sergeant
Boag Robert 42 F Private
Boag Thomas 54 F Private
Boal John 1/20 F Private
Board Abraham 1 MF Private
Boardman George 1/5 F Private
Boardman John 84 F Private
Boast David 95 F Private
Bobbins John 80 F Private
Bobbins William 80 F Private
Bobiear Edward A. 70 F Colour Sergeant
Bocking Samuel 79 F Private
Bocock Joseph 6 DG Private
Boddy John Thomas 82 F Private
Boddy William 34 F Private
Boddy William 2/60 R Private
Boddycomb George 6/11 RA Gunner or Driver
Bode Edward 38 F Private
Bode Francis 2 RB Private
Bodell Henry 53 F Private
Bodell Samuel 84 F Private
Boden Edward 82 F Private
Boden George 2 DG Private
Boden John 6/13 RA Sergeant
Boden Patrick 38 F Private
Boden Thomas 53 F Private
Boden William 78 F Private
Boden William 9 L Private
Boden William 84 F Private
Boden William 64 F Sergeant
Bodenham Charles 1/8 F Private
Bodfish Thomas 2 RB Private
Bodger John 34 F Private
Bodicoate Robert 3 RB Private
Bodkin James 2 MT Lieutenant
Bodle Moses 3 MF Private
Bodmin Benjamin 81 F Private
Bodmon John 1/60 R Private
Body George 1 Bo EF Private
Body Robert 43 F Private
Bogan John 1 MF Private
Bogg David 2 MT Private
Bogg William 2 MT Private
Boggie James 4/14 RA Sergeant
Boggis William 1/4 F Private
Boggs John 54 F Private
Bogie James 90 F Private
Bogis David 92 F Private
Bogle Andrew Cathcart 78 F Lieutenant
Bogle James 2 DG Private
Bogle Joseph 42 F Private
Bogle Robert 78 F Captain
Boham Peter 2 DG Private
Bohan Michael 1/23 F Private
Bohan Michael 61 F Private
Bohanan John 3 MF Private
Bohanon Thomas 54 F Private
Boick William 93 F Private
Boileau Charles Henry 61 F Lieutenant
Boileau Robert 6 DG Troop Sergeant Major
Boissier John William 37 F Captain
Bokes Thomas 3 MF Private
Bolan Patrick 1/5 F Private
Boland Andrew 87 F Private
Boland Edmund 75 F Private
Boland George 78 F Private
Boland Hugh 87 F Private
Boland James 1/5 F Sergeant
Boland James 81 F Private
Boland James 64 F Private
Boland Michael 3 MF Private
Boland Michael 64 F Corporal
Boland Patrick 86 F Private
Boland Patrick 1/13 F Bugler
Boland Patrick 61 F Private
Boland Patrick 1/13 F Private
Boland Patrick 88 F Private
Boland Thomas 84 F Private
Boland Thomas 3 MF Private
Boland Thomas 64 F Corporal
Boland Thomas 43 F Private
Boland Thomas 32 F Private
Boland Thomas F. 53 F Private
Boland William 38 F Private
Bolcher James 43 F Private
Bold Caleb S. 14 D Private
Bold James 95 F Private
Bole William 7 H Private
Boler John 82 F Corporal
Bolger Edward 1/5 F Private
Bolger George Edward 1/20 F Ensign
Bolger James 86 F Private
Bolger James 42 F Private
Bolger Patrick 35 F Sergeant Major
Bolland Thomas 64 F Private
Bollard John 82 F Private
Bollard Phillip 27 F Corporal
Bolster William 27 F Drummer
Bolstey John 27 F Private
Bolton Charles 1 MF Private
Bolton Charles 1/23 F Private
Bolton Francis 75 F Private
Bolton Frederick D RHA Driver
Bolton George 2 DG Corporal
Bolton Henry 84 F Private
Bolton James 1/23 F Private
Bolton James 97 F Private
Bolton John 86 F Private
Bolton John 37 F Private
Bolton John Lawrance 3/4 RA Captain
Bolton Joseph 1/5 F Private
Bolton Michael 72 F Private
Bolton Richard 1/6 F Lieutenant
Bolton Samuel 1/6 F Private
Bolton Thomas 1/6 F Private
Bolton Thomas 1/6 F Private
Bolton Thomas 3 RB Private
Bolton Thomas 84 F Sergeant
Bolton William 1/8 F Private
Bolton William 1/8 F Private
Bolton William 2 RB Private
Bolye James 83 F Private
Bomford John Oliver 53 F Private
Bomford Joseph 92 F Private
Bomford Thomas 2/60 R Private
Bond Benjamin 54 F Corporal
Bond David 64 F Private
Bond Edward 1/24 F Private
Bond Francis 83 F Private
Bond James 95 F Private
Bond James 64 F Private
Bond John 82 F Private
Bond John 34 F Private
Bond Matthew 95 F Private
Bond Richard 9 L Private
Bond Robert 2 DG Private
Bond Robert 84 F Drummer
Bond Samuel 1/13 F Private
Bond Samuel 80 F Private
Bond Thomas Shannon Royal Marine Private
Bond Thomas 7 H Private
Bond Thomas 53 F Private
Bond Thomas 1/4 F Private
Bond William 73 F Private
Bond William 14 D Private
Bond William 37 F Private
Bond William 80 F Private
Bond William 54 F Private
Bond William A MHA Gunner
Bond William C Corps Private
Bond William 1 Be EF Steward
Bond William 5/13 RA Gunner
Bone Alfred 3 RB Private
Bone James 1/23 F Private
Bone John 74 F Private
Bone John W. Shannon Assistant Engineer
Bone Thomas 53 F Private
Bone Thomas 2 RB Private
Bone Thomas 56 F Private
Bone William 1/8 F Private
Boneham William 81 F Private
Bones Charles 11 RE Sapper
Bonetto James E RHA Gunner
Bonnar Andrew 42 F Drummer
Bonner Henry 61 F Corporal
Bonner James 74 F Private
Bonner John 42 F Private
Bonner William 38 F Private
Bonnett James 1/20 F Private
Bonnett Joseph 52 F Private
Bonnett William 1/5 F Private
Bonnetta John 32 F Private
Bonny James 86 F Private
Bonnyman William 73 F Private
Bonser Thomas Archer 7 H Private
Bonser William 90 F Private
Bontuff John 1/6 F Private
Bonynge James 87 F Private
Bonython Thomas 95 F Private
Boocock Benjamin 82 F Private
Booker David 53 F Private
Booker George 7 H Private
Books William 8 H Private
Booles James 1/6 F Private
Boon Henry 1/6 F Sergeant
Boon Samuel 97 F Corporal
Boonham Richard 3 RB Private
Boor Robert 5/12 RA Gunner or Driver
Boot John 3 Bo EI Private
Boot Joseph 38 F Private
Boot Robert 92 F Private
Booth Alfred 2 RB Private
Booth Charles 17 L Private
Booth Charles 1 Be EF Private
Booth Edward 73 F Surgeon
Booth George Shannon Able Seaman
Booth George F. Shannon Bandsman
Booth Henry J. Parkin 43 F Major
Booth Isaac 1/8 F Private
Booth James 7 H Private
Booth James 27 F Private
Booth James 87 F Private
Booth James 61 F Private
Booth James 2 Be EF Private
Booth John 17 L Private
Booth John 73 F Private
Booth John 87 F Private
Booth John 83 F Corporal
Booth Jonathan 2 DG Private
Booth Joseph 12 L Private
Booth Joseph 34 F Private
Booth Joseph D RHA Gunner
Booth Joshua 84 F Private
Booth Richard 9 L Private
Booth Richard 2/60 R Bugler
Booth Thomas 2 RB Private
Booth Thomas 3/4 RA Gunner
Booth William 34 F Private
Booth William 2 DG Private
Booth William 8 H Private
Boothroyd Abraham 2 DG Private
Boothroyd William 84 F Private
Boots Charles 37 F Private
Booty Robert 81 F Private
Booty Thomas G. 61 F Corporal
Bore James 2 RB Private
Borham Thomas 7 H Private
Borham Thomas 80 F Private
Borland John 81 F Private
Born William A MHA Gunner
Boroughs Thomas 32 F Colour Sergeant
Borrell Henry 2 DG Private
Borrowes Osmond 80 F Private
Borthwick Angus 42 F Private
Borthwick James 78 F Private
Borthwick John 78 F Corporal
Borthwick Michael Andrews 37 F Lieutenant
Borthwick Walter 7 H Quartermaster
Bosher James 2 Be EF Private
Boshier Henry 1/23 F Private
Bosley John 1/20 F Private
Bosstick Thomas 12 L Private
Boston Anthony 3 Bo EI Private
Boston Philip 98 F Sergeant
Boswell Arthur 64 F Private
Boswell Richard 3/14 RA Corporal
Boswell Thomas 1/23 F Private
Bosworth John 2 DG Private
Bosworth Percy Mackie 42 F Lieutenant
Bosworth Samuel 37 F Private
Bosworth Thomas 95 F Private
Bosworth William 81 F Private
Bothwell John 95 F Private
Bott George 73 F Private
Bott Thomas 6 DG Captain
Botting Isaac 70 F Private
Bottomley William 2/60 R Private
Bottomly George 52 F Private
Bottomly James 5/3 RA Gunner
Bottomly John 72 F Private
Bottomly John 7/14 RA Gunner
Bottrill James 90 F Private
Boucher John 3 MF Private
Boucher Thomas 73 F Private
Boucher William 21 RE Sapper
Bouchier Edward 3 Bo EI Private
Bouchier Henry Charles 6 DG Sergeant
Bouchier Patrick 70 F Private
Boughtflower Joseph 54 F Drummer
Boughton Robert 52 F Private
Bould Edward 2 RB Private
Boulderson John 71 F Ensign
Bouldin Edward 2/60 R Private
Bouldin Richard 2/60 R Private
Boulding John E RHA Driver
Boulger Abraham 84 F Corporal
Boulger Jacob 84 F Drummer
Boulger Thomas 84 F Private
Boulger William 84 F Sergeant
Boulten George 14 D Private
Boulter John 1/60 R Private
Boulton Alfred 3/8 RA Gunner
Boulton David 7 H Private
Boulton Edwin 6 DG Private
Boulton Thomas 2/13 RA Driver
Boundford William 1/8 F Private
Bounds Joseph 90 F Private
Boundy William Shannon Able Seaman
Bourcher William D RHA Driver
Bourchier Claud Thomas 3 RB Captain & Brevet Major
Bourchier John 2 Be EF Private
Bourke Anthony 70 F Private
Bourke David 12 L Private
Bourke David 1 Be EF Private
Bourke Edward 7/14 RA Gunner
Bourke Hon. John Jocelyn 88 F Major
Bourke James 81 F Private
Bourke John 6 DG Private
Bourke John 82 F Private
Bourke John 1/24 F Private
Bourke John 1/10 F Private
Bourke John 86 F Private
Bourke John 53 F Private
Bourke John 1 Be EF Private
Bourke Michael 52 F Private
Bourke Michael 75 F Private
Bourke Patrick 86 F Private
Bourke Patrick 86 F Private
Bourke Thomas 1/5 F Private
Bourke Thomas 64 F Private
Bourke Thomas 75 F Private
Bourke William 88 F Private
Bourne George 3 RB Private
Bourne Henry 2 RB Private
Bourne James 3 RB Corporal
Bourne John 14 D Private
Bourne Thomas 82 F Private
Bourne Thomas 4/14 RA Gunner
Bourne William 37 F Private
Bourne William George 2 RB Colour Sergeant
Bouton Robert 1/5 F Private
Bouviere Laurence Pleydell 78 F Captain
Bovill John D RHA Gunner
Boville Benjamin 17 L Private
Bow Daniel 79 F Private
Bow James 1 MF Corporal
Bow James 87 F Corporal
Bow John 1 Be EF Private
Bow Philip 3/11 RA Sergeant
Bowater Henry 1/24 F Private
Bowater Joseph 6 DG Private
Bowbeer William 92 F Private
Bowcher Michael 70 F Private
Bowcott Edwin 34 F Private
Bowden Edmond 35 F Private
Bowden George 1 Be EF Private
Bowden John 1/13 F Corporal
Bowden John 3/14 RA Driver
Bowden Thomas 52 F Private
Bowden Thomas 43 F Private
Bowden William 29 F Private
Bowden William 73 F Private
Bowden William 82 F Private
Bowditch John 81 F Private
Bowditch Simon 64 F Private
Bowe Edward 1/60 R Private
Bowe James 3 MF Private
Bowe John 84 F Private
Bowe John 70 F Private
Bowe Thomas 84 F Private
Bowen Charles 3 MF Private
Bowen Charles 1 MF Private
Bowen David 29 F Private
Bowen Edward 2 RB Private
Bowen Isaac 75 F Private
Bowen John 95 F Instructor of Musketry
Bowen John 1/8 F Private
Bowen John 34 F Private
Bowen Joseph 75 F Colour Sergeant
Bowen Joseph 90 F Private
Bowen Michael 61 F Sergeant
Bowen Michael 1 MF Private
Bowen Rees 1/8 F Private
Bowen Thomas 14 D Sergeant
Bowen Thomas 1/10 F Corporal
Bowen Thomas 34 F Private
Bowen Thomas 1/5 F Private
Bower David 4 RE Corporal
Bower Nathaniel 6/13 RA Gunner or Driver
Bowers Absolom 70 F Private
Bowers George 53 F Private
Bowers George 32 F Private
Bowers Henry 32 F Corporal
Bowers Henry Bond 64 F Corporal
Bowers John 82 F Private
Bowers John 43 F Private
Bowers John Thomson 1/6 F Lieutenant
Bowers Richard 43 F Private
Bowers Samuel 5/3 RA Driver
Bowers William 1 Be EF Private
Bowes Alexander 93 F Private
Bowes James 12 L Private
Bowes John 70 F Private
Bowes John 5/13 RA Gunner
Bowes Peter 86 F Private
Bowhay Charles Edward 9 L Private
Bowie Alexander 54 F Private
Bowie Angus 42 F Private
Bowie Robert 1 Be EF Sergeant
Bowing James 81 F Private
Bowins Robert 54 F Private
Bowins Samuel 54 F Corporal
Bowins Thomas 54 F Private
Bowker Edward 3/11 RA Gunner
Bowker James 35 F Private
Bowker Roger 70 F Private
Bowker William 6 DG Private
Bowlby Alfred Picton 64 F Captain
Bowle Charles 78 F Private
Bowler Benjamin 34 F Private
Bowler George 80 F Private
Bowler George 1/23 F Private
Bowler James 89 F Drummer
Bowler James 95 F Private
Bowler John 3 MF Private
Bowler John 8 H Private
Bowler Michael 8 H Private
Bowler Richard 43 F Private
Bowler Robert 80 F Private
Bowler Thomas 1/5 F Private
Bowler Thomas 90 F Private
Bowler William 90 F Sergeant
Bowles Edward 43 F Private
Bowles Edward 1/60 R Captain
Bowles Francis 88 F Private
Bowles George 1/23 F Private
Bowles Henry 3 RB Private
Bowles Irwin 2/60 R Private
Bowles James 90 F Sergeant
Bowles John 1/20 F Private
Bowley James 1/60 R Private
Bowley James 3 Bo EI Sergeant
Bowling Thomas H.L. Pearl Clerk
Bowling William 9 L Private
Bowman Charles 6 DG Private
Bowman Edward L. Shannon Chaplain R.N.
