WO 127 Indexes
Colonial Soldiers who served in the Boer War
This is the Index page to the WO 127 indexes which have been completed by Ted Beard, Jim Murray, Matt
Camp, Dr. Stephen Skinner, Robert Henderson, Graeme Ronaldson, David Humphry, Bill Wilson, Colin
Roe and myself.

These indexes contain extracts from the nominal rolls of the Colonial/Locally recruited units which were
employed in the Boer War of 1899-1902. The men who served in these units were from all over the
Empire and included British, Irish, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, South African and a huge range of
other nationals. If further research is required, please contact me.

Those units without a link have been filmed, but are waiting transcription.. Volunteers always welcome!

Ashburners Light Horse (Ted Beard)

Bechuanaland Rifles (Ted Beard)
Bethunes Mounted Infantry (Ted Beard)
Border Mounted Rifles (Jim Murray)
Border Horse (Dr. Stephen Skinner)
Border Scouts (in progress)
Brabant's Horse (2nd) (Colin Roe)
Brett's Scouts
Bushmanland Borderers
Bushveldt Carbineers (Ted Beard)

Canadian Scouts
Cape Colony Cycle Corps (Ted Beard)
Cape Medical Staff Corps (David Humphry)
Cattle Ranger Corps (David Humphry)
Clanwilliam Convoy Guard (Jim Murray)
Colonial Defence Force
Colonial Scouts (Ted Beard)
Commander in Chief's Bodyguard (Jim Murray)
Cullinan's Horse

Damant's Horse (See Rimington's Guides)
Dennison's Scouts
District Mounted Rifles
Dordrecht Town Guard
Driscoll's Scouts (Colin Roe)
Duke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles (Colin Roe)
Durban Light Infantry

Eastern Province Horse

Fraserburg Scouts
French's Scouts (Jim Murray)
Frontier Light Horse

Geohegan's Scouts (Colin Roe)
Gorringe's Flying Column

Hannay's Scouts (Colin Roe)
Herbert Mounted Rifles
Herschel Native Police

Imperial Bearer Corps (Ted Beard)
Imperial Hospital Corps (Ted Beard)
Imperial Light Horse
Imperial Light Infantry (Ted Beard)
Imperial Yeomanry Scouts (Ted Beard)

Johannesburg Mounted Rifles (Ted Beard)

Kaffrarian Rifles
Kimberley Horse (Ted Beard)
King William's Town Guard
Kitchener's Fighting Scouts (Colin Roe)
Kitchener's Horse (Ted Beard)

Loch's Horse

Marshall's Horse (Ted Beard)
Menne's Scouts
Molteno Town Guard
Montmorency's Scouts
Mount Coke Contingent

Namaqualand Border Scouts
Natal Carbineers
Natal Medical Corps
Natal Mounted Rifles
Natal Naval Volunteers
Natal Royal Rifles
Natal Field Artillery
Natal Volunteer Ambulance Corps (Graeme Ronaldson and Colin Roe)
Natal Volunteer Composite Regt. (Robert Henderson)
Natal Volunteer Staff
Natal Volunteer Veterinary Corps
Nesbitt's Horse

Orpens Light Horse (Matt Camp)

Pietersburg LH
Port Alfred Imperial Mounted Police
Prince Alfred's Guard MI (Colin Roe)
Prince of Wales' Light Horse (Bill Wilson)
Protectorate Regiment (Ted Beard)

Queenstown Rifle Volunteers

Railway Pioneer Regiment (1st Bn.) (Ted Beard)
Railway Pioneer Regiment (2nd Bn.) (Ted Beard)
Railway Pioneer Regiment (3rd Bn.) (Ted Beard)
Railway Pioneer Regiment (4th Bn.) (Ted Beard)
Rand Rifles (Ted Beard)
Rhodesia Regiment (Ted Beard)
Rimington's Guides (Ted Beard & Matt Camp)
Roberts Horse (Ted Beard)
Robertson DMT
Ross' Battery
Rundle's Scouts (Colin Roe)

Scottish Horse (Dr. Stephen Skinner)
Scott's Railway Guards (Ted Beard)
Settle's Scouts (Jim Murray)
Sir Charles Warren's Scouts
South African Light Horse (Colin Roe)
South African Mounted Irregular Forces (Jim Murray)
Steinaecker's Horse (Jim Murray)
Struben's Scouts

Thorneycroft's Mounted Infantry (Ted Beard)

Umvoti Mounted Rifles
Utrecht Mounted Police

Vryburg Scouts

Warren's Mounted Infantry (Colin Roe)
Warwick's Scouts (Jim Murray)
Western Light Horse (Colin Roe)
Willowmore Town Guard (Jim Murray)