Bowman Frederick 37 F Private
Bowman John 6/14 RA Bombardier
Bowman John 71 F Private
Bowman John 1 Be EF Private
Bowman John 3/8 RA Gunner
Bowman Thomas 3 RB Private
Bowman Thomas 1/8 F Private
Bowman Thomas 11 RE Sapper
Bown Francis 6 DG Private
Bown Walter 38 F Private
Bowtell Charles 43 F Private
Bowtell Daniel 29 F Private
Bowyer Henry 2 RB Private
Bowyer Phillip 70 F Private
Bowyer Thomas Pearl Able Seaman
Bowyer William 2 DG Private
Box Alexander 6 DG Private
Box Richard 61 F Private
Boxall Charles E RHA Gunner
Boxall George 1/20 F Colour Sergeant
Boxall Henry 3 RB Private
Boxall Job 35 F Private
Boxall William 35 F Private
Boyce Abel Woodroffe 34 F Captain
Boyce George 2 DG Sergeant
Boyce George Shannon Leading Seaman
Boyce George 5/12 RA Gunner or Driver
Boyce Henry 38 F Private
Boyce Henry 3 RB Private
Boyce James 3 MF Private
Boyce James 1/24 F Sergeant
Boyce James 73 F Private
Boyce John 71 F Private
Boyce John 34 F Private
Boyd Alexander 72 F Private
Boyd Alexander 79 F Private
Boyd Alexander 72 F Sergeant
Boyd Alexander 2 Be EF Captain
Boyd Alexander 2 Be EF Private
Boyd Bryce 82 F Private
Boyd Edward 1/13 F Captain
Boyd Francis 75 F Private
Boyd Fullarton 42 F Private
Boyd Gardener Shannon Shipwright
Boyd George 1 Be EF Private
Boyd Hugh 1/10 F Private
Boyd James 54 F Private
Boyd James S. 1/23 F Private
Boyd John 3 MF Private
Boyd John 78 F Private
Boyd John 72 F Private
Boyd John 83 F Private
Boyd John 3 Bo EI Private
Boyd Robert 12 L Sergeant
Boyd Robert 79 F Private
Boyd Robert 2 Be EF Private
Boyd Robert J RA Gunner or Driver
Boyd Thomas 7 H Corporal
Boyd Thomas 2 RB Private
Boyd Thomas 95 F Private
Boyd Thomas 64 F Corporal
Boyd Thomas 37 F Private
Boyd Thomas 74 F Private
Boyd William 27 F Private
Boyd William 53 F Private
Boyd William 32 F Assistant Surgeon
Boyd William C. Med Dpt Staff Assistant Surgeon
Boyd William John 37 F Private
Boyd William Joseph 70 F Private
Boyde James 7/14 RA Gunner or Driver
Boyde John 84 F Private
Boyde William John 88 F Private
Boyden George 54 F Private
Boyden Henry 1/24 F Private
Boyden James 6 DG Private
Boyden John 3 RB Private
Boyden William 12 L Private
Boyes William 1/6 F Private
Boylan Charles 61 F Private
Boylan James 52 F Private
Boylan John 2 Be EF Private
Boylan Joseph 2/60 R Private
Boylan Patrick 43 F Private
Boylan Patrick 1/5 F Private
Boylan Patrick 3 Bo EI Private
Boylan Thomas 64 F Private
Boyland John 14 D Private
Boyle Andrew 1/60 R Private
Boyle Christopher 90 F Private
Boyle Daniel 72 F Private
Boyle Daniel 78 F Private
Boyle Daniel 90 F Private
Boyle Edward 97 F Private
Boyle Edward 27 F Private
Boyle George 3 MF Private
Boyle George 3 MF Private
Boyle Henry 93 F Private
Boyle Henry 61 F Private
Boyle Henry 74 F Private
Boyle Hugh 54 F Private
Boyle Hugh 71 F Private
Boyle James 35 F Corporal
Boyle James 61 F Private
Boyle James 87 F Private
Boyle James 84 F Private
Boyle James 27 F Private
Boyle James 1/20 F Private
Boyle John 75 F Private
Boyle John 1/10 F Private
Boyle John 27 F Private
Boyle John 64 F Private
Boyle John 27 F Private
Boyle John 70 F Private
Boyle John 1 MF Private
Boyle John 3 Bo EI Private
Boyle John Frederick Clinton 38 F Lieutenant
Boyle Martin 81 F Private
Boyle Michael 82 F Private
Boyle Michael 3 MF Private
Boyle Michael 1 MF Private
Boyle Michael 84 F Private
Boyle Michael 64 F Private
Boyle Michael 61 F Private
Boyle Michael 89 F Private
Boyle Patrick 2/60 R Corporal
Boyle Patrick 1/13 F Colour Sergeant
Boyle Patrick 83 F Private
Boyle Paul 34 F Private
Boyle Peter 97 F Private
Boyle Richard 3 RB Private
Boyle Richard 1/10 F Private
Boyle Robert 9 L Private
Boyle Robert Elphinstone 2 Be EF Lieutenant
Boyle Thomas 78 F Private
Boyle Thomas 27 F Private
Boyle Timothy 1/8 F Private
Boyle William 3 MF Private
Boyle William 1/13 F Private
Boyle William 37 F Private
Boyle William 88 F Private
Boyle William 42 F Private
Boyle William 1 Bo EF Private
Boyles William 1 MF Private
Boylett Alfred 2 RB Private
Boyne Thomas 61 F Private
Boyne Thomas 1/13 F Private
Boys George 9 L Private
Boys John 53 F Private
Boys Thomas 6/11 RA Gunner or Driver
Boyse James 1/23 F Colour Sergeant
Boyton Thomas 1 Be EF Private
Bozwell Jasper J. 86 F Private
Brabham Thomas 34 F Private
Brace George 70 F Private
Brace James 70 F Private
Brace John 52 F Private
Brace John 90 F Private
Bracey George 6 DG Corporal
Bracey Henry 6/13 RA Gunner or Driver
Bracher Alfred 75 F Private
Bracken James 1/8 F Drummer
Bracken Michael 70 F Private
Bracken Thomas 37 F Private
Brackenbury Henry 6/14 RA Lieutenant
Brackenbury Joseph 32 F Lieutenant
Brackenbury Richard Gunn 61 F Captain
Brackenbury William 2 DG Private
Brackie Richard 42 F Private
Brackin James 84 F Private
Brackley Andrew 1 Be EF Private
Brackley James 80 F Private
Brackley Joseph 4 RE Sapper
Bradburn David 1 Be EF Private
Bradburn James 43 F Private
Bradbury Edward 84 F Private
Bradbury Henry 1/23 F Private
Bradbury James 6 DG Private
Bradbury John 74 F Private
Bradbury Joseph 2 RB Private
Bradbury Joseph 52 F Private
Bradbury Robert 53 F Hospital Sergeant
Bradbury Samuel D RHA Bombardier
Braddock John 5/12 RA Gunner or Driver
Braddock William 12 L Private
Braden William 1/23 F Private
Bradey John 27 F Private
Bradey Peter 52 F Private
Bradfield James 54 F Private
Bradfield John 2 DG Sergeant
Bradfield Thomas 82 F Private
Bradford Charles 2 DG Private
Bradford James 14 D Private
Bradford John 29 F Private
Bradford John 43 F Private
Bradford Thomas 34 F Private
Bradford William 17 L Corporal
Bradford William Hamilton K. 3 MF Lieutenant
Bradish Charles 97 F Private
Bradlevey James A MHA Bombardier
Bradley Benjamin 3 MF Private
Bradley Edward 75 F Private
Bradley Edward 80 F Private
Bradley Francis 3 MF Private
Bradley G.F. C Corps Ensign
Bradley George 14 D Trumpeter
Bradley George 2 RB Private
Bradley George 2 Be EF Sergeant Major
Bradley Henry 1/6 F Colour Sergeant
Bradley Henry 35 F Private
Bradley Henry 80 F Private
Bradley Hugh 78 F Private
Bradley James 14 D Private
Bradley James 32 F Private
Bradley James 1 Be EF Private
Bradley John 1/20 F Private
Bradley John 54 F Private
Bradley John 1/8 F Private
Bradley John 1/20 F Private
Bradley John 1/20 F Private
Bradley Jonathan 8 H Private
Bradley Jonathan 64 F Private
Bradley Joseph 82 F Colour Sergeant
Bradley Joseph 1/6 F Private
Bradley Joseph 1/23 F Private
Bradley Mark 3 MF Private
Bradley Michael 53 F Private
Bradley Michael 27 F Private
Bradley Nathan 7 H Private
Bradley Patrick 43 F Private
Bradley Peter 3 Bo EI Private
Bradley Ralph 84 F Private
Bradley Robert 64 F Private
Bradley Robert 71 F Private
Bradley Samuel 2/60 R Private
Bradley Samuel 90 F Private
Bradley Stephen RE Sapper
Bradley William 7 H Sergeant
Bradley William 38 F Private
Bradley William Henry Pearl Carpenter's Mate
Bradly Thomas 1 MF Private
Bradman John C Corps Private
Bradrick William 61 F Private
Bradshaw Alexander Frederick 2 RB Assistant Surgeon
Bradshaw Edwin 1/10 F Sergeant
Bradshaw Hugh 3 Bo EI Private
Bradshaw James 37 F Private
Bradshaw James 52 F Private
Bradshaw James 80 F Private
Bradshaw James Hill 52 F Lieutenant
Bradshaw John 3 Bo EI Private
Bradshaw Joseph C Corps Private
Bradshaw Nathan 3 RB Private
Bradshaw Patrick 52 F Private
Bradshaw Richard 34 F Private
Bradshaw Seth 34 F Private
Bradshaw T Lah LH Riding Master
Bradshaw Thomas 81 F Private
Bradshaw Thomas 54 F Private
Bradshaw William 81 F Private
Bradshaw William 70 F Private
Bradshaw William 34 F Drummer
Bradshaw William 32 F Assistant Surgeon
Bradshaw William 90 F Assistant Surgeon
Brady Alexander 1/20 F Private
Brady Barnett 1/5 F Corporal
Brady Bernard 37 F Private
Brady Bernard 1/10 F Private
Brady Brian 75 F Private
Brady Daniel 90 F Private
Brady Edward 86 F Private
Brady George 29 F Private
Brady Henry 2 DG Private
Brady Hugh 61 F Private
Brady James 27 F Private
Brady James 61 F Private
Brady James 2/60 R Private
Brady James 97 F Private
Brady James 82 F Private
Brady James 95 F Private
Brady James 1/4 F Private
Brady John 27 F Private
Brady John 35 F Private
Brady John 14 D Private
Brady John 88 F Sergeant
Brady John 27 F Private
Brady John 1/4 F Private
Brady John 27 F Private
Brady John 88 F Private
Brady John 95 F Private
Brady John 34 F Private
Brady John 1 Bo EF Private
Brady Joseph 90 F Private
Brady Laurence 88 F Private
Brady Maurice 2 Be EF Private
Brady Michael 88 F Drummer
Brady Patrick 43 F Private
Brady Patrick 1/60 R Private
Brady Patrick 90 F Private
Brady Patrick 78 F Private
Brady Patrick 27 F Private
Brady Peter 1/10 F Private
Brady Stephen 86 F Private
Brady Terence 27 F Private
Brady Terence 2 Be EF Sergeant
Brady Thomas 3 RB Bugler
Brady Thomas 37 F Private
Brady Thomas 38 F Private
Brady Thomas 87 F Private
Brady Thomas 72 F Private
Brady Thomas 1 Be EF Private
Brady Thomas 3 Bo EI Private
Brady William 64 F Colour Sergeant
Brady William 1/8 F Private
Brady William 1/23 F Colour Sergeant
Brady William 82 F Private
Brafford Joseph 38 F Private
Bragg George 32 F Private
Bragg Henry 12 L Private
Bragg John 2 RB Private
Braidon William 35 F Private
Braidwood George 79 F Private
Braidwood Thomas 93 F Private
Braidy David 2 DG Private
Braidy Felix 2 DG Private
Brailsford William 2 RB Private
Brain George 1 Be EF Private
Brain George E RHA Trumpeter
Brainwaite Charles E RHA Driver
Brairley Joseph 2/60 R Private
Braisby William 14 D Private
Braithwaite William 97 F Private
Brake John 3 RB Private
Brake Thomas 81 F Corporal
Brambley James 38 F Private
Bramfield Thomas 81 F Private
Bramhall John 2 RB Private
Bramhall Samuel 1/20 F Private
Bramley Alfred Jennings 42 F Lieutenant
Bramley Charles 95 F Hospital Sergeant
Bramley Charles 53 F Sergeant
Bramley George 32 F Private
Bramley Thomas 1/5 F Drummer
Bramley Thomas 5/13 RA Gunner
Bramwell Walter George 12 L Private
Branagan Charles 1 Bo EF Private
Branagan Christopher 87 F Private
Branagan Martin 34 F Private
Branch Charles 1/13 F Private
Branchley John 53 F Boy
Brand George 4/14 RA Gunner
Brand Peter 92 F Private
Brand Robert 93 F Private
Brand Robert 78 F Private
Brand Robert 1/13 F Private
Brand Thomas 93 F Drummer
Brand Thomas F RHA Gunner
Brandes W 90 F Music Master
Brandley James F RHA Driver
Brandon Benjamin 1/10 F Private
Brandon George 37 F Private
Brandon John 88 F Private
Brandon John 56 F Private
Brandon Thomas 54 F Private
Brandon William 73 F Private
Brankes John 1 MF Private
Brankin Philip 27 F Private
Brann James 2 RB Colour Sergeant
Brannagan James 53 F Private
Brannagan Patrick 84 F Private
Brannan James 81 F Private
Brannan James 1/24 F Private
Brannan John 1 MF Private
Brannan John 38 F Private
Brannan Martin 1/5 F Private
Brannan Michael 87 F Drummer
Brannan Patrick 1 Be EF Private
Brannan Thomas 1 MF Drummer
Brannigan Patrick 72 F Private
Brannigan William John 90 F Private
Brannion Thomas 61 F Private
Brannon Charles 1/4 F Private
Brannon Edward 88 F Private
Brannon John 38 F Drummer
Branscomb John 34 F Private
Bransden William 2 RB Bugler
Branston John 70 F Private
Brant George 4/14 RA Gunner
Brant Joshua 1/5 F Private
Branton William West 9 L Private
Braon John 95 F Private
Braselane Daniel 42 F Private
Brash Robert 93 F Private
Brasher Frederick 53 F Private
Brashier James 1 Bo EF Private
Brasnan Jeremiah 2 Be EF Colour Sergeant
Brasnihan John 1/24 F Private
Brassington James 64 F Private
Brassington James 38 F Private
Bratby Samuel 1/8 F Private
Bratley John 8/2 RA Gunner
Bratt Edward 83 F Corporal
Bratt John 34 F Private
Bratt William 83 F Private
Bratton John 35 F Private
Bratty James 70 F Private
Bray Charles 1 Bo EF Corporal
Bray George 81 F Private
Bray John Shannon Gunner's Mate
Bray John 1/8 F Private
Bray John 86 F Private
Bray John 86 F Private
Bray John 34 F Private
Bray Joseph Thomas 9 L Private
Bray Lewis 70 F Private
Bray Michael 32 F Private
Bray Patrick 1/20 F Private
Bray Robert 54 F Private
Bray Walter 74 F Sergeant
Bray William 7 H Sergeant
Bray William 61 F Private
Bray William 73 F Private
Bray William 1 Bo EF Private
Braybrook Alfred 75 F Private
Braybrook Richard 3 RB Private
Braysham John 1 MF Sergeant
Brazel Charles 43 F Private
Brazier Samuel 1/23 F Private
Brazier William 86 F Private
Brazill John 37 F Private
Brazzle James 43 F Private
Breackley Reuben F RHA Driver
Breacon Robert 27 F Private
Breacon William 3/8 RA Gunner
Breadon George 2/13 RA Sergeant
Bready James 1 MF Private
Breakes Thomas 81 F Private
Breakle William 35 F Private
Brealey William Henry 9 L Private
Brean Benjamin 43 F Private
Brearley Jeremiah 1/20 F Private
Brears Thomas 64 F Private
Brearton Henry 88 F Private
Brearton Michael 88 F Private
Brearton William 88 F Drummer
Brease Mark 37 F Private
Breathwood Robert 71 F Private
Bree Daniel 86 F Private
Bree Thomas 1 Bo EF Private
Breedon George C Corps Private
Breedon George H. 3 RB Private
Breekle William 81 F Private
Breen Bernard 27 F Private
Breen Edward 27 F Private
Breen Henry 73 F Private
Breen James 1/10 F Private
Breen James 53 F Private
Breen John 1/10 F Private
Breen John 1 MF Private
Breen Michael 64 F Private
Breen Michael 87 F Private
Breen Owen 1/23 F Private
Breen Peter 87 F Private
Breen Simon 1 Be EF Private
Breen Thomas 87 F Private
Breen Thomas 90 F Private
Breene John 81 F Private
Breeze Thomas 74 F Private
Breffit William Downing 6 DG Private
Breffitt George 78 F Private
Breffitt Robert 78 F Private
Bregan Patrick 64 F Private
Breheney Patrick 1/5 F Private
Breidenbach Charles 3 Bo EI Private
Bremner Donald 79 F Corporal
Bremner Robert 79 F Drummer
Bremner Thomas 90 F Bugler
Brenan Thomas 2 Be EF Sergeant
Brennan Bernard J RA Gunner or Driver
Brennan Charles 82 F Sergeant
Brennan Daniel 86 F Private
Brennan Daniel 2/60 R Private
Brennan Denis 86 F Private
Brennan Edward 7 H Private
Brennan Edward 80 F Private
Brennan James 64 F Private
Brennan James 1 MF Private
Brennan James 42 F Private
Brennan John 1/10 F Private
Brennan John 43 F Private
Brennan John 61 F Private
Brennan John 1/5 F Private
Brennan John 83 F Private
Brennan John 64 F Private
Brennan John 61 F Corporal
Brennan John 70 F Private
Brennan John 70 F Private
Brennan John 1/13 F Private
Brennan John 1 MF Private
Brennan John 1/24 F Sergeant
Brennan John 90 F Private
Brennan John 1/6 F Private
Brennan John 82 F Private
Brennan John 88 F Private
Brennan John 3 Bo EI Private
Brennan Joseph C. 2/13 RA Corporal
Brennan Mathew 1/10 F Private
Brennan Michael 37 F Drummer
Brennan Michael 1 MF Private
Brennan Michael 78 F Private
Brennan Michael 1/10 F Private
Brennan Michael 1/5 F Private
Brennan Michael 86 F Private
Brennan Michael 84 F Private
Brennan Michael 29 F Private
Brennan Michael 95 F Private
Brennan Michael 1/13 F Private
Brennan Michael 90 F Private
Brennan Michael 97 F Private
Brennan MIchael 1 Bo EF Private
Brennan Miles 1/24 F Private
Brennan Morgan 38 F Private
Brennan Owen C Corps Private
Brennan Owen 1/8 F Private
Brennan Patrick 86 F Private
Brennan Patrick 1/8 F Private
Brennan Patrick 87 F Private
Brennan Patrick 87 F Private
Brennan Patrick 1/10 F Private
Brennan Patrick 81 F Private
Brennan Patrick 61 F Corporal
Brennan Patrick 86 F Private
Brennan Patrick 32 F Private
Brennan Patrick 34 F Private
Brennan Peter 84 F Private
Brennan Peter 42 F Private
Brennan Richard 1/13 F Private
Brennan Robert 79 F Private
Brennan Thomas 84 F Private
Brennan Thomas 2 RB Private
Brennan Thomas 84 F Private
Brennan Thomas 87 F Private
Brennan Thomas 38 F Corporal
Brennan Thomas 61 F Private
Brennan William 7 H Private
Brennan William 86 F Private
Brennon Edward 1/60 R Private
Brent John 2 RB Private
Brentnall William 95 F Private
Brenton John 42 F Private
Brereton John 1/20 F Drummer
Brereton Joseph Thomas 64 F Private
Breshahan John 61 F Private
Breslen Cornelius 3/11 RA Driver
Breslin Edward 27 F Sergeant
Breslow Patrick 27 F Private
Bresnahan Timothy 88 F Private
Bresnahan Timothy 80 F Private
Brethet William 86 F Private
Bretnell Joseph 1/60 R Private
Brett Charles 6/13 RA Gunner or Driver
Brett David 75 F Private
Brett De Renzie James 3 MF Captain
Brett Edward 73 F Private
Brett Francis 9 L Private
Brett George 86 F Private
Brett Harry Armstrong 43 F Lieutenant
Brett Henry A. 32 F Private
Brett John 64 F Private
Brett John 88 F Private
Brett Thomas 80 F Private
Brett William 1/23 F Private
Brett William 6/13 RA Gunner or Driver
Brett William Freeland 54 F Major
Brevant John 82 F Private
Brevitt Mathias 54 F Colour Sergeant
Brew Edward 1/10 F Private
Brew George 1 MF Private
Brew John 88 F Private
Brew William 74 F Private
Brewer Edward 37 F Private
Brewer Edwin 97 F Private
Brewer George 1/8 F Private
Brewer George 3 Bo EI Private
Brewer James Shannon Able Seaman
Brewer James 3 Bo EI Corporal
Brewer William 1 Be EF Private
Brewer Samuel 1/8 F Sergeant
Brewin William 34 F Private
Brewster Andrew 61 F Private
Brewster George 43 F Corporal
Brewster James 1 Be EF Private
Brewster John 88 F Private
Brewster Robert 5/3 RA Gunner
Brewster Stephen 70 F Private
Brewster Thomas 2 DG Private
Brewster William J RA Corporal
Brian Cornelius 97 F Private
Brian Daniel 71 F Bugler
Brian George 1/10 F Private
Brian James 1/8 F Private
Brian Jeremiah 1/10 F Private
Brian John 1 Bo EF Private
Brian Michael 1/13 F Private
Brian Michael 87 F Private
Brian Patrick 87 F Private
Brian Stephen 38 F Private
Brian Timothy 2/13 RA Gunner
Briant Thomas 3 RB Sergeant
Brice Henry Shannon Carpenter
Brice James 1/13 F Private
Brice Robert 1/20 F Private
Brichins Joseph 1/20 F Private
Brick Jeremiah 61 F Private
Brick John 95 F Colour Sergeant
Brick Michael 92 F Private
Brick Patrick 95 F Sergeant
Bricken James 1/23 F Private
Brickley William 1/5 F Private
Brickwood John 3 RB Private
Bride James 34 F Private
Bride Michael 3 Bo EI Private
Bridge John 97 F Private
Bridge Richard 90 F Private
Bridge Timothy 70 F Private
Bridgeman Horatio Nelson 6 DG Private
Bridgeman Orlando Frederick C. 2 DG Captain
Bridgeman William 64 F Private
Bridger Edward Shannon Ordinary Seaman
Bridger Edward 35 F Drummer
Bridger George 9 L Private
Bridger Henry 82 F Sergeant
Bridger Henry Charles Pearl Able Seaman
Bridger William 82 F Private
Bridger William 43 F Corporal
Bridges Alfred 5/3 RA Trumpeter
Bridges Ebenezer 1 Bo EF Private
Bridges George Henry 1 Bo EF Second Lieutenant
Bridges Henry 1/20 F Private
Bridges John 1/8 F Private
Bridges Joseph 2 RB Corporal
Bridges Thomas 90 F Sergeant
Bridgewater George 2 RB Private
Bridgland Richard 1/8 F Private
Bridgland Stephen 9 L Private
Bridgman Francis 37 F Private
Bridgstock William 43 F Private
Bridgwater Benjamin 32 F Colour Sergeant
Bridle Andrew 1/13 F Private
Bridle James 84 F Corporal
Brien Denis 54 F Private
Brien Denis 1/24 F Drummer
Brien Dennis 1 Be EF Private
Brien Edward 1/60 R Private
Brien George 14 D Private
Brien George 3 MF Private
Brien George 88 F Private
Brien James 78 F Private
Brien James 1 MF Private
Brien John 34 F Private
Brien John 93 F Private
Brien John 54 F Private
Brien John 52 F Private
Brien John 43 F Private
Brien John 53 F Private
Brien John 75 F Private
Brien John 90 F Private
Brien John 88 F Private
Brien John 3 Bo EI Corporal
Brien Michael 86 F Private
Brien Michael 1 MF Private
Brien Michael A MHA Gunner
Brien Patrick 84 F Private
Brien Robert 1 Be EF Private
Brien Thomas 1/60 R Private
Brien Thomas 64 F Private
Brien Thomas 90 F Private
Brien Thomas 2 Be EF Private
Brien William 1/60 R Private
Brien William 53 F Private
Brien William 2 Be EF Private
Brier Samuel 84 F Private
Briers John 34 F Private
Briggs Benjamin 83 F Private
Briggs Frederick 1 Be EF Private
Briggs George 34 F Private
Briggs George 6 DG Corporal
Briggs George 8 H Private
Briggs Henry 32 F Private
Briggs James Moody 1/10 F Private
Briggs John 2 MT Lieutenant
Briggs Joseph Pearl Able Seaman
Briggs Pickard 34 F Private
Briggs T 1 Be HA Quartermaster Sergeant
Briggs Thomas 2/60 R Private
Briggs William 4 RE Sapper
Briggs William 32 F Private
Briggs William 1/6 F Private
Briggs William 5/13 RA Gunner
Brighouse Richard 97 F Private
Bright Eli 37 F Private
Bright George 54 F Private
Bright Henry 1/13 F Private
Bright James 81 F Private
Bright James 38 F Private
Bright John 1/13 F Private
Bright Samuel 52 F Private
Bright Thomas 1/13 F Private
Bright William Lewis 43 F Private
Brighton William 1/5 F Private
Brighty Charles 1/5 F Private
Brigman John 1/60 R Private
Brignall Edgar 9 L Private
Briley James 1/60 R Private
Briley William 1/8 F Private
Brill William 1 MF Private
Brims Donald 79 F Private
Brims William 93 F Private
Brimsden John 1/24 F Private
Brind William Henry 1 Be EF Lieutenant
Brindle Adam 84 F Private
Brindle Hugh 34 F Private
Brindley Robert 1/60 R Private
Brine John 81 F Private
Brinkworth Joseph R. 3 MF Drummer
Brinkworth William 1/24 F Corporal
Brinnan John 86 F Private
Brinnan Timothy 87 F Private
Brinnon William 81 F Private
Briody Patrick 14 D Private
Brisbane John 88 F Private
Brisco Hylton 2 DG Lieutenant Colonel
Briscoe Edward Villiers 75 F Lieutenant
Briscoe Henry 1/13 F Private
Briscoe Henry Harrison 81 F Lieutenant
Briscoe James 72 F Private
Briscoe John 37 F Private
Briscoe John 95 F Private
Briscoe Musgrave Dyne 7 H Captain
Briskham William Pearl Ordinary Seaman
Brisland David 83 F Private
Brisland James 37 F Private
Brisland John 83 F Private
Brisnahan Eugene 3 MF Private
Bristol James 14 D Private
Bristol Thomas 1/5 F Private
Bristow Henry 52 F Private
Bristow Samuel 12 L Private
Bristowe George 34 F Private
Britain John 37 F Private
Britain William 71 F Private
Britcliffe Ingham 1 Be EF Private
Britt James 64 F Private
Britt John 82 F Private
Britt John 87 F Private
Brittain Aliban 84 F Private
Brittain Edward 64 F Private
Brittain Frederick E RHA Bombardier
Brittain Thomas D RHA Driver
Brittain William 1/60 R Sergeant
Brittain William 1/24 F Private
Brittany Stephen 54 F Private
Brittle William 90 F Colour Sergeant
Brittles James 34 F Sergeant
Britton George 83 F Private
Britton James 3/11 RA Gunner
Britton Robert 80 F Private
Britton Samuel 95 F Private
Britton Thomas 71 F Private
Britton Titus 95 F Private
Britton William 35 F Sergeant
Britton William 73 F Private
Broa Patrick 2 DG Private
Broad James 14 D Private
Broadbent Cornelius Davenport 3 RB Ensign
Broadbent Daniel 1/13 F Private
Broadbent James 2 DG Private
Broadbent James 53 F Private
Broadbent John Pearl Able Seaman
Broadbent William 1 Bo EF Private
Broadbridge Richard 90 F Corporal
Broadfoot Thomas 97 F Private
Broadhurst Benjamin 6 DG Sergeant
Broadhurst William 52 F Private
Broadhurst William 1/20 F Private
Broadhurst William 6/11 RA Gunner or Driver
Broadley Duncan 11 RE Sapper
Broadley James 64 F Private
Broadley James 1 Bo EF Private
Broadly John 79 F Private
Broadly William 71 F Private
Broadmeadow William 80 F Hospital Sergeant
Broadway Samuel 3 RB Private
Broadwell George 71 F Private
Broardhurst Henry 97 F Private
Broardhurst John 1/60 R Private
Brocas Reginald 75 F Lieutenant
Brock Charles 2/60 R Private
Brock George 78 F Private
Brock James Athol 82 F Lieutenant
Brock John 78 F Private
Brock Nicholas Mourant 82 F Ensign
Brock Thomas 71 F Private
Brock William M. 1 Be EF Private
Brockbank Robert 52 F Sergeant
Brockhurst Frederick James S. 53 F Lieutenant
Brockington George H. 52 F Private
Brocklehurst George 73 F Private
Brocklehurst Isaac 1/6 F Private
Brocklehurst Joseph 34 F Private
Brockman Julius Drake 86 F Lieutenant
Broderick Edmund 2 DG Private
Broderick Jeremiah 64 F Private
Broderick John 82 F Private
Broderick John 95 F Private
Broderick Lawrence 29 F Private
Broderick Martin 64 F Private
Broderick Michael 84 F Private
Broderick Michael 1/13 F Private
Broderick Peter 1 Be EF Private
Broderick Thomas 54 F Private
Brodie Adam 42 F Private
Brodie David A MHA Gunner
Brodie John 71 F Private
Brodie Robert 42 F Drummer
Brodie Walter 74 F Private
Brodie William 92 F Private
Brodie William 71 F Private
Brodie William RE Sapper
Brodribb Samuel 1/10 F Private
Brodrick John 61 F Private
Brodrick Sylvester 32 F Private
Brody William John 83 F Private
Brofay John 61 F Private
Brogan James 83 F Private
Brogan John 1/5 F Private
Brogan John 32 F Private
Brogan Patrick 3 MF Private
Brogan Patrick 27 F Private
Brogan Peter 95 F Private
Brogan Thomas 3 MF Private
Brogan Thomas 1/24 F Private
Brogden Alfred 37 F Private
Brogden James 87 F Paymaster Sergeant
Bromage David 73 F Sergeant
Bromley George 35 F Drummer
Bromley James 97 F Private
Bromley Thomas 8 H Private
Bromley Thomas 43 F Private
Bromley Walter H. 1/23 F Private
Bromley William 61 F Private
Bromwich Samuel 73 F Sergeant
Bron John 2 Be EF Private
Brondell Henry 75 F Private
Brook George 81 F Private
Brook William 2 DG Private
Brook William J. 2 RB Corporal
Brooke James Croft 1/8 F Major
Brooke William 95 F Private
Brooker Alfred 8 H Private
Brooker George 6/11 RA Gunner or Driver
Brooker Henry 90 F Private
Brooker Henry 1 Bo EF Private
Brooker James 73 F Private
Brookes William 2 RB Private
Brookes William 75 F Brevet Major
Brookman Frederick 14 D Private
Brookmires Francis 1 MF Private
Brooks Charles 9 L Corporal
Brooks Charles 1 MF Private
Brooks Edward 1/24 F Private
Brooks Edward 1/10 F Private
Brooks Edward 3 Bo EI Private
Brooks Edward James 14 D Private
Brooks Emmanuel 97 F Private
Brooks Francis 1/4 F Corporal
Brooks Frederick 34 F Private
Brooks Frederick 73 F Corporal
Brooks George 53 F Private
Brooks George 80 F Private
Brooks George Charles 9 L Private
Brooks Henry 2 DG Private
Brooks Henry 3 RB Private
Brooks Henry 1/23 F Private
Brooks Henry 34 F Private
Brooks Henry 35 F Private
Brooks Isaac 29 F Private
Brooks James 53 F Private
Brooks James 79 F Private
Brooks James 3/4 RA Bombardier
Brooks John 3 RB Private
Brooks John 3 MF Private
Brooks John 84 F Private
Brooks John 43 F Private
Brooks John 73 F Private
Brooks John 93 F Private
Brooks John 1/23 F Private
Brooks John 1 MF Private
Brooks John 2/13 RA Gunner
Brooks Jonas 1/23 F Private
Brooks Joseph 80 F Private
Brooks Joseph 38 F Private
Brooks Lawrence 84 F Private
Brooks Philip 3 RB Private
Brooks Richard 61 F Private
Brooks Robert 35 F Private
Brooks Stephen 73 F Private
Brooks Thomas 35 F Private
Brooks Thomas 3 RB Private
Brooks Thomas 84 F Private
Brooks Thomas 27 F Corporal
Brooks Thomas 83 F Private
Brooks William 2 DG Private
Brooks William 92 F Private
Brooks William 6/14 RA Gunner
Brooks William 1/8 F Private
Brooks William 42 F Private
Brooks William 64 F Private
Brooks William 27 F Private
Brooks William 73 F Private
Brooks William 1 Bo EF Private
Brooksbank Eli 1/5 F Corporal
Brookshaw Thomas 83 F Private
Broom John 1/24 F Sergeant
Broome James 2 DG Private
Broome Richard 37 F Private
Broomfield James 92 F Private
Broomfield William 8 H Troop Sergeant Major
Broomhead George 6/11 RA Sergeant
Broomwich Charles 35 F Private
Broother Patrick 1/13 F Private
Brophy James 87 F Private
Brophy John 3 MF Private
Brophy Michael 3 RB Private
Brophy Michael 61 F Private
Brophy Michael 1/8 F Private
Brophy Michael 75 F Private
Brophy Nicholas 53 F Private
Brophy Patrick 84 F Private
Brophy Thomas 87 F Private
Brosman Timothy 64 F Private
Brosnaham Cornelius 32 F Private
Brothers John 74 F Private
Brotherton Frederick 32 F Private
Brothnell Charles 42 F Private
Brough Benjamin 6/11 RA Gunner or Driver
Brough James 1 Be EF Private
Brough Joseph 93 F Private
Brough Michael 5/12 RA Gunner or Driver
Brough Thomas 17 L Private
Brough Thomas 75 F Private
Brough William 92 F Private
Brougham James Peter 1 Be EF Surgeon
Broughan Thomas 61 F Private
Broughill Daniel 12 L Private
Broughton Edward 54 F Private
Broughton Richard 4/14 RA Gunner
Broughton William 92 F Private
Broughton William 8 H Private
Broun Thomas 35 F Lieutenant
Bround William 64 F Private
Brown Adam C Corps Private
Brown Alexander 71 F Private
Brown Alexander 42 F Private
Brown Alexander 2 Be EF Private
Brown Alexander Halbert 2 Be EF Private
Brown Alfred 3 RB Private
Brown Alfred 1/8 F Private
Brown Alfred 95 F Private
Brown Allen 1/8 F Private
Brown Andrew 42 F Corporal
Brown Andrew 83 F Private
Brown Andrew 42 F Private
Brown Andrew 92 F Private
Brown Andrew 79 F Private
Brown Archibald 27 F Private
Brown Arthur 2 RB Private
Brown Arthur 14 D Private
Brown Austin Augustine A MHA Bombardier
Brown Barthomew 1 Be EF Private
Brown Benjamin 52 F Private
Brown Charles 53 F Private
Brown Charles 35 F Private
Brown Charles 2 DG Sergeant
Brown Charles 3 RB Private
Brown Charles 14 D Private
Brown Charles 1/60 R Private
Brown Charles 52 F Private
Brown Charles 35 F Private
Brown Charles 42 F Private
Brown Charles 1 MF Private
Brown Charles 1/4 F Private
Brown Charles 54 F Private
Brown Charles 1 Be EF Private
Brown Charles Henry Med Dpt Assistant Surgeon
Brown Colin 54 F Private
Brown Daniel Pearl Stoker
Brown Daniel 78 F Private
Brown Daniel 71 F Private
Brown David 42 F Private
Brown David 80 F Private
Brown David 53 F Private
Brown David 61 F Private
Brown David 1/10 F Colour Sergeant
Brown David 78 F Private
Brown David 79 F Drum Major
Brown David 1/5 F Private
Brown David 93 F Private
Brown David 32 F Private
Brown David Troup 74 F Private
Brown Delam 32 F Private
Brown Edmond 53 F Sergeant
Brown Edmund 1/8 F Private
Brown Edward 53 F Private
Brown Edward 82 F Private
Brown Edward 3 MF Private
Brown Edward 3 RB Private
Brown Edward 2 RB Private
Brown Edward 2 MT Sergeant
Brown Edward 3 RB Private
Brown Edward 53 F Private
Brown Edward 1 Be EF Captain
Brown Edward 3 Bo EI Private
Brown Elijah 70 F Private
Brown Francis 34 F Private
Brown Francis David Millet 1 Be EF Lieutenant
Brown Frederick 3 RB Sergeant
Brown Frederick 7 H Private
Brown Frederick C Corps Private
Brown Frederick William Shannon Assistant Engineer
Brown G 90 F Private
Brown G 90 F Private
Brown George 8 H Private
Brown George 17 L Private
Brown George 79 F Private
Brown George 82 F Private
Brown George 79 F Private
Brown George 3 RB Private
Brown George 34 F Private
Brown George 6 DG Private
Brown George 14 D Private
Brown George 53 F Corporal
Brown George 2/60 R Private
Brown George 52 F Private
Brown George 37 F Private
Brown George 78 F Private
Brown George 42 F Private
Brown George 78 F Private
Brown George 54 F Corporal
Brown George 32 F Private
Brown George 78 F Private
Brown George 43 F Private
Brown George 1/6 F Sergeant
Brown George 1/6 F Private
Brown George 90 F Corporal
Brown George 1 Be EF Private
Brown George 3/14 RA Driver
Brown George 5/12 RA Gunner or Driver
Brown Gilbert 8 H Private
Brown Henry Shannon Able Seaman
Brown Henry Shannon Able Seaman
Brown Henry 17 L Private
Brown Henry 17 L Private
Brown Henry 1/10 F Corporal
Brown Henry 56 F Drummer
Brown Henry 1/8 F Private
Brown Henry 75 F Private
Brown Henry 1/24 F Private
Brown Henry 1 Bo EF Private
Brown Hugh 86 F Private
Brown Hugh 83 F Drummer
Brown Hugh 90 F Private
Brown Hugh 79 F Private
Brown Isaac 82 F Private
Brown James 74 F Private
Brown James 1/60 R Private
Brown James 1/5 F Private
Brown James 83 F Private
Brown James 2 RB Private
Brown James 3 MF Private
Brown James 6 DG Sergeant
Brown James 1/23 F Drummer
Brown James 42 F Paymaster Sergeant
Brown James 29 F Private
Brown James 14 D Private
Brown James 8 H Private
Brown James 14 D Private
Brown James 84 F Private
Brown James 1 MF Private
Brown James 6/14 RA Corporal
Brown James 27 F Private
Brown James 78 F Drum Major
Brown James 1 MF Private
Brown James 1/13 F Private
Brown James 1/13 F Private
Brown James 61 F Sergeant
Brown James 81 F Private
Brown James 81 F Private
Brown James 82 F Private
Brown James 81 F Private
Brown James 1/10 F Private
Brown James 42 F Private
Brown James 1 MF Private
Brown James 1 MF Private
Brown James 78 F Private
Brown James 73 F Private
Brown James 1 MF Private
Brown James A MHA Gunner
Brown James 42 F Private
Brown James 71 F Private
Brown James 43 F Private
Brown James 82 F Private
Brown James 71 F Private
Brown James 32 F Private
Brown James 74 F Private
Brown James 97 F Sergeant
Brown James 34 F Private
Brown James 11 RE Sapper
Brown James 2 Be EF Private
Brown James 5/12 RA Bombardier
Brown James 5/12 RA Gunner or Driver
Brown James 5/13 RA Sergeant
Brown James 90 F Private
Brown James 90 F Private
Brown James (1) 3 Bo EI Private
Brown James (2) 3 Bo EI Private
Brown John 12 L Private
Brown John 93 F Private
Brown John 42 F Private
Brown John 8 H Private
Brown John 32 F Private
Brown John 17 L Private
Brown John 83 F Private
Brown John Pearl Able Seaman
Brown John 53 F Private
Brown John 1/13 F Private
Brown John 53 F Private
Brown John 3 RB Private
Brown John 2 RB Private
Brown John 79 F Private
Brown John 17 L Trumpeter
Brown John 3 MF Private
Brown John 9 L Farrier
Brown John 17 L Troop Sergeant Major
Brown John 3 RB Private
Brown John 3 RB Private
Brown John 17 L Private
Brown John 14 D Private
Brown John 70 F Private
Brown John 1/23 F Private
Brown John 53 F Private
Brown John 95 F Private
Brown John 83 F Sergeant
Brown John 70 F Drummer
Brown John 1/10 F Private
Brown John 1/10 F Private
Brown John 79 F Private
Brown John 79 F Private
Brown John 86 F Private
Brown John 83 F Corporal
Brown John 1 MF Private
Brown John 93 F Private
Brown John 37 F Corporal
Brown John 1/60 R Private
Brown John 42 F Private
Brown John 82 F Corporal
Brown John 52 F Private
Brown John 92 F Private
Brown John A MHA Gunner
Brown John 1/8 F Private
Brown John 1/60 R Private
Brown John 71 F Corporal
Brown John 78 F Private
Brown John 80 F Private
Brown John 79 F Private
Brown John 1/6 F Private
Brown John 92 F Private
Brown John 61 F Private
Brown John 1/10 F Private
Brown John 95 F Private
Brown John 75 F Private
Brown John 1 MF Private
Brown John 82 F Private
Brown John 93 F Private
Brown John 1 MF Private
Brown John 1 MF Private
Brown John 1 MF Private
Brown John 97 F Private
Brown John 2/60 R Private
Brown John 1/6 F Private
Brown John 79 F Private
Brown John 74 F Private
Brown John 42 F Private
Brown John 54 F Private
Brown John 80 F Private
Brown John 79 F Private
Brown John 82 F Private
Brown John 80 F Private
Brown John 1/23 F Private
Brown John 97 F Private
Brown John 38 F Private
Brown John 1 Be EF Private
Brown John 1 Bo EF Private
Brown John 1 Bo EF Private
Brown John 1 Bo EF Private
Brown John 2 Be EF Private
Brown John 37 F Captain
Brown John 72 F Private
Brown John 90 F Private
Brown John 90 F Private
Brown John 90 F Private
Brown Joseph 1/24 F Private
Brown Joseph 2 MT Private
Brown Joseph 84 F Private
Brown Joseph 2 MT Private
Brown Joseph 1/6 F Sergeant
Brown Joseph 81 F Private
Brown Joseph 34 F Private
Brown Joseph 32 F Private
Brown Joseph 1/20 F Private
Brown Joseph 73 F Private
Brown Joseph 2/60 R Private
Brown Joseph 93 F Private
Brown Joseph 95 F Private
Brown Joseph 1/23 F Private
Brown Joseph 2 Be EF Private
Brown Joshua 80 F Private
Brown Luke 1/8 F Private
Brown Malcolm 2/60 R Private
Brown Mathew 32 F Private
Brown Mathew 93 F Private
Brown Matthew 2 Be EF Private
Brown Maurice 6 DG Private
Brown Maurice 95 F Private
Brown Michael 93 F Private
Brown Michael 70 F Private
Brown Michael 53 F Private
Brown Michael 61 F Private
Brown Michael 42 F Private
Brown Michael 1/13 F Private
Brown Michael 34 F Private
Brown Michael A MHA Gunner
Brown MIchael 2 Be EF Private
Brown Miles T. 17 L Private
Brown Nicholas 38 F Private
Brown Patrick 34 F Corporal
Brown Patrick 84 F Private
Brown Patrick 70 F Sergeant
Brown Patrick 80 F Sergeant
Brown Patrick 27 F Private
Brown Patrick 87 F Private
Brown Patrick 3 Bo EI Private
Brown Peter 93 F Private
Brown Peter 92 F Private
Brown Peter 1 Bo EF Private
Brown Phillip 1/23 F Private
Brown Richard 42 F Private
Brown Richard 3 MF Private
Brown Richard 1/24 F Private
Brown Richard 1/20 F Private
Brown Richard 1 Be EF Private
Brown Robert 92 F Private
Brown Robert 2 DG Private
Brown Robert 3 MF Private
Brown Robert 61 F Private
Brown Robert 93 F Private
Brown Robert 80 F Private
Brown Robert 42 F Private
Brown Robert 86 F Private
Brown Robert 78 F Private
Brown Robert 95 F Private
Brown Robert 71 F Private
Brown Robert 90 F Private
Brown Robert 2 Be EF Sergeant
Brown Robert Johnston 14 D Captain
Brown Samuel 92 F Private
Brown Samuel 37 F Private
Brown Samuel 6 DG Corporal
Brown Samuel 6 DG Private
Brown Samuel 27 F Private
Brown Samuel 37 F Corporal
Brown Samuel 27 F Private
Brown Samuel 81 F Private
Brown Samuel 53 F Private
Brown Samuel 38 F Private
Brown Severus 8 H Private
Brown Silvey 2/60 R Private
Brown Thomas 79 F Private
Brown Thomas 9 L Private
Brown Thomas 53 F Private
Brown Thomas 93 F Private
Brown Thomas 53 F Private
Brown Thomas 3 RB Private
Brown Thomas 1/20 F Sergeant
Brown Thomas 3 MF Private
Brown Thomas 42 F Corporal
Brown Thomas 12 L Private
Brown Thomas 1 MF Private
Brown Thomas 7 H Private
Brown Thomas 79 F Sergeant
Brown Thomas 9 L Private
Brown Thomas 70 F Private
Brown Thomas 1/23 F Private
Brown Thomas 71 F Private
Brown Thomas 52 F Corporal
Brown Thomas 84 F Private
Brown Thomas 97 F Private
Brown Thomas 1 Be EF Private
Brown Thomas 1/60 R Sergeant
Brown Thomas 42 F Private
Brown Thomas 42 F Private
Brown Thomas 78 F Private
Brown Thomas 73 F Private
Brown Thomas 2/60 R Private
Brown Thomas 97 F Private
Brown Thomas 79 F Private
Brown Thomas 38 F Private
Brown Thomas 1 Be EF Sergeant
Brown Thomas 1 Be EF Private
Brown Thomas 1 Be EF Private
Brown Thomas 1 Bo EF Private
Brown Thomas 3 Bo EI Private
Brown Thomas A. 17 L Private
Brown Walter 43 F Private
Brown William 7 H Private
Brown William 93 F Private
Brown William 2/60 R Private
Brown William 2 RB Private
Brown William 42 F Private
Brown William 75 F Private
Brown William Pearl Able Seaman
Brown William 3 RB Private
Brown William 52 F Sergeant
Brown William 3 MF Private
Brown William 12 L Sergeant
Brown William 6 DG Corporal
Brown William 3 RB Private
Brown William 3 RB Private
Brown William 2 MT Artificer
Brown William 9 L Private
Brown William 90 F Private
Brown William 27 F Private
Brown William 8 H Private
Brown William 1/8 F Sergeant
Brown William 42 F Private
Brown William 37 F Corporal
Brown William 92 F Private
Brown William 43 F Private
Brown William 79 F Sergeant
Brown William 1/13 F Private
Brown William 29 F Private
Brown William 42 F Private
Brown William 61 F Private
Brown William 1/8 F Private
Brown William 2 RB Corporal
Brown William 78 F Private
Brown William 72 F Private
Brown William 93 F Private
Brown William 2/60 R Private
Brown William 1/23 F Sergeant
Brown William 70 F Private
Brown William 78 F Private
Brown William 74 F Private
Brown William 74 F Private
Brown William 1 MF Private
Brown William 1 MF Private
Brown William 53 F Private
Brown William 1/60 R Private
Brown William 72 F Private
Brown William 42 F Private
Brown William 80 F Private
Brown William A MHA Gunner
Brown William 1/23 F Private
Brown William 1/23 F Private
Brown William 1 Be EF Corporal
Brown William 2 Be EF Private
Brown William 3 Bo EI Private
Brown William D RHA Gunner
Brown William F RHA Driver
Brown William D. 1/6 F Corporal
Brown William Frost 7 H Private
Brown William Gustavus 1/24 F Colonel
Brown William Henry Shannon Master at Arms
Brown William Sampson 3/8 RA Lieutenant
Brown Wilson 42 F Colour Sergeant
Browne Charles 97 F Private
Browne Charles 88 F Private
Browne Charles Edward Gore 82 F Lieutenant & Adjutant
Browne Charles Frederick 35 F Captain
Browne Charles Henry 97 F Captain
Browne Edward Pearson 97 F Private
Browne Francis Med Dpt Hospital Apprentice
Browne George 87 F Drummer
Browne George 97 F Private
Browne George 1/13 F Private
Browne George 88 F Private
Browne George Richard 88 F Captain
Browne Henry 84 F Captain
Browne Henry George 32 F Lieutenant
Browne Hon. John Howe M. 80 F Captain
Browne James 87 F Private
Browne James 2 DG Private
Browne James 88 F Private
Browne John 88 F Private
Browne John 88 F Corporal
Browne John 1/13 F Private
Browne John 1/13 F Private
Browne John 97 F Private
Browne John Cornish 1/5 F Lieutenant
Browne Josiah 64 F Private
Browne Melville 1/13 F Captain
Browne Peter 86 F Private
Browne Peter Clifford 83 F Lieutenant
Browne Philip 53 F Private
Browne Thomas 83 F Private
Browne Thomas 64 F Private
Browne Thomas 97 F Private
Browne Wellington 80 F Paymaster
Browne William 64 F Sergeant
Browne William 64 F Private
Browne William 64 F Corporal
Browne William 80 F Private
Browne William Benjamin 81 F Captain
Browne William Henry S.M. 78 F Ensign
Brownhill James 92 F Corporal
Brownhill John 5/13 RA Gunner
Browning Alfred 1/13 F Sergeant
Browning George 1/5 F Private
Browning Henry 14 D Sergeant
Browning James 1/20 F Private
Browning James 61 F Corporal
Brownlee Andrew 71 F Private
Brownlee Charles 27 F Private
Brownlee David 35 F Private
Brownlee John 92 F Private
Brownlee Robert 11 RE Sapper
Brownlee Robert 78 F Private
Brownley James 3 MF Private
Brownley Mordecai 32 F Sergeant
Brownlie John 2 RB Private
Brownlow Francis 72 F Lieutenant
Brownlow George S. 97 F Private
Brownlow Joseph 73 F Private
Brownlow William 1/60 R Private
Brownrigg Henry Latham 84 F Lieutenant
Brownston Thomas 23 RE Sapper
Brownswood Frederick 78 F Private
Browse Frederick 3 MF Private
Browster John 7/14 RA Gunner or Driver
Brucass William 3 RB Private
Bruce Alexander 71 F Private
Bruce Charles 3 Bo EI Private
Bruce Courtney William 6 DG Captain
Bruce David 93 F Private
Bruce Ebenezer 71 F Private
Bruce George 64 F Private
Bruce Gustavus 8 H Corporal
Bruce Henry 42 F Private
Bruce Henry Le Geyt 1/2 Be HA Major
Bruce James 1 MF Private
Bruce James 1 Be EF Private
Bruce John 29 F Private
Bruce John 38 F Private
Bruce Joseph 80 F Private
Bruce Joseph 6/11 RA Gunner or Driver
Bruce Robert 34 F Private
Bruce Robert 79 F Private
Bruce Robert 1/23 F Major
Bruce Robert 21 RE Sapper
Bruce William 54 F Private
Bruce William 52 F Private
Bruder James 90 F Private
Bruder Jeremiah 90 F Sergeant
Brudnell George 75 F Corporal
Bruggie Edward 1 Be EF Private
Brumade William 1/8 F Private
Brummage Henry Shannon Royal Marine Private
Brummage William 1 Be EF Private
Brummell William 84 F Private
Brunkard Thomas 74 F Private
Brunsden John 90 F Private
Brunt Dean 1 Bo EF Private
Brunt Samuel 90 F Corporal
Brunt Thomas 34 F Private
Brunt Thomas 2 DG Private
Brunt William 5/12 RA Bombardier Wheeler
Brunton Frederick 78 F Private
Brunton Robert 9 L Private
Bruton David 86 F Sergeant
Bruton James 34 F Private
Bruton William 12 L Private
Bryan Andrew 86 F Private
Bryan Cornelius 70 F Private
Bryan Daniel 6 DG Private
Bryan Daniel 1/10 F Private
Bryan Daniel 86 F Private
Bryan Daniel 1/5 F Private
Bryan David 34 F Private
Bryan David 1/6 F Private
Bryan Edward 83 F Private
Bryan Henry 34 F Private
Bryan James 1/60 R Private
Bryan James 1/10 F Private
Bryan James 81 F Private
Bryan James 83 F Private
Bryan James 87 F Private
Bryan James 29 F Private
Bryan John 3 MF Private
Bryan John 81 F Drummer
Bryan John 12 L Private
Bryan John 2/60 R Private
Bryan John 37 F Private
Bryan John 86 F Sergeant
Bryan John 87 F Private
Bryan John 56 F Private
Bryan John 86 F Private
Bryan John 43 F Private
Bryan John 1 MF Private
Bryan John 53 F Private
Bryan John 1 Bo EF Private
Bryan John 3 Bo EI Private
Bryan John 6/13 RA Gunner or Driver
Bryan Joseph 83 F Private
Bryan Mathew 1 Be EF Corporal
Bryan Matthew 29 F Private
Bryan Maurice 1/10 F Private
Bryan Michael 87 F Private
Bryan Michael 87 F Private
Bryan Michael 53 F Private
Bryan MIchael 1 Be EF Corporal
Bryan Patrick 87 F Private
Bryan Patrick 3 MF Private
Bryan Patrick 83 F Private
Bryan Patrick 43 F Private
Bryan Patrick 1 MF Private
Bryan Patrick 32 F Private
Bryan Patrick 1 Bo EF Private
Bryan Patrick 1 Bo EF Private
Bryan Patrick 3 Bo EI Private
Bryan Richard 43 F Private
Bryan Richard 2/60 R Private
Bryan Thomas 17 L Private
Bryan Thomas 35 F Private
Bryan Thomas 1/60 R Private
Bryan Timothy 87 F Private
Bryan William 1/5 F Private
Bryan William 1 MF Private
Bryan William 87 F Private
Bryan William 34 F Private
Bryan William 83 F Private
Bryan William 1 MF Sergeant
Bryan William 1/13 F Private
Bryan William 2 RB Private
Bryans John 38 F Private
Bryant Alfred 9 L Private
Bryant Alfred 2/60 R Private
Bryant Charles 1/8 F Private
Bryant Daniel 9 L Private
Bryant Edward C Corps Private
Bryant Edward F RHA Bombardier Wheeler
Bryant Frederick 14 D Private
Bryant George 32 F Private
Bryant George 12 L Private
Bryant George 78 F Sergeant
Bryant Henry F RHA Driver
Bryant James 35 F Private
Bryant James 1/8 F Private
Bryant James 1/13 F Bugler
Bryant James 82 F Private
Bryant John 73 F Private
Bryant John 2 DG Private
Bryant Joseph 6 DG Private
Bryant Joseph 54 F Private
Bryant Samuel 32 F Private
Bryant Stephen 32 F Private
Bryant Thomas 9 L Private
Bryant Thomas 1/5 F Private
Bryant William 73 F Private
Bryant William 1/24 F Private
Bryant William 54 F Private
Bryant William 1/23 F Private
Bryatt Thomas 6/14 RA Gunner
Bryce Andrew 34 F Private
Bryce Dennis 3 MF Private
Bryce George 93 F Private
Bryce James 93 F Sergeant
Bryce John 7/14 RA Bombardier
Bryce Robert 3 MF Private
Bryce Robert 35 F Private
Bryden Robert 78 F Corporal
Brydges William 32 F Private
Brydon George 79 F Private
Brydon Lewis Augustus 74 F Captain
Bryne John 3 RB Private
Bryns Henry D RHA Gunner
Bryon Patrick 3/14 RA Driver
Bryson Andrew 42 F Private
Bryson George 72 F Corporal
Bryson James 80 F Private
Bryson John 42 F Private
Bryson Peter 6/14 RA Gunner
Bryson Robert 92 F Private
Bryson Samuel Shannon Able Seaman
Bryson William 5/13 RA Gunner
Bubb Edward 5/3 RA Assistant Surgeon
Bubb George 9 L Sergeant
Buchan Alexander 1 Be EF Private
Buchan Andrew 42 F Private
Buchan James 72 F Private
Buchan John 82 F Drummer
Buchan John 79 F Private
Buchanan A Lah LH Private
Buchanan Alexander 2/60 R Private
Buchanan Andrew 42 F Private
Buchanan Henry 73 F Sergeant
Buchanan James 42 F Private
Buchanan James 54 F Private
Buchanan James 79 F Private
Buchanan James John Neil 6 DG Lieutenant
Buchanan John 79 F Private
Buchanan John 42 F Private
Buchanan John 14 D Private
Buchanan John 93 F Private
Buchanan Lewis Mans. 88 F Ensign
Buchanan R Lah LH Private
Buchanan Richard Dennistown 72 F Captain
Buchanan Robert 88 F Private
Buchanan Robert 79 F Private
Buchanan Robert D RHA Gunner
Buchanan Thomas 6 DG Private
Buchanan Thomas 93 F Private
Buchannan William 2 RB Private
Buchanon William 1/5 F Private
Buchmer Henry Charles 2/60 R Sergeant
Buck Henry 53 F Captain
Buck James 17 L Sergeant
Buck James 27 F Private
Buck James 1/8 F Private
Buck John 1/5 F Private
Buck John Henry 7 H Private
Buck Robert 52 F Private
Buck William 1/5 F Private
Bucke Samuel 73 F Private
Buckell James 52 F Sergeant
Buckham William 53 F Private
Buckingham Benjamin J. 1/13 F Private
Buckingham David 73 F Private
Buckingham Edward 4/14 RA Shoeing Smith
Buckingham Henry 54 F Private
Buckingham James 17 L Private
Buckingham James 88 F Private
Buckingham James 54 F Private
Buckingham Philip 34 F Private
Buckingham Soloman 70 F Private
Buckingham Thomas 97 F Private
Buckingham William George 1/10 F Private
Buckland Alfred 1/60 R Private
Buckland George 52 F Private
Buckland Hezekiel 2 RB Private
Buckland Thomas 7 H Private
Buckle Isaac 5/13 RA Gunner
Buckle William 2 DG Private
Buckler David 6/13 RA Gunner or Driver
Buckler Edwin 9 L Private
Buckler William 1/13 F Private
Buckler William E RHA Sergeant
Buckley Aaron 81 F Private
Buckley Charles Edward C Corps Lieutenant
Buckley Cornelius 37 F Private
Buckley Cornelius 84 F Private
Buckley Cornelius 1/24 F Private
Buckley Cornelius 1/20 F Private
Buckley Daniel 3 MF Private
Buckley Daniel 1 MF Private
Buckley Daniel 82 F Private
Buckley Denis 86 F Private
Buckley Denis 3 Bo EI Private
Buckley Edward 84 F Private
Buckley Edward 43 F Private
Buckley George 86 F Private
Buckley George 1/23 F Private
Buckley Henry 7 H Sergeant
Buckley Henry 2 RB Private
Buckley James 7 H Private
Buckley James 84 F Private
Buckley James 92 F Private
Buckley James 2 DG Private
Buckley James 1 MF Private
Buckley James 83 F Private
Buckley James 2/60 R Private
Buckley James 90 F Private
Buckley James 1/23 F Private
Buckley Jeremiah 1/10 F Colour Sergeant
Buckley Jeremiah 1/20 F Sergeant
Buckley Jeremiah 2 Be EF Private
Buckley John 3 MF Private
Buckley John 3 RB Corporal
Buckley John 61 F Private
Buckley John 1/10 F Private
Buckley John 73 F Private
Buckley John 82 F Private
Buckley John 1/6 F Private
Buckley John 82 F Drummer
Buckley John 1/20 F Private
Buckley John 1 Bo EF Private
Buckley Jonathan 3/4 RA Gunner
Buckley Michael Shannon Able Seaman
Buckley Michael 82 F Drummer
Buckley Michael 61 F Private
Buckley Nicholas 1/60 R Private
Buckley Patrick 3 MF Private
Buckley Richard 95 F Private
Buckley Thomas 3 RB Private
Buckley Thomas 52 F Private
Buckley Thomas 53 F Private
Buckley Timothy 61 F Private
Buckley Timothy 83 F Private
Buckley Tobias 3 MF Private
Buckley William 1 MF Corporal
Buckley William 37 F Private
Buckley William 1 Be EF Private
Buckley Wright 8 H Private
Buckly Thomas 21 RE Colour Sergeant
Buckman Thomas 1/10 F Corporal
Buckmaster John 7 H Private
Bucknall George 1/20 F Private
Bucknall Henry 1/20 F Private
Buckner Robert 1 MF Private
Buckwell Daniel 1/60 R Private
Budd Daniel 5/3 RA Driver
Budd Edward 37 F Corporal
Budd Henry 3 RB Corporal
Budd Isaac 53 F Sergeant
Budd John 70 F Private
Budd John 2 Be EF Sergeant
Budd Martin 38 F Private
Budd Robert 2 RB Private
Budd Walter 2 MT Corporal
Budd William 1 Bo EF Private
Budden Henry 3 RB Private
Buddle Alexander 1/6 F Corporal
Budge George 1/5 F Corporal
Budge James 71 F Corporal
Budge William 1/5 F Private
Budgen Edward Hugo 82 F Lieutenant
Budgen John 95 F Lieutenant
Bufton John 1/60 R Private
Bugg John 1/8 F Private
Bugg John 75 F Private
Bugg Robert 80 F Private
Buggy John 87 F Private
Buggy Michael 12 L Private
Bugler Robert 3 Bo EI Private
Buick Thomas 7 H Corporal
Buin Henry 43 F Private
Buist Robert 6 DG Private
Bulger Edward 43 F Private
Bulger Edward 61 F Private
Bulger John 1/13 F Private
Bulger John 1/13 F Private
Bulger Patrick 1/23 F Private
Bulger Patrick 87 F Corporal
Bulger Richard 1/23 F Private
Bulhied William 81 F Private
Bulkeley Robert S. W. 7 H Lieutenant
Bulkley Timothy 1 Be EF Private
Bull Charles Shannon Able Seaman
Bull Charles 2 RB Private
Bull Daniel 87 F Private
Bull Henry 3 RB Private
Bull James 3 RB Private
Bull John 2/60 R Private
Bull John 29 F Private
Bull Robert 38 F Private
Bull Thomas 90 F Corporal
Bull Thomas 90 F Private
Bull William 81 F Colour Sergeant
Bull William 1/23 F Private
Bull William 3 Bo EI Private
Bullard James 1/5 F Private
Bullen Elijah 2 RB Private
Bullen George 3 RB Private
Bullen George Shannon Ordinary Seaman
Bullen Henry 14 D Private
Bullen James 78 F Private
Bullen John 43 F Private
Bullen Samuel 6 DG Private
Bullen William 9 L Private
Buller George 90 F Private
Buller John 2 Be EF Corporal
Bullers Joseph 1/60 R Private
Bullert William 27 F Private
Bulley George 53 F Private
Bullick John 8 H Private
Bullimore William 6 DG Troop Sergeant Major
Bullman Thomas 53 F Private
Bullman William Henry 17 L Corporal
Bullock Alexander 92 F Private
Bullock George 1/6 F Private
Bullock James 1/4 F Private
Bullock John 34 F Private
Bullock John 43 F Private
Bullock Levi 1/23 F Private
Bullock Richard 61 F Private
Bullock Robert 34 F Private
Bullock Robert 37 F Private
Bullock Samuel 2/60 R Private
Bullock William 12 L Corporal
Bullough William 1/8 F Private
Bully G Lah LH Private
Bulman Edward 9 L Private
Bulwer Edward Earle Gascoigne 1/23 F Major
Bumford James 2 RB Private
Bumstead George 1/60 R Private
Bunce Frederick 8 H Corporal
Bunce Henry 1/60 R Sergeant
Bunce James 83 F Private
Bunce John 38 F Private
Bunce Richard 17 L Private
Bunch James 42 F Private
Bundle James 54 F Private
Bundock Charles 12 L Private
Bundy Mark 3 MF Private
Bunfill James 3 MF Private
Bungay Charles 1/20 F Private
Bungay William 1/23 F Private
Bungey Alexander 1/60 R Private
Bungey Thomas 97 F Private
Bunker Abraham 1/20 F Private
Bunker Frederick 1/20 F Private
Bunker Julias 14 D Private
Bunker William 1/5 F Private
Bunkurn Joseph 12 L Private
Bunn Alfred 90 F Private
Bunn Joseph 43 F Private
Bunn Richard 37 F Lieutenant & Adjutant
Bunney William 84 F Private
Bunter John 2 RB Private
Bunting James 27 F Private
Bunting James 23 RE Sapper
Bunting Joseph 2 RB Private
Bunting Ralph 1 MF Private
Bunting Thomas 73 F Drummer
Bunting Thomas 2 RB Private
Bunting William 64 F Private
Bunting William 73 F Private
Bunton Alexander 79 F Private
Bunton John 82 F Private
Bunton William 78 F Private
Bunyan George 3 MF Private
Bunyan James 90 F Private
Bunyan Thomas 79 F Sergeant Major
Bunyan William 95 F Private
Bunyard William 2 MT Private
Burbage John 14 D Private
Burbage Richard 1/13 F Private
Burbank John William 1/6 F Private
Burberry Thomas 34 F Private
Burbidge Edward 95 F Private
Burbidge Thomas 9 L Private
Burbidge Thomas 95 F Private
Burbige William 1/24 F Private
Burbridge David 82 F Private
Burbridge William 35 F Private
Burch Jacob 2 RB Private
Burch Thomas 1/20 F Private
Burch William 1/13 F Private
Burchell Thomas 52 F Private
Burcher Henry 52 F Private
Burcher James 2 MT Sergeant
Burcher Thomas 7/14 RA Bombardier
Burchill John 32 F Private
Burden Jabez 34 F Private
Burden James 1/13 F Private
Burden James 1/8 F Private
Burder John 6 DG Private
Burder John 1/5 F Sergeant
Burder William 3 Bo EI Private
Burder William Howley 6 DG Lieutenant
Burdett John 1/4 F Private
Burdett Moses 3/14 RA Driver
Burdett Richard 84 F Private
Burdett Sir Charles 54 F Ensign
Burfett W.A. James 1/13 F Private
Burfoot Richard 35 F Private
Burford John 38 F Private
Burford John 54 F Private
Burford Thomas 11 RE Sapper
Burford William 2 DG Private
Burgain Henry 37 F Private
Burgay Richard W. 34 F Private
Burge George 2 RB Private
Burge James 12 L Private
Burge Robert Sutton 3 MF Lieutenant
Burge Thomas 2 RB Sergeant
Burges George Richard 53 F Private
Burges John 1/5 F Private
Burgess Alexander 79 F Private
Burgess Alexander 42 F Private
Burgess Charles 35 F Corporal
Burgess Francis 2/60 R Private
Burgess George 90 F Private
Burgess George 78 F Private
Burgess George 32 F Private
Burgess Henry 52 F Private
Burgess Henry 73 F Sergeant
Burgess James Pearl Able Seaman
Burgess James 3 RB Private
Burgess John 6 DG Private
Burgess John 6 DG Orderly Room Clerk
Burgess John 32 F Private
Burgess John 80 F Private
Burgess Joseph 64 F Private
Burgess Joseph 95 F Private
Burgess Joseph 37 F Private
Burgess Josiah 43 F Private
Burgess Robert 34 F Private
Burgess Robert 95 F Private
Burgess Solomon 1/10 F Private
Burgess Thomas 64 F Private
Burgess William 78 F Private
Burgess William 38 F Private
Burgess William 1 Bo EF Private
Burgham Charles 73 F Private
Burgin John 86 F Private
Burgin Stephen 9 L Private
Burgoyne James 3 Bo EI Private
Burgoyne Roderick dhu G.H. 93 F Lieutenant
Burgum George T.C. 82 F Sergeant Major
Burke Bartholomew 1/8 F Drummer
Burke Bernard 52 F Private
Burke Charles 86 F Private
Burke David Shannon Able Seaman
Burke David 87 F Private
Burke David 1/13 F Private
Burke Dennis 3 MF Private
Burke Edmond 1/13 F Private
Burke Edmund 1/10 F Private
Burke Edward 82 F Private
Burke Edward 17 L Private
Burke Edward 27 F Sergeant
Burke Edward 84 F Private
Burke Edward 61 F Private
Burke Edward 81 F Private
Burke Edward 53 F Private
Burke Edward 1/13 F Private
Burke Francis 3 MF Private
Burke Francis 3 MF Private
Burke George 81 F Private
Burke George 84 F Private
Burke George 93 F Private
Burke Hubert 88 F Corporal
Burke James 75 F Private
Burke James 83 F Private
Burke James 1/20 F Private
Burke James 61 F Private
Burke James 80 F Sergeant
Burke James 87 F Private
Burke James 75 F Private
Burke James 1/5 F Private
Burke James 1 MF Private
Burke James 53 F Private
Burke James 53 F Private
Burke James 2 RB Private
Burke Jeremiah 75 F Private
Burke Jeremiah 1/20 F Private
Burke John 1/5 F Private
Burke John 53 F Private
Burke John 3 MF Private
Burke John 53 F Corporal
Burke John 73 F Private
Burke John 87 F Corporal
Burke John 88 F Private
Burke John 27 F Private
Burke John 32 F Private
Burke John 64 F Private
Burke John 86 F Private
Burke John 86 F Private
Burke John 83 F Private
Burke John 80 F Drum Major
Burke John 27 F Private
Burke John 80 F Private
Burke John 61 F Private
Burke John 1/24 F Private
Burke John 1/13 F Private
Burke John 1 MF Private
Burke John 1 Be EF Private
Burke John 2 Be EF Private
Burke Lawrence 2 Be EF Private
Burke Luke 88 F Private
Burke Martin 73 F Private
Burke Martin 2 Be EF Corporal
Burke Martin 5/12 RA Shoeing Smith
Burke Michael 37 F Private
Burke Michael 81 F Private
Burke Michael 1 MF Private
Burke Michael 1/5 F Private
Burke Michael 1/8 F Private
Burke Michael 84 F Corporal
Burke Michael 73 F Private
Burke Michael 87 F Sergeant
Burke Michael 42 F Private
Burke Michael 29 F Private
Burke Michael 29 F Private
Burke Michael 1 MF Private
Burke Michael 89 F Private
Burke Patrick 2 DG Private
Burke Patrick 1/20 F Private
Burke Patrick 87 F Private
Burke Patrick 87 F Private
Burke Patrick 87 F Private
Burke Patrick 1/13 F Private
Burke Patrick 27 F Private
Burke Patrick 34 F Private
Burke Patrick 73 F Private
Burke Patrick 1/10 F Private
Burke Patrick 83 F Private
Burke Patrick 42 F Private
Burke Patrick 53 F Private
Burke Patrick 95 F Private
Burke Patrick 88 F Private
Burke Patrick 88 F Private
Burke Patrick 3 Bo EI Colour Sergeant
Burke Peter 61 F Private
Burke Richard 12 L Sergeant
Burke Richard 87 F Private
Burke Richard 78 F Private
Burke Richard 83 F Private
Burke Richard 1/60 R Private
Burke Richard 97 F Private
Burke Robert 1 MF Private
Burke Samuel 3 MF Private
Burke Stephen 1/5 F Sergeant
Burke Theobald 88 F Lieutenant
Burke Thomas 87 F Private
Burke Thomas 2 DG Private
Burke Thomas 84 F Sergeant
Burke Thomas 64 F Private
Burke Thomas 73 F Private
Burke Thomas 32 F Private
Burke Thomas 88 F Private
Burke Thomas 53 F Private
Burke Thomas 97 F Private
Burke Thomas 38 F Private
Burke Thomas 82 F Private
Burke Thomas 88 F Private
Burke Thomas 1 Be EF Sergeant
Burke Thomas 2 Be EF Private
Burke Walter 88 F Private
Burke Walter 27 F Private
Burke William 38 F Private
Burke William 1/20 F Private
Burke William 87 F Private
Burke William 73 F Drummer
Burke William 75 F Private
Burke William 61 F Sergeant
Burke William 73 F Private
Burke William 1/8 F Private
Burke William 87 F Private
Burke William 1 MF Private
Burke William 64 F Private
Burke William 38 F Private
Burke William 1/13 F Private
Burke William 3/11 RA Driver
Burkin George 3 RB Private
Burkin James 2 RB Private
Burkitt William Robert 74 F Assistant Surgeon
Burley John 27 F Private
Burley John 34 F Private
Burley Joseph 3 MF Private
Burley Michael 3 MF Drummer
Burley Patrick 2 MT Private
Burley Robert 17 L Private
Burley William 3 MF Drummer
Burling Biaziah 8 H Private
Burlington Robert 83 F Private
Burman Jeremiah 1/13 F Private
Burman Thomas 1/20 F Private
Burmby Thomas William 3/14 RA Sergeant
Burn Bernard 32 F Private
Burn John 1/8 F Private
Burn John Macvicar 8/14 RA Lieutenant
Burn Patrick 38 F Private
Burnaby Alexander Dickson 5/12 RA Lieutenant
Burnage Thomas 38 F Private
Burnard John 1/20 F Private
Burnby James 52 F Private
Burne John 87 F Private
Burne O. Tudor 1/20 F Lieutenant
Burne Patrick 1/60 R Private
Burne Patrick 61 F Private
Burne Peter 81 F Private
Burnell Patrick 95 F Private
Burnes Anthony 1 Be EF Private
Burnes Charles 27 F Private
Burnes Daniel 35 F Private
Burnes Denis 1 Be EF Private
Burnes Edward 81 F Private
Burnes James 92 F Private
Burnes James 1 Bo EF Private
Burnes John 34 F Private
Burnes John 1 Be EF Private
Burnes Joseph 80 F Private
Burnes Patrick 87 F Corporal
Burnes Peter 1/6 F Private
Burnes Thomas 35 F Private
Burnes Thomas 34 F Private
Burnes Thomas 73 F Private
Burnes Thomas 1/6 F Private
Burnes Timothy 34 F Private
Burnes W Lah LH Private
Burnet Andrew 72 F Private
Burnet Thomas 72 F Private
Burnett A Lah LH Private
Burnett D Lah LH Private
Burnett David 71 F Private
Burnett Edmund Sidney 5/13 RA Lieutenant
Burnett Henry 64 F Private
Burnett J Lah LH Corporal
Burnett John 93 F Private
Burnett John 53 F Private
Burnett Robert Shannon Able Seaman
Burnett William 71 F Private
Burnett William 7/14 RA Corporal
Burnham Henry 2 DG Private
Burnham Joseph 1/5 F Private
Burnham Thomas 3 Bo EI Private
Burnie John 93 F Corporal
Burnley James 37 F Sergeant
Burnman George 2 RB Private
Burnop Frederick 73 F Corporal
Burns Alexander 54 F Private
Burns Andrew 70 F Corporal
Burns Arthur 37 F Private
Burns Arthur 1/20 F Private
Burns Bernard 38 F Private
Burns Bernard 86 F Private
Burns Charles 88 F Private
Burns Daniel 1/6 F Private
Burns Edward 7 H Private
Burns Francis 78 F Private
Burns Gaven 82 F Private
Burns Hugh 86 F Sergeant
Burns Hugh 1/20 F Private
Burns James Shannon Able Seaman
Burns James 2 MT Private
Burns James 93 F Private
Burns James 32 F Private
Burns James 54 F Private
Burns James 88 F Sergeant
Burns James 88 F Private
Burns James 3 Bo EI Private
Burns James St.Clair 61 F Orderly Room Clerk
Burns Jeremiah 38 F Private
Burns John Shannon Caulker
Burns John 3 MF Private
Burns John 9 L Private
Burns John 52 F Private
Burns John 75 F Private
Burns John 64 F Private
Burns John 70 F Private
Burns John 78 F Private
Burns John 74 F Private
Burns John 79 F Private
Burns John 1/13 F Private
Burns John 93 F Drummer
Burns John 1/24 F Private
Burns John 88 F Private
Burns John 1 Be EF Private
Burns John 7/14 RA Bombardier
Burns John William 1/60 R Corporal
Burns Joseph 82 F Corporal
Burns Malachi 88 F Private
Burns Manuel 88 F Private
Burns Mark 43 F Private
Burns Martin 1/10 F Private
Burns Michael 72 F Private
Burns MIchael 3 MF Private
Burns Michael 64 F Private
Burns Michael 97 F Private
Burns MIchael 1 Bo EF Private
Burns Nicholas 74 F Private
Burns Owen C Corps Private
Burns Patrick 6 DG Trumpeter
Burns Patrick 78 F Sergeant
Burns Patrick 88 F Private
Burns Patrick 64 F Private
Burns Patrick 87 F Private
Burns Patrick 75 F Private
Burns Patrick 37 F Private
Burns Patrick 82 F Private
Burns Patrick 1 Be EF Private
Burns Patrick 2 Be EF Private
Burns Peter 64 F Private
Burns Peter 93 F Private
Burns Robert 7 H Private
Burns Robert 14 D Private
Burns Robert 42 F Private
Burns Robert 79 F Private
Burns Robert 1/20 F Private
Burns Samuel 79 F Private
Burns Samuel 6/13 RA Gunner or Driver
Burns Samuel John James 1/24 F Lieutenant
Burns Terence 1/8 F Private
Burns Thomas 79 F Private
Burns Thomas 14 D Private
Burns Thomas 1/20 F Private
Burns Thomas 1 Bo EF Private
Burns William 38 F Private
Burns William 88 F Private
Burns William 1/20 F Private
Burns William 42 F Private
Burns William 1/60 R Private
Burns William 1/5 F Private
Burnside Andrew 54 F Private
Burnside Henry E. Hillman 61 F Captain
Burnside William 78 F Private
Burr Charles D RHA Driver
Burr George 53 F Private
Burr George 1 Bo EF Private
Burr John 3 Bo EI Bugler
Burrage Peter 35 F Private
Burrell Abram 1/5 F Private
Burrell Charles 80 F Private
Burrell George 8/2 RA Gunner
Burrell Henry 1/23 F Private
Burrell Thomas 75 F Private
Burrell William 54 F Sergeant
Burres Robert 81 F Private
Burress James 5/13 RA Gunner
Burridge James 9 L Private
Burridge James 1 Be EF Private
Burridge Richmond 1/4 F Private
Burris Richard 34 F Corporal
Burriston Charles 1/6 F Private
Burroughs Frederick William 93 F Captain
Burroughs Richard Davies 52 F Lieutenant
Burrow James 1 MF Sergeant
Burrowes Erasmus 80 F Lieutenant & Adjutant
Burrowes William 6 DG Private
Burrows Amos 95 F Private
Burrows Andrew 2/13 RA Gunner
Burrows Charles 1/10 F Private
Burrows Charles 97 F Private
Burrows Edward 93 F Private
Burrows Edward 3 RB Private
Burrows Henry 8 H Private
Burrows Henry 73 F Private
Burrows Henry 2/13 RA Sergeant
Burrows James 53 F Private
Burrows James 86 F Private
Burrows James 1/10 F Private
Burrows James 4/14 RA Gunner
Burrows John 84 F Private
Burrows Moses 7 H Private
Burrows Robert 3 MF Drummer
Burrows Samuel 83 F Private
Burrows Thomas 1/8 F Private
Burrows William Pearl Gunner R.M.A.
Burrows William 42 F Private
Burrows William 2 MT Private
Burrows William 1/8 F Private
Burrows William 1/60 R Private
Burrows William 1/23 F Private
Burrows William 53 F Colour Sergeant
Burrows William 1/5 F Private
Burrows William 97 F Private
Burson Henry 84 F Private
Burt Charles 35 F Private
Burt John 87 F Private
Burt John 1/13 F Private
Burt John 79 F Private
Burt John 1 Bo EF Private
Burt Richard 1/20 F Private
Burt Thomas Shannon Able Seaman
Burt William 2 DG Private
Burton Alfred 75 F Private
Burton Benjamin 4/14 RA Wheeler
Burton Charles 1/10 F Private
Burton Charles 54 F Private
Burton Charles William 89 F Ensign
Burton David 61 F Private
Burton Edward 1 Bo EF Private
Burton Edward Joseph N. 37 F Captain
Burton Fowler 97 F Lieutenant Colonel
Burton George 3 RB Private
Burton George 29 F Corporal
Burton George 75 F Private
Burton George 1/20 F Sergeant
Burton Henry 34 F Private
Burton James 3 RB Private
Burton Jessie 81 F Private
Burton John 53 F Private
Burton John 8 H Private
Burton John 32 F Private
Burton John 11 RE Sapper
Burton John 1/23 F Drummer
Burton John 2 Be EF Private
Burton John Pearl Carpenter
Burton Joseph 34 F Private
Burton Joseph 82 F Private
Burton Richard A MHA Gunner
Burton Robert Francis 1 MF Lieutenant
Burton Robert Graves 6 D Assistant Surgeon
Burton Samuel 53 F Private
Burton Tom 73 F Private
Burton William 2 RB Private
Burton William 34 F Private
Burton William 2 RB Private
Burtsell John 3 RB Private
Burward William 75 F Colour Sergeant
Bury Edward 97 F Private
Bury Thomas 3 MF Private
Busbridge Joshua 1/20 F Private
Busby Benjamin 3 RB Private
Busby George 52 F Private
Busby Noah 37 F Private
Busby Phillip 37 F Private
Bush Arthur 97 F Private
Bush Charles 80 F Private
Bush Charles 75 F Corporal
Bush Edward 6/13 RA Gunner or Driver
Bush Henry 6 DG Private
Bush James 53 F Drummer
Bush Richard 35 F Colour Sergeant
Bush Richard F. Shannon Able Seaman
Bush Thomas 1/6 F Paymaster's Clerk
Bush Thomas 52 F Private
Bush William 3 MF Sergeant
Bush William 1/6 F Private
Bush William 8 H Sergeant
Bushbell John 3 MF Private
Bushby Alfred 52 F Private
Bushby G Lah LH Captain
Bushe Thomas 1 MF Private
Bushe William Dascon 7 H Major
Bushell Henry 32 F Private
Bushell James 6 DG Private
Bushell William 1/8 F Private
Bushfield John 27 F Sergeant
Busk George 80 F Private
Busk Thomas 84 F Private
Buss Richard 2 MT Private
Bussell Gustavus William H. 1/23 F Lieutenant
Bussell Thomas 2 DG Private
Bussey James 1 MF Corporal
Bussin William 1/60 R Private
Bustin Henry 2 DG Corporal
Buswell Thomas 1/5 F Private
Butchart Robert 82 F Private
Butcher Charles 38 F Private
Butcher George 12 L Private
Butcher John 9 L Private
Butcher Richard 2 DG Private
Butcher Samuel 9 L Private
Butcher Thomas 6 DG Private
Butcher Thomas 43 F Private
Butcher Thomas Med Dpt 1st Class Orderly
Butcher William 3 MF Sergeant
Butcher William 52 F Private
Butler Andrew 72 F Private
Butler Andrew 1/5 F Private
Butler Anthony 87 F Lieutenant
Butler Charles 53 F Private
Butler Charles 73 F Private
Butler Charles 2 RB Private
Butler Charles 3 Bo EI Private
Butler Charles Richard 1/20 F Major
Butler Cornelius 87 F Private
Butler Daniel 75 F Corporal
Butler David 78 F Private
Butler Edmond 64 F Private
Butler Edmond 1/8 F Private
Butler Edward 38 F Private
Butler Edward 87 F Private
Butler Edward 64 F Private
Butler Edward 87 F Private
Butler Francis Pearl Royal Marine Sergeant
Butler George 34 F Sergeant
Butler George 1/13 F Private
Butler James 2 DG Private
Butler James 1 MF Corporal
Butler James 1 MF Sergeant
Butler James 72 F Private
Butler James 80 F Sergeant
Butler James 32 F Private
Butler James 86 F Private
Butler James 90 F Private
Butler James 43 F Private
Butler James 90 F Private
Butler James 1/23 F Private
Butler James 1 Bo EF Private
Butler James D RHA Gunner
Butler John 79 F Private
Butler John 7 H Private
Butler John 2/60 R Private
Butler John 1/60 R Private
Butler John 52 F Private
Butler John 87 F Private
Butler John 92 F Private
Butler John 86 F Private
Butler John 61 F Private
Butler John 87 F Private
Butler John 32 F Private
Butler John 1 Be EF Private
Butler John 1 Be EF Private
Butler Joseph 73 F Private
Butler Keeran 64 F Private
Butler Laurence 1 Be EF Private
Butler Matthew 35 F Corporal
Butler Michael 9 L Private
Butler Michael 82 F Private
Butler Michael 86 F Private
Butler Michael 1/24 F Private
Butler Patrick 7 H Private
Butler Patrick 81 F Private
Butler Patrick 87 F Private
Butler Patrick 87 F Private
Butler Reuben D RHA Sergeant Major
Butler Richard 52 F Private
Butler Richard 1/10 F Private
Butler Richard 1 MF Private
Butler Robert 3 MF Corporal
Butler Robert 84 F Private
Butler Silvester 84 F Drummer
Butler Thomas 2 MT Regimental Sergeant Major
Butler Thomas 3 MF Sergeant
Butler Thomas 83 F Private
Butler Thomas 87 F Private
Butler Thomas 35 F Private
Butler Thomas 87 F Sergeant
Butler Thomas 43 F Private
Butler Thomas 1/13 F Private
Butler Thomas 1 Be EF Private
Butler Thomas 1 Bo EF Private
Butler Thomas 6/11 RA Gunner or Driver
Butler Thomas Adair 1 Be EF Lieutenant
Butler Webbe 2/60 R Major
Butler William 84 F Private
Butler William 3 RB Private
Butler William 17 L Private
Butler William 6 DG Trumpeter
Butler William 1/4 F Private
Butler William 27 F Private
Butler William 64 F Private
Butler William 1/13 F Private
Butler William 1/60 R Private
Butler William 1/6 F Private
Butler William 1/20 F Private
Butler William H. 1 Be EF Private
Butler William N. 1/10 F Private
Butler William Theobald 72 F Ensign
Butlin John W. 14 D Private
Butt Albert Shannon Gunner R.M.A.
Butt Edward 8 H Private
Butt Emanuel 81 F Private
Butt Henry 1/23 F Private
Butt James 75 F Private
Butt James 52 F Private
Butt James 1 Bo EF Private
Butt Thomas 34 F Private
Butt Thomas 3/8 RA Gunner
Butt Thomas Bromhead 79 F Major
Buttel Thomas 6/14 RA Gunner
Buttell John 1/20 F Private
Butter Archibald 93 F Lieutenant
Butter James 83 F Private
Butterfield Edward 43 F Private
Butterfield Pharsah 1/20 F Private
Butterfield William 82 F Private
Butterly Patrick 1 Bo EF Private
Butters Charles 90 F Private
Butters James 42 F Sergeant
Butterworth Benjamin 6 DG Private
Butterworth Benjamin 54 F Private
Butterworth Edward 53 F Private
Butterworth Jacob 61 F Private
Butterworth Joseph 8 H Private
Butterworth Joseph 80 F Corporal
Butterworth Thomas 5/13 RA Gunner
Butterworth William 78 F Private
Buttler William 4/14 RA Gunner
Button William F. 1 Be EF Sergeant
Butts James 2 RB Private
Butwell Joseph 9 L Private
Buxton Benjamin 2 RB Private
Buxton Benjamin 61 